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Y'all wanna hear the story of the time the Los Angeles SWAT team raided my office because they thought I was running a professional jewelry theft ring? This is a wild one...
So, back in the day, I had this office in downtown LA, we called it The Dungeon. We shared it with this fuzzy hat company called Spirit Hoods. (They're the ones with the long paws.) It was just... a really cool space.
At that time, my roommate was this guy Keith Jenkins. You probably remember him as 2800 Stunnaman from The Wolfpack. (Bay Area, represent.) -- ref: Vans, by The Pack --

Our office was hard to explain, but basically, it was a recording studio/skate-park/photo studio/creative space. It was all just this massive basement, probably 8,000 square feet total? I mean, just a big awesome space. One access in, one access out.
It wasn't uncommon for jewelry stores in the area to get robbed. The area we were in in DTLA was called "The Jewelry District" after all. So, there was like, a pretty big string of robberies that had been going on -- and we were kinda/sorta aware of it.
If you know Stunna, you know he wears a lot of jewelry. Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon for him to be wearing a chain worth $100k, and then another $40k in assorted... well, "rap jewelry" for lack of a better word.
One day, Stunna and our friend Travis go out skateboarding. There was this park near us that was basically known for skating. Fun story: Stunna is like, damn near a pro-level skater. That Vans song wasn't just a spoof. He really pushes wood... while wearing $150k in jewelry. LOL.
I remember that day at the studio, our buddy Nelson London (The Strokes/The Sick Six) was down there with this dude Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), and their engineer Will Edwards. I was working with rapper Travis Scott on some social media thing I think? Not sure exactly.
Anyway, Stunna and Travis come back from skateboarding, and it's like... probably like 3-4PM. I was supposed to have this meeting with some dude from TI's team about this song "Animal" that Travis and Tip had done together around dinner. (Don't recollect the actual details.)
There were drugs in the dungeon. Mostly just weed, but at this point in my life, we did a few harder drugs too, and I was thinking maybe Tip's people might come down to the office, so I hid everything away.
We had this old tube TV setup to a Super Nintendo down there, so Stunna and I were sitting on this couch, trying to figure out why the TV wasn't working

... and all the lights went out. There is NO light down there. It's pitch black.
So, Stunna being Stunna, he's like, "What the fuck is this shit? Did you not pay the light bill?" So he pulls out his iPhone to use it as a flashlight.

Then, I hear like... tons of footsteps upstairs. I mean, heavy ass boots. It sounded like a damn army platoon marching in.
We don't know what the fuck is going on. Then, I hear the glass shatter on the stairs. The stairs are at the far end of the basement, and there's a little... office area kinda next to it, and there's a solid glass door.
At this point, I think we must be getting robbed or something, so I duck behind a wall. I have no idea what's happening.

Then, there's this like... HUGE crack, and a blinding light. I mean, it's... so bright for an instant, you're completely disoriented.

Then... flashlights.

Then, we all get down on the ground, and the lights are cut back on. One by one, they start calling us to get up.
There are guys in like full SWAT gear, but then also there are some guys in just like bulletproof vests, with Chuck Taylors on. They look intimidating as hell.

Mind you, I'm sitting there going through my head thinking, "What the fuck is going on? Who are they looking for?"
I'll never forget, as Stunna is getting up, he's like, talking shit to the SWAT team. "Hey, I know I'm black and you want to shoot me, but the black thing in my hand is my phone. It isn't a gun. No need to shoot me." (Or something like that.)
They line us all up against a wall, and one by one, handcuff us all. They're interrogating everyone, asking who we are, what we're doing down there, and I'm just like, "These are all musicians. Go check the other room, it's a recording studio."
They gave Stunna ALL the shit, I mean, every tattoo they were inspecting him. "What's the 2800 above your eye mean? Do you bang blocks? What gang is that?" He's like, "Man, it's my name. Do you have a damn phone? Look me up. I'm on YouTube. I'm a rapper."
I kept my license next to my computer, so I didn't have my license on me. The dude searching me was like, "Why don't you have your license on you?" And I'm like, "Dude, it's literally 25 feet away. Go get it."

This, in retrospect, was a bad idea.
The night before, I had been doing blow next to the computer, and I was using my license, on a mirror, to make lines.

So, I told the cops to go look for my license... where they found a mirror and cocaine residue.

Genius move on my part. GENIUS.
They see this, and all of a sudden, everyone is getting searched for drugs. At that moment, I was really happy I had hid all the drugs.

I knew the cops wouldn't find the drugs, because I had hid them amongst a thousand boxes of little plastic angel figurines.
(Side story: This guy who owned this figurine wholesaling company paid us like $4,000 to store like 1,000 boxes for him, but then he ended up fleeing the country. I remember one time @LOVELADONNIS asked me, "Yo, what's in those boxes?" I had no idea. Answer. Angel figurines.)
Anyway, they handcuff us all and take us upstairs, still guns drawn, and the whole time I'm trying to get ahold of my brother Ashley, because the SWAT team wanted to see our lease. (They were letting me use my phone.)

Finally, Max (little brother) is like, "Ask Charity!"
We had the SWAT team guys go upstairs to the Spirit Hoods office, and come back down with the girl named Charity, and she sees us all these in cuffs, with the SWAT team and all their guns, and she's like... "What. The. Fuck."
Like, Charity knew us all, so the SWAT team guys are like, "You know these guys?" She's like, pointing us out, "That's a rapper. That's a blogger. That's a hat maker. That's a guitar player. That's a tennis player. That's a rapper..." She just points us all out.
So finally, I'm like... "Can we go now?" That's when the SWAT lead dude was like, "Sorry for the misunderstanding. This guy just matched the description."

And he points at Stunna.

Man, Stunna... is Stunna. He had a moment.
Stunna is like, "What kind of jewelry thief robs a jewelry store, then goes skating in public for 30 minutes wearing all of it?! Or like, is just wearing it out in public!? Just in broad daylight? WHO!?"
To this day, I still think it's kinda funny that someone saw Stunna in public wearing so much ice, they thought he must have robbed a jewelry store. It's like a rap lyric come to life.
... and that's the story of the time LA SWAT raided my office because my buddy Stunna wore so much jewelry, that they just assumed he must have robbed a jewelry store.
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