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#DOJ sues #Trump for violating the Fair Housing act, because he refused to rent out to black tenants and lied to them about availabilty.

#Trump #Racism #Bigotry #WhiteSupremacy…

Kip Brown, a former employee at Trump’s Castle:
“When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, the bosses would order all the black people off the floor,” . They put all blacks in the back.”

#Trump #Racism #Bigotry #WhiteSupremacy…
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Seuls 3 élus républicains ont condamné à cette heure comme racistes les tweets de #Trump sur les 4 élues progressistes démocrates.
Parmi eux:
le seul représentant républicain afro-américain de la Chambre, Will Hurd.
Le seul sénateur républicain afro-américain Tim Scott.
2) Faits, sur ce qu'est le parti républicain en 2019, #Trump ou pas:
. 4 représentants républicains afro-américains élus à la Chambre depuis le début du XXIe siècle (435 représentants élus tous les 2 ans)
. 2 sénateurs républicains afro-américains élus au Sénat (1881-2019)
3) Les républicains ne réagiront pas en majorité aux tweets racistes sans aucune ambiguïté possible de #Trump d'abord car sa ligne nativiste et identitaire blanche a gagné dans le parti, achevant la mue d'1 parti intégrant avec Nixon puis Reagan l'héritage ségrégationniste du Sud
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@JoeCunninghamSC Surely you’re aware #Lincoln wanted to send all Blacks back where they came from.
“But for your race, there could not be war. Many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or the other. Without slavery the war could not have an existence.”…
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln talks to influential Blacks telling them all Blacks should go back where they came from.
“we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. ...this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both,"
@JoeCunninghamSC 1862 #Lincoln "I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
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No surprise that a bunch of commies organized and hosted this "protest" at the ICE facility where they took down the US flag & raised the Mexican flag.

Looks like "International Socialist Collective" put it together and the US #Democrats support their agenda.
Here is their Twitter page:

Note that they also want to "destroy capitalism."

