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The Hot New Game Journalism Take:

You should stop listening to your customers because they aren't 'woke' enough to know what kind of games they should be buying and playing. So shut up because we're not going to listen to you anyway.

I've been an avid video game player since the 1980's. I've followed the developments in the industry only closely however since around 2009 when the first PC attempts started being overtly made to 'educate' gamers about what was 'wrong' with them.
I was on Twitter when the whole "GamerGate" thing exploded several years ago. The label "GamerGate" was coined by my good friend @AdamBaldwin to describe a scandal where an industry was starting to attack/marginalizing it's customer base.
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I want to keep this short, because i have so many things to do in the moment. Now, I heard some things in so called "men's help and heath" movements (which I will call the "manasphere" from now on.) about gritters and the tactics they use.
The issue has been I knew for years a majority of these folks were grifters. Thats part of the reason I called #gamergate (sharepoint war) a Military PsyOp. Somebody will make money or get rich off the scheme. Many on the left and right did.
The issue has become and some in these so-called "rightist" movements are starting to realize that it there are major emotional, educational and social problems with men and women (mostly women) that "tradition" will and can never fix.
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Transmission Starting:
Todays Topic...
Bob Chipman and .@Boogie2988 - Two sides of the same coin?
What you get when you have men such as these?
You get the industry that many deserve.
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1/ #Gamergate - when the Left met its match.
2/ In August 2014, word got out that some thot nobody had slept with five guys in the gaming media. People started asking questions about whether said whore's poor slideshow 'game' may have had inflated rankings as a result. This anon post summarizes the events well.

3/ Gamers on a variety of platforms discovered that, much like the infamous JournoList, gaming journalists were in cahoots and utterly corrupted by money, early access and perks from game publishers.

Unsurprising right? It would have been but for the backlash.

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"Here We Go..."
Today's Transmission
"Gameindustri and the Secret Society that destroyed it" #GAMERGATE
June 1, and the first story i will tell you about is the secret society that pretty much links the reasons why we are in this mess.
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1/ In running for office, I have tried very hard to not mention Gamergate.

But with the second mass shootings this year from someone radicalized on #8chan, I do want to share some of the things media doesn’t understand about it and what law enforcement can do to prevent more.
2/ Some history on #8chan. #Gamergate started on 4chan, a site owned and operated by current @google employee Christopher Poole.

The Gamergate threats on women were so serious, 4chan banned the topic. Posting child pornography and Gamergate are the only banned topics.
3/ Many 4chan users were so angry about the ban, they moved to mostly unknown site 8chan.

8chan mostly exists as a site for the activity too criminal for 4chan users. In fact, the legal liability was so high for 8chan that the owner left the US so servers could not be seized.
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Just learned about #TeamPillowForts while blocking another account tweeting #disinformation. Turns out there's a 😠nest of accounts that ties back @LouiseMensch and therefore to Rupert Murdoch.

These times are hard enough without fake resisters gaining then abusing our trust.
@LouiseMensch Rupert Murdoch owns Fox Entertainment Group, which includes the Fox News entertainment channel.…
Louise Mensch (2016): "A News Corp spokesman confirmed that Mensch has been working for the company owned by Rupert Murdoch on 'digital projects in the creative/strategic arena.'"…
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Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue) is a top journalist covering Big Tech +all the scary shitty things they do.

Bokhari is VERY ONLINE +knows internet culture better than anyone.

Global Tyranny of the "Good Censor," GamerGate, + MORE:


GamerGate was the first time the Millennial SJW dominance of social media was challenged.

4Channers + mimetic warriors swept across the internet and may have swept Trump into office.

@LibertarianBlue + I talk ONLINE history, Big Bad Tech, and MUCH MORE:…
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Ever heard of Jonathan Weisman? He's a senior editor for the New York Times, the 'paper of record', who thinks that #GamerGate started in 2011 and that Brianna Wu is a credible source of information.
At this point, if you're still using boomer news sources for information about anything even vaguely related to online culture, you deserve everything you get.
Even the Wikipedia intersectional fan-fiction version of events at least gets the dates right.
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I noticed one 1st Amendment lawyer indicate Gaving McInnes suing the SPLC wouldn't bear much fruit and will be tossed out of court.

