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Le #breaking de la nuit US qui n'en est pas vraiment 1. La Chambre a voté pour condamner les tweets racistes de #Trump. Enfin les 235 représentants démocrates, 4 républicains (sur 196) et 1 indépendant.…
2) Cette condamnation symbolique de #Trump et de ses propos racistes par la Chambre n'a concrètement que peu d'effet sinon de prouver au président que le parti républicain est désormais entièrement sur sa ligne nationaliste/nativiste et identitaire blanche…
3)… et #Trump en fin politique "d'instinct" a été le 1er à s'en réjouir: comme il le souhaitait, on a désormais 2 blocs face à face, irréconciliables, sans plus de consensus possible sur des valeurs nationales dépassant les stricts intérêts partisans. RT
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US wants Iran to get out of Yemen, says U.S. President Donald Trump in today's cabinet meeting.
Iran is prepared to negotiate about missile program, says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
#Iran says missile program is "non-negotiable with any country and under any circumstances," says Alireza Miryousefi, Minister & head of Media office, Iranian Mission to the United Nations, New York.
You know there is a crisis in #Iran's hierarchy when the regime's head of media in the UN can't spell the twitter handle of his own boss right.
A reminder for @miryousefi - It is @JZarif.
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#Breaking: Just in - American president Donald Trump says "I am not looking for a regime change in #Iran" making up to his champaign promises of 2016 kept. #US
#Update: Just in - American president Donald Trump says "I am looking forward the day the #US, would pull away from #Yemen and #Iran" and says "There has been great thing achieved with Iran this week".
#Update: Just in - #US president Donald Trump also said "The situation with #Turkey is very complicated and we are in contact with them, they are not doing a great job at their end with #Europe and #Cyprus"
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#KarnatakaCrisis: Hearing to commence in Supreme Court soon. Follow thread for live updates.

@INCKarnataka @BJP4Karnataka
#KarnatakaPoliticalCrisis: Hearing commences; Mukul Rohatgi making submissions.

@INCKarnataka @BJP4Karnataka
#KarnatakaCrisis: Role of Speaker under Article 190 and role under Tenth Schedule are different, Mukul Rohatgi.
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#Breaking: Just in The European Union will impose measures (Sanction) on #Turkey, over Turkish ships who are illegally drilling for oil and gas on the waters of occupied #Cyprus. #EU #Greece
#Breaking: Just in - The European Union will announce multiple Political and Monetary Sanctions on #Turkey as early as this week in a press conference, says we encourage Turkey to stop illegally drilling for oil and gas on the waters of occupied #Cyprus. #EU #Greece
#Update: Read the announcement of the European Union who will impose multiple Political and Monetary Sanctions on #Turkey, who are illegally drilling for oil and gas on the waters of occupied #Cyprus. #EU #Greece…
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#Breaking: Just in - #Algeria has won from Nigeria and advances to the finals in the Africa Cup! Stand by on possible riots or looting or illegally gatherings in #France and especially in #Paris.
#Update: Just in - Lots of riot police already on standby in #Paris, on the #champselysee and around the Arc de Triomphe, after #Algeria advanced to the finals of the Africa cup.
#Update: Just in - Algerian nationals are gathering on the side lines of the #ChampsÉlysées but are not jamming the roundabout of the #arcdetriomphe with people in #Paris, and do not stop traffic to much. #Algeria
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1) #Breaking TRES important à 2 titres.
D'1 part le président US #Trump renvoie les 4 représentantes progressistes (AOC, Pressley, Tlaib et Omar) à leurs présumées naissances étrangères, leur ordonnant de taire leurs critiques sur le gouvernement US ou de "rentrer chez elles"...
2) Or, 1 seule des représentantes en question (Ilhan Omar) n'est pas née aux #EtatsUnis. Mais pour le président US #Trump, si vous êtes née de parents étrangers immigrés (Tlaib), portoricains (AOC) voire Afro-Américains (Pressley), vous n'êtes pas quand même pas citoyenne US.
3) S'il ne faut pas commenter tout tweet de #Trump, celui-ci est 1 véritable AVEU, très signifiant politiquement. Pour le président US, quand vous êtes enfant d'immigrés ou réfugié, vous n'êtes pas étatsunien et vous restez 1 étranger. Idem pour Portoricains et Afro-Américains.
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#Breaking: Just in - Electrical power outages are being reported in several areas of #Manhattan, in New York.
#Update: Just in - Severe Power outages are being reported across New York, and is spreading to several other parts in the region. #Manhattan was hit the most with no power at all, emergency lights are on.
#Breaking: Just in - Huge traffic jams across #Manhattan that has no power at all at this moment.
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#BREAKING: #Turkish media (#Erdogan's Anadolu Agency) released video of the first S-400 SAM battery of #Turkey which were delivered by two #Russia Air Force's An-124-100 transport airplanes, RA-82038 and RA-82013 from 224th Flight Unit at #Akinci AB, #Ankara few hours ago.
Based on these videos, the #Russia Air Force's An-124-100s transported the first #Turkey's S-400 SAM battery to #Akinci AB, #Ankara without its missiles. The missiles will be probably delivered by sea.
What we can see in these videos are the 5P85TE3 launcher carries and their BAZ-6909 artillery tractors but without any missile. Due to safety reasons & also inability of #Turkey to operate its first S-400 SAM battery, the missiles will be delivered by means of ship in two months.
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#Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman threatens the UK to immediately release Tehran's "Grace 1" supertanker in Gibraltar, warning of consequences.