Sure looks like an #Antifa fist
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1) #Breaking TRES important à 2 titres.
D'1 part le président US #Trump renvoie les 4 représentantes progressistes (AOC, Pressley, Tlaib et Omar) à leurs présumées naissances étrangères, leur ordonnant de taire leurs critiques sur le gouvernement US ou de "rentrer chez elles"...
2) Or, 1 seule des représentantes en question (Ilhan Omar) n'est pas née aux #EtatsUnis. Mais pour le président US #Trump, si vous êtes née de parents étrangers immigrés (Tlaib), portoricains (AOC) voire Afro-Américains (Pressley), vous n'êtes pas quand même pas citoyenne US.
3) S'il ne faut pas commenter tout tweet de #Trump, celui-ci est 1 véritable AVEU, très signifiant politiquement. Pour le président US, quand vous êtes enfant d'immigrés ou réfugié, vous n'êtes pas étatsunien et vous restez 1 étranger. Idem pour Portoricains et Afro-Américains.
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1) The #QAnon drops, from 8th July, begin 2reveal the level of elevation & resultant plans which are beginning 2be moved upon.
The genius of it comes down 2this.
The arrest of perv social parasite, #JeffreyEpstein, as a non-political 'placeholder' 2deflect any charges of
2) politicizing the #DOJ/#FBI & let these heinous crimes against children begin 2accrue. Soon the entire Country will be calling for a full-out War against #Epstein & his pedo trafficking/abusing cohorts & let the fallout begin.
What goes around, comes around.
Karma's a bitch!
3) #QAnon 3373 gives the public news that surveillance on @SaraCarterDC & @jsolomonReports has been terminated!
Underlaying this drop, is hidden the generic word, thru use of these specific individuals, that #Patriots are & will be protected.
Exposing evil is a sacred duty...
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#QAnon showed US that codes can be sent using #gematria / #signs / #symbols etc....,…
I was blown away when I started seeing some of Rose Hannah's work. She was raised by deaf parents and learned sign language and lip reading and is a scholar in regards to the #bible and being a witness to #jesus.…
OK WE all know #Madonna was a #kabbalist - What does that mean, thinking back???
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This is laughable. I LIVE on the Arizona/Mexico border. That someone has the effrontery to presume to “know” what created our border crises albeit 5,000 miles from the source is nothing less than insulting. This “crises” has two prongs: the first being GEORGE SOROS, secondarily,
2/ we had EIGHT years of a repressed economy under #Obama As poor as he was, he was great for suppressing Imigration. NO ONE WANTED TO COME TO THE US. George Soros, works w/ his Open Border Policies, via two foundations: Fronteras Sin Borders.… and CARA
3/ CARA stands for Catholic Legal Services, Refugee & Immigration Ctr. for Education, Legal & American Lawyers Assoc. CARA is also supported by the Family Detention Pro Bono Agency. The coordinator for CARA is in Dilley, TX, named Alex Mensing. He receives funding directly from
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#Iran anuncia que supera el limite de los 300 kilos de uranio enriquecido almacenado, algo que adelantó hace 2 meses…
Foto @AFP
2- #Iran NO habla de ruptura, dice que es la aplicación de “nuestro derecho dentro del marco del acuerdo", en respuesta a la decisión unilateral de #Trump de abandonar el tratado. #Zarif asegura que volverán a los límites fijados cuando se quiten las sanciones
3- Después de sufrir 1 año de castigos, #Iran dio un ultimátum a #Europa para exigir medidas que le ayudaran a hacer frente a las sanciones de #Trump. Superado el plazo las medidas de la UE "no son suficientes"
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The Left’s explosive, prolonged rage at the election of President Donald Trump on Nov. 8, 2016, gave new life to the ultra-violent leftist movement known as Antifa. 2)
#LeftistRage #AntifaTerrorists
As a result, Antifa, which has been described as a revolutionary communist-anarchist militia movement that aspires to forcibly overthrow the United States government, is responsible for “a level of sustained political street warfare not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s.” 3)
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1. On #DPRK: If you looked at my Twitter posts you will see several alarming calls for action going back to the early #Obama administration. I won't repeat them but after the launch of the DPRK ICBM, I observed subtle signs that we were preparing a preemptive strike.
2. Allowing Tokyo, Guam or Hawaii to be in range of a Korean first strike was bad, but the ICBM that I believe was powered by a Russian SS-18 (Satan) R-36 motor, was the last straw because it put DC in range. I had a suspicion that Mattis had gotten SLBM authority for
3. US launches and Russia and China may have even been advised to not consider the plumes an attack on them. I think the idea of killing several tens of millions of North Koreans was too much for Trump and that's what prompted his bizarre conduct leading to today.
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This is a Historic moment. President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un.
They meet at PANMUNJEOM
#POTUS cross to North Korea with Kim Jong Un.
First sitting President to walk into NK
@realDonaldTrump The most HISTORIC moment.
The President of the United States makes HISTORY.
Kim Jong Un’s security guards and President Trump‘s secret service agents standing together at the DMZ
@realDonaldTrump President Trump and Kim Jong Un meet on North/South Korea border. Un says “Good to see you again. I never expected to meet you in this place.”
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#Obama undid 60 years of Americans working to end racial strife. Together with George Soros, a program of division, perceived racial inequality, & destruction of the middle class, it introduced a gender-bending group of people who are less than 0.003% of 340M people.
2/ The overall game plan of globalism is being implemented at every conceivable level. Obama also rewrote laws including propaganda to be USED ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Now we are fighting Political Correctness on racism, Islam, and the use of our own language against us.
3/ Words have new a meaning whitewashed to appear less “inflammatory.” #illegalaliens have been erased in favor of migrants or the even less dangerous, #Immigrants which is what USED to be those from Europe who came through Ellis Island. Now it includes Middle Eastern groups
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TechnipFMC, a global oil & gas services provider, pleaded guilty to violating the FCPA and will pay almost $300 Million to settle bribery charges.

Technip bribed officials in #Brazil and FMC bribed Iraqi officials, among other things.

#Petrobras #ButNothingsHappening
Former Technip consultant Zwi Skornicki also pleaded guilty for his role in bribing Brazil officials.