Who knows. He might be correct.

He suggested voting out gov officials who use the SPLC as a guide instead of going to the courts.
Here's where that argument fails:

It's not just government officials using the SPLC as a guide on "hate groups". It's private firms doing it as well. It's Facebook, Twitter, Google, and regular employers and banks looking towards the SPLC to guide them as well.
Beloved @BrowMach1 announced he might cut ties with Twitter because he doesn't want to feed social media organizations with his personal profile—a profile we are freely giving away to be used against us.

That is what the SPLC and organizations like it can take advantage of.
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#QAnon and it’s #wikiLEAKS👌🏼
When I see people still debating if #QAnon is a real person...🤦‍♂️

It then becomes a spectacle of ignorance and a testimony of messages getting lost in the noise..
At what point did #QAnon a supposed single person or small group of people become collective thought leaders. Why? 🤔
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1) So, let me tell you a fun little story of what happens when NPCs in specific industries encounter those that won't bow down to their ideology.
2) First, let me introduce you to @DiversityAndCmx, aka Ya Boi Zach, aka Richard Meyer, who started a youtube channel to provide honest reviews of comics that were on the whole declining in quality and popularity.…
3) I say honest reviews because, similar to one of the core issues of #GAMERGATE, comic book pros and 'mainstream' comic book journalists were in a rather incestuous relationship of providing exclusive material, interviews, etc in exchange for favorable reviews.
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THREAD: There's been some confusion about the Proud Boys having POC members.

People keep asking, "How can they be white nationalists?"

Technically, they're not. They're "reactionary nationalists."

But they don't mind organizing with white nationalists.

Here's what that means.
2) Researcher Matthew Lyons defines the "far right" as forces that "(a) regard human inequality as natural, inevitable, or desirable and (b) reject the legitimacy of the established political system."

This is a *very* useful working definition:…
3) Did you see anything about race in that definition?


That's because a lot of the forces we're seeing don't explicitly organize on the basis of white racial solidarity.

They also don't mind organizing alongside those who do.
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A white man in Kentucky tried to break into a black church, failed, shot two elderly black folks in a Kroger parking lot, and then was confronted by a white civilian with a gun. "Whites don't kill whites," the murderer said, and fled.

His social media profile is pro-Trump.
You can read about the murder here:…
His profile includes a petition to re-instate this TN deputy who choked a student:…
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I have no idea why, but I found five different neckbeards all saying "#GamerGate tactics" in the search results.

As if GG was like some kind of fucking war that all women should live in fear of.

Oh, wait, "survivors of #GamerGate" was actually a thing... >.>
Yes, in case you actually forgot, anti-#GamerGate did a nice little thing with saying that they and others survived GG...

and this was back in 2015/2016.

Yes, after going around with saying and agreeing with the "gamers are dead", they went with "I am alive and am a survivor".
And, because I have to mention this again, people like Anita Sarkeesian actually disliked being called "survivors of #GamerGate" because it narrowed their viewership (among other shenanigans).
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#NPC Twitter accounts: either bots or the most repetitive video game ever invented. . .
In recent days, a number of "#NPC" accounts that self-identify as #Resistance have emerged. We found this example while researching another project, and have also had various folks draw our attention to the phenomenon. Let's take a quick look. . .
The theme of the accounts is to portray those opposed to the present administration as "NPCs" (a term for non-player characters in games), likely in an attempt to imply that opponents are simply executing a script rather than stating a genuine position. #GamerGate
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I tried to keep a running total of the lies in this piece by @MollyMcKew but lost count:…

@MollyMcKew 'if you accept the core definition of terrorism as "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims,"'

I do.
"...then there are few terms more apt to describe what this group has unleashed against their fellow Americans."

@Cernovich got James Gunn fired for being a pedo. You made the rules - "you get fired if we don't like what you say" - so we get to use them too.