This comes after a British warship forced IRGC fast boats to back off from harassing a UK oil tanker on Wednesday.
Gibraltar authorities confirm the Iranian "Grace 1" supertanker seized last week was carrying 2.1 million barrels of light oil.

(File Photo)
Gibraltar police arrest two more officers from #Iran's seized "Grace 1" supertanker, AFP reports
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30. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼…
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#Breaking: Just in - Again hundreds of Algerians nationals illegally gathering and celebrating and stopping traffic at the #champselysees in #Paris, after #Algeria football team advances to the quarter finals in the Africa Cup.
#Update: Not hundreds but thousands of Algerian nationals illegally gathering and celebrating and stopping traffic in #Paris and across entire #France, after #Algeria football team advanced to the quarter finals in the Africa Cup. #CAN2019
#Update: These Algerians nationals on the #champselysees in #Paris, are deliberately blocking traffic and causing problems by illegally gathering and stopping traffic across #France.
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#BREAKING: We, @NYCLU, & @MungerTolles are suing to stop the Trump administration's anticipated mass deportation of refugee families and children. Due to egregious bureaucratic errors, they never had their day in court—a violation of due process rights.…
The govt's errors made it impossible for people to know about their immigration hearing dates. Notices were sent:

- to incorrect addresses
- after hearings had already passed
- issued for dates when courts were not in session
- FOR DATES THAT DO NOT EXIST such as Sept. 31
On January 31, 2019 alone, thousands of refugees lined up for hours at courts across the country with paperwork showing that date for their hearings, only to be told there would be no hearings that day. Many of them were ordered deported for failing to appear.
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#Breaking: Just in - At least 12 people died at a electrical power station just outside of #Moscow in #Russia, after a fire broke out inside the power plant.
#Update: Just in - Pictures of the fire at the electrical power station just outside of #Moscow in #Russia, what caused at least 12 people dead and at least 7 people injured.
#Update: Just in - Now reports says that only one person dead, and 13 people got injured at a #Moscow region power plant fire at #Emercom in #Russia.
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A number of #Iran IRGC boats unsuccessfully attempted to seize a UK oil tanker - "British Heritage" - in the Persian Gulf in response to UK seizing Iran's "Grace 1" supertanker in Gibraltar.

(File Photo)
UK gov spox: Tehran's attempt to intercept a UK oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz violates int'l law. Britain expresses grave concern over Iran's practices, calls on Tehran to avoid escalation. Three Iranian boats attempted to intercept the UK oil tanker but failed.
#Iran's IRGC denies a U.S. claim that they attempted to stop a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf on Wednesday, the IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency reported.

HMS Montrose (File Photo) was forced to "issue verbal warnings" to the Iranian vessels which then turned away.
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#BREAKING: Today five armed IRGC vessels in the Persian Gulf unsuccessfully attempted to seize a British oil tanker according to two US officials with direct knowledge of the incident-CNN via @HamdiAlkhshali
#BREAKING: The British oil tanker was reportedly crossing the Strait of Hormuz at the time and was ordered to change course for Iranian waters -@HamdiAlkhshali. This will almost certainly be the British Heritage crude oil tanker (position as of one hour ago shown below).
#BREAKING: The HMS Montrose was escorting the tanker British Heritage at the time. CNN’s @HamdiAlkhshali reports the HMS Montrose trained its deckguns on the Iranian military vessels, gave them a warning to back off, which they did. A US military plane recorded the incident.
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#BREAKING America Last Bill HR 1044 has passed the house.