Skornicki also worked as a consultant for Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM). Both Technip and KOM paid more than $69 million in corrupt payments to Skornicki associated companies.
Skornicki then used some of those payments to bribe officials at #Petrobras, Brazil's state-owned oil company.
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L'info de la nuit US: et le @washingtonpost et le @nytimes rapportent que #Trump fut déjà prévenu des pertes AVANT de donner son feu vert initial à des frappes en #Iran et que l'opération était bien en cours avant son revirement.……
2) Cette information n'est pas anecdotique: l'#Iran sait désormais que #Trump hésitera toujours à frapper et qu'il y a incontestablement des fractures à l'intérieur de l'administration US autour du président pour savoir comment réagir face aux Iraniens.…
3) Et ce dévoilement d'1 #Trump hésitant, confus construit 1 image de faiblesse face à l'#Iran et d'autres. Selon le quotidien US le plus lu @USATODAY Th. Roosevelt disait: "Parlez doucement et portez 1 gros bâton, vous irez loin". #Trump fait l'inverse.…
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Le #breaking de la nuit US signé @nytimes: #Trump aurait approuvé des frappes de représailles sur l'#Iran, les avions étaient déjà en l'air… puis ont été rappelés. Les revirements de cette administration et de ce président posent question.…
2) Personne n'obligeait hier #Trump à faire son tweet de Tartarin sur la très grosse erreur de l'#Iran quant à la destruction du drone US. Cela suit d'ailleurs des mois de menaces peu usuelles pour 1 président US: il a promis aux Iraniens leur "fin" (sic) le 19 mai…
3)...sur le plus long terme, c'est aussi #Trump qui a "fabriqué" l'#Iran comme ennemi de nouveau à abattre au plus vite, en se retirant d'1 accord nucléaire qui fonctionnait, en déclarant les Gardiens de la Révolution organisation terroriste, en universalisant les sanctions...
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White women & Black women bought into gender politics. Hillary was supposed to win for her sex, not her politics or ability. Clearly she had no ability, no charisma, & no empathy for other women other than #Democrats Her big reveal happened when she called
2/ #Republicans “Deplorable.” We loved it. We wore it as a Badge of Honor. She couldn’t overcome her deliberate misuse & destruction of government property, or her deliberate mishandling of to secret documents. She proved incapable at the job. The only decent thing Jim Comey
3/ ever did was downplay her ignorant actions & report her “careless” disregard for agents in the field by putting their lives in danger. THAT raised critical questions about #Hillary ‘s ability, regardless of gender. She was unfit for office, man or woman. And she was ALWAYS
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I included the Wikileaks link to email with screenshot:…

Here is the link to the Rolling Stone article:…

The common link is the $65,000 for the flight 👇👇
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BREAKING the Spanish #YellowVests are saying that there is a Coup in #Honduras right now. I haven't confirmed this yet. But supposedly the Presidential Plane left. Will begin translating this now. #ChalecosAmarillos #GilletsJaunes
#FuerzaHonduras #HondurasResiste
Translation of Tweet 1
📽🔴 #Honduras Coup ?
-National Strike
-Protest of doctors and teachers 
-Overcrowded gas stations⛽️ 
-Health system in its worst crisis 
-Director of the Police took out his own underlings with tear-bombs 💣

(Looks like we have friendly fire)
Breaking! Confirmed :
Departure of #Honduras🆘️'s presidential plane to the United States is confirmed. #FueraJOH


(Again, I have not personally confirmed this. I will believe it when I see it)
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We as #Americans are facing down a terrible and destructive enemy. An enemy that knows no bounds, plays by no rules and is concerned only with driving a wedge into the staggering partisan divide in the #USA
That enemy is the @GOP @TheDemocrats #Republicrat #Duopoly
'But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. '
The yoke our founding fathers threw off was I do believe a lighter yoke than we Americans bear today. It was for all its weight a yoke forced upon them. Today we bear a yoke we have been manipulated into volunteering for.
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Thread 6.7.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
Speak Life!!
Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

#SpeakLife #SpeakTruth #SpeakHope
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
A new banner yesterday for President Trump!!
In case you wondered, as time permits I add Q drops tha match the deltas (time between tweets) & timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops & to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be! 😊
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1. #Obama #Clinton created massive destabilization in Syria Then for no reason #Clinton ordered the destruction of Libya which was the only place holding back #terrorists etc from flooding #Europe After Gaddafi was slaughtered Libya went into meltdown It opened the floodgates for
2. #terrorists & #Immigrants which destabilized Libya even more They then flooded into Europe & the dictators also known as the #UN demanded countries take them in This was also pushed by #Radical #vile people like #GeorgeSoros & many other #Globalists Citizens were horrified and
3. complained & the political leaders & #media called those sovereign citizens #Radicals #FarRight #WhiteSupremacists #Racists then they'd find one nut who was one or all of that & do as many hit pieces on that person or small group as they could then #RadicalFeminism appeared
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