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More than 4 years after it started, I often hear people ask what #GamerGate is, and many around them won't know, either. I’ve been part of GamerGate since August 2014, so I can provide a summary of it. 1/
An anti-gamer bias was present in the media long before GamerGate, with Grand Theft Auto being blamed for mass shootings, and gamers being called "entitled" for disliking the poorly rebooted DmC. The strongest anti-gamer stance was taken by journalists at gaming publications 2/
like Kotaku, Polygon, Ars Technica, Gamasutra, among others. No one expected gaming outlets to bear so much hatred toward video game culture when Eron Gjoni's famous blog post went public. Eron described his struggle with his then girlfriend, Zoe Quinn, who had gaslighted him 3/
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1.) Okay, the jabroni in these photos - note the identical ear and eyebrow shape in both - is an @Boston_FS member called "Chest." His real name is Trevor Carey, and he lives in the Stoughton, MA area, formerly Shrewsbury. And he's bad news. But there's SO. MUCH. MORE. <thread>
2.) P.S. On the left in that photo above is Chris Hood (red hat) from @PatriotFront_ and on the right is @Resist_Marxism's Mark Sahady (grey hat), btw. Even a random photo will show you how connected these groups are.
3.) The tl;dr-- Trevor is a violent racist, he carries a concealed handgun and knife to protests, he's been arrested for pulling a gun on a protester, and he's a believer in "MGTOW," which the @SPLCenter has classed as a "hateful ideology advocating for the subjugtion of women."
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📌In death, Sen. John McCain is about to exact revenge on Trump

📌#GamerGate > #4Chan > Alt R > #QAnon > #Twitchy > (etc) = #TrumpRussia

📌#Religion and #MoneyWashing... Not so strange bedfellows.

In death, John McCain shows a virtuous alternative to Trump

PBO, who beat Mr McCain to the WH in 2008, said they shared a "fidelity to something higher".

GWB described him as "a patriot of the highest order".

Condolences pour in after the death of John McCain

John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in DC and Az

The death of Sen. John McCain marks the passing of a man, an American patriot & a politician whose record of service to country will always be his defining attribute.

We must ensure his legacy of bi-partisanship & patriotism endures into the future.
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While it's still in its early planning stages, my proposal for "Operation Canadian BaCon II" is ready. Read more about it here:…
The CBC Boss Battle is coming in the Summer of 2019. Be prepared! :)
#GamerGate #ComicsGate #NotYourShield
The alpha version of the CBC #GamerGate Archive has now been assembled. It contains audio, video, articles, screen captures, and related documents covering 97% of all known material from Canada's national broadcaster referring to us and weighs in at around 4.6 GB. 1/2
Some tentative statistics (covering all CBC media):
- Hit pieces or significant mentions: 29
- Gamedrops: 10
- Ombudsman reviews: 8
- Related incidents: 3
- Trivial mentions: 4
- Missing hit pieces with no known archives: 2
More material will be slowly added. #GamerGate 2/2
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We call them “game journos”
The comments are the usual mental cripples patting themselves on the back

Exhibit A: “What do you mean I need evidence for my bullshit theories I denigrate half the population with?”
Exhibit B: “People criticizing retardation means the retardation must be right! Btw I’m a good kind of man, not like the bad kind”
Read 12 tweets… Excellent essay on why it matters that Mike Cernovich is arguing in bad faith and why there is never any reason to listen to him, under any circumstances, ever again, full stop, no arguments.
The rise of Trump really should be killer evidence that credibility has to have some value, that good faith has to have some value, or we are all fucking doomed.
On one hand, if I had a penny for every dude who scoffed when I said #Gamergate was a very sincere right wing movement aimed at intimidating people out of improving society. On the other hand, I’m just so fucking relieved they see it now.
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" the SPJ created these awards because Gamergate demanded it?"

Citation needed.
So, Schreier (Winner of the Prestigious Kunkel Award) is lying. Of course he is. He's a GameJourno,

Let's talk about the history of the Society of Professional Journalists involvement in the movement for Ethical Game Journalism that was part of what is called "#GamerGate"
Back in the days of Operation Disrespectful Nod, some softhearted people thought that getting the Society for Professional Journalism involved with their quest for ethical game journalism would have some kind of positive effect.
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