The bill now goes to the Senate.

HR 1044 is contradictory to President Trump's campaign promises of putting America First and must be vetoed. #NoOn1044
List of members of Congress voting Yes on HR 1044

Names in italics are Republicans.

140 Republicans voted for this bill.
List of members of Congress voting No on HR 1044.

Names in italics are Republicans.

57 Republicans voted No on HR 1044.
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Labor Secy Acosta media presser is Trump’s test. Put him on TV and see if he can look good defending his sweetheart plea deal to child predator Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta is now blaming lenient Florida state prosecutors and contending HE was hard on Epstein. #agitprop #gaslighting
Labor Secy Acosta’s arrogance is astrounding. He didn’t apologize, blamed others, claimed he got Epstein jailed. “Our culture was different in 2008.” Really? About child sexual predators?? It’s just mind-blowing such SOBs are running our country. That’s the best Republicans have.
#BREAKING Trump Labor Secretary Alex ACOSTA RESIGNS amid furor over child sexual predator Epstein plea deal…
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that Flights at #Gatwick airport are currently suspended with flights held on the ground and arrivals diverted after ‘air traffic control issue's #UK #London
#Update: Just in - #Gatwick airport in #London will be closed until 21:00 due to Air Traffic Control System failure regarding the Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFPS), until then flights will remain grounded and incoming flights will be diverted.
#Update: Just in - All flights at #Gatwick airport in #London have resumed, and flights can fly off and land again, after a System failure regarding the Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFPS), what is now restored again.
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#BREAKING #Exclusive The second in command of Canada’s military Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Lt General Paul Wynnyk quit his job. He wrote a scathing letter to CDS General Vance obtained by Global News alleging Vance planned to put Mark Norman back into the job #cdnpoli #CAF
In his letter LGen Wynnyk writes "the purpose of his letter is to advise you of my intent to release from the Canadian Armed Forces within the next 30 days." This VERY fast for a Vice to be leaving. Next up comes his reasons why. Wynnyk is not happy #cdnpoli #CAF #
Wynnyk writes that when he accepted the VCDS position Gen Vance required him two year commitment from him, Wynnyk says he originally planned to retire in 2019 but agreed to serve "away from my family and beyond maximum pensionable time..." #cdnpoli #CAF
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The U.S. Treasury Department is blacklisting three #Iran-backed Hizbollah officials.
Reports are citing a U.S. official saying Washington continues to consider sanctions on @JZarif and exploring paths for further sanctions targeting the regime.

(File photo of Zarif with IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani)
Reports indicate Washington is calling on the Lebanese government to cut off all relations with members of the #Iran-backed Hezbollah group.
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#BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein has pleaded not guilty on all charges in the initial hearing in New York. #epstein #sdny #pedogate
Attorneys representing the United States prosecution has stated in opening remarks in New York that there is "damning record evidence," on Epstein. There is currently an argument to keep him in federal custody pending trial quote "poses an extraordinary risk of flight". #Epstein
UPDATE: According to record, Epstein had private investigators harass an alleged victim's father in Florida and force him off the road. More details coming out makes this man even more sickening. #epstein #sdny
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#Breaking: @SunTrust bows out of the private prison and detention industry.

Weeks ago @BofA_News exited, following @jpmorgan and @WellsFargo.

BOA and Suntrust were the two biggest financiers for the Homestead detention center. @MiamiHerald
SunTrust specifically mentions “immigration holding facilities.”

Other banks danced around specifying what types of detention facilities their withdrawal would affect.
It will be interesting to see how this will all play out in the years to come. Who will lend money to the companies running facilities holding immigrant adults, families and unaccompanied minors?
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#BREAKING: #Epstein Sealed Indictment from SDNY

Count One: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy
Count Two: Sex Trafficking

(warning: graphic)

#QAnon #EpsteinArrested…
2/ Check out Page 12 of the Grand Jury Indictment

Forfeiture Allegations based off Count Two (Sex Trafficking): any property real or personal, used or intended to be used to commit or facilitate the commission of the offense.

#QAnon #EpsteinArrested
3/ As the true scope of this criminal operation expands, expect more assets to be forfeited; not only by #Epstein but his sick buddies as well.

Follow the PEN!

#QAnon #DarkToLight…
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