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John #WeThePeople love our country and the rule of law in the Constitution over the politics of hate from the Mean Girls Commie Caucus Occupant Squad that you favor. GFY traitor.
❤️🇺🇸 Thank you @afbranco
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@SpeakerPelosi⁩ & other a$$holes using the “women of color race card” ⁦@POTUS⁩ didn’t target them they have made themselves targets by playing stupid anti-American games & they are the ones to stir up racial divide even calling Pelosi racist…
@SpeakerPelosi defends the very 4 that are trying to destroy her party. Are you so damned blind you can’t see they are coming after all of you in the @DNC do you not care? @AOC owes @IRS unpaid taxes @IlhanMN married her brother to illegally give him citizenship & defrauded @IRS
The other 2 @AyannaPressley & @RashidaTlaib just jumped on the bandwagon because their handlers @justicedems ordered them to. The Democratic Party is the biggest bunch of corrupt lifers that should be in prison not in office as you seek to totally destroy our country for payoffs
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Twitter seems to be gearing up for an open exposal of Satanism, speak out against it and they will ban you for 'dehumanizing' speech in regards to 'Religion'.

This will be used as a tool of suppression as the general public becomes aware of the blatantly open worship of Luciferianism/Satanism.

Especially as Politicians / CEOs and many other high profile people are exposed for who they believe they are.

It will also be used as a tool of suppressing free speech in regards to speaking out against the horrors of Islam

A little perspective after watching this NYtimes video "The Killing Of Farkhunda" in which a woman is killed by a mob in the name of Islam.…
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1) The #QAnon drops, from 8th July, begin 2reveal the level of elevation & resultant plans which are beginning 2be moved upon.
The genius of it comes down 2this.
The arrest of perv social parasite, #JeffreyEpstein, as a non-political 'placeholder' 2deflect any charges of
2) politicizing the #DOJ/#FBI & let these heinous crimes against children begin 2accrue. Soon the entire Country will be calling for a full-out War against #Epstein & his pedo trafficking/abusing cohorts & let the fallout begin.
What goes around, comes around.
Karma's a bitch!
3) #QAnon 3373 gives the public news that surveillance on @SaraCarterDC & @jsolomonReports has been terminated!
Underlaying this drop, is hidden the generic word, thru use of these specific individuals, that #Patriots are & will be protected.
Exposing evil is a sacred duty...
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QDrops July 2019

Hope you all had a fantastic long holiday weekend however it’s

time to get back to work. #EpsteinArrested over the weekend, as

he entered the country, and appeared in court today.





🇺🇸 July 8, 2019 🇺🇸

Welcome Back Q: Edition

Timing is everything and it’s time for Q to return to the public eye.

Welcome back Q! Nice to see you!

Buckle up Buttercups... it’s stormy out there.





The whole #Epstein #EpstienIsland #PizzaGate #PedoGate are

very very real. It’s definitely a YUGE 🕳 🐇 but this is not a


#ThesePeopleAreSick and #TickTock their time is up!





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What happens when those who held positions of POWER (& INFLUENCE) no longer pull the strings? 
What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works? 
Do you become a LIABILITY? 
(H)> C, D, I 
Just because the 'public' is unaware of something, does not mean 'nothing' is happening. 
MUELLER hearing a tactic meant to delay (H) report? 
(H) report release necessary prior to [C]omey release? 
(H) + [C] = D 
D = the start of the mass awakening (WH, ABCs, State,..
... Foreign, ……) 
Post D comes many I's. 
When BLACKMAIL no longer holds due to LOSS OF SENIOR LEVEL KEY GOV POSITIONS AND 11th HOUR TESTIMONY…………those previously protected become prey. 
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The professional politicians have done an excellent job of splitting up the issues to keep the citizens fighting with each other so we don’t focus on the fact that they are the problem, not us.
The professional wrestling promoters know that good fighting evil and prompting the audience to be involved in the action will keep people engaged. Our career politicians know it, too.

Without a crisis to engage the public, the career politician is less significant.

#ManufacturedCrisis are common in politics - They provide another more sinister advantage to the professional politician: misdirection and sleight of hand.

Both sides do it

They do it because there are no #TermLimits

#WeThePeople can put an end to it


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🍞 Re_read Crumbs 🍞

🦃 November 20, 2017 🦃

QDrop #170

170 = 071 = July 1 = Why am I here
🍞Re_read Crumbs 🍞

🎄December 05, 2017 🎄

QDrop #270

270 = 072 = July 2 = Apply the Keystone
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This is the continuation of the Books Of Q: Red, White & Q Edition

Since people are getting suspended left & right on Twitter & my

lack of storage space we are a little out of order this time. This will

be Part XXVII.

@POTUS @PhillyQ_ @beldandolo @mbees39 @love4thegameAK
🍀 March 26, 2019 🍀

QDrop #3204

📚 1_Q_2849.png 📚
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#WeThePeople have had enough of the burden of tyranny and shall suffer it no more. #QAnon…
For we shall rise in unity,
Throw the tea overboard and burn the ship.

We will no longer passively
pay your ransom which is used to facilitate tyranny against us.

@POTUS @WhiteHouse @Vincent__Fusca @VincentCrypt46 @TheRealRaNon
We will organize and take back our blocks, our towns, our churches, our schools, our townships, our counties, our states and our country by taking back OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR WASHINGTON DC!


#QANON @TheDemocrats @GOP
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❤️🇺🇸 It is sad how SCOTUS treated it, but as I told Senator Schumer earlier there's still plenty of time to hear it in the fall. Chief Justice Roberts was wrong on assigning motive to the question before the court.🏛️⚖️
SCOTUS can make it's ruling in September, and it's possible to add to the printed version. Most of the censuses are not printed but are done on-line and by in the field interviews by census takers. See you in September.. ❤️🇺