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Learn how to launch a startup up to Reddit frontpage
A thread from @levelsio

If you wanna learn how to launch a startup: in this thread I'll TL;DR how I got mine on Reddit's frontpage last week :thinking: The problem: When I arrive in a new city I have no idea which area to stay, eat and drink. Tourist areas suck: where do lo…


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Masturbation is healthy but it is taboo too! Let's talk about it
A thread from @TrancewithMe

MASTURBATION AND YOU So...let's chat, shall we? I'm a sex worker, and an atheist. Let's just get those two things out there RIGHT up front. I've no agenda here though. Just honest talk. Some religions unfortunately have issues with masturbation, for …


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"Strong work ethic" is not working 70+ hours a week!
A thread from @betaorbust

For the record: that's not a "strong work ethic." That's exploiting young unattached engineers and spinning it as "team culture." Toxic :skull::skull: That's not something to aspire to. That's not good management. If you're working sustained 70+ hrwe…


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History about the video game engine RPG maker
A thread from @Brica6rac

THREAD Let me tell you about the history of #rpgmaker, the underdog of game engines, and how it got its bad reputation. #indiedev #gamedev Rpgmaker has been around for over 20 years, and it had been baby's first engine for many young devs. This wasn'…

  #rpgmaker #indiedev #gamedev

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Check out how @CIA recruits its dogs
A thread from @CIA

The Recruit(s): Learning the Basics #CIAK9 None of the six K9s in CIA’s fall class – Suni, Heide, Freya, Lulu, Nicole, & Indigo – have previous explosive detection training. Our #CIAK9 instructors’ days start at sun rise as they prep our training…

  #CIAK9 #K9

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About Napoleon Bonaparte military tactician and Emperor of France
A thread from @Based_British

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was one of the greatest military tacticians of all time and was the divine Emperor of France from 1804-1815. Napoleon came to power shorty after the French Revolution and brought France back on it's feet once again and …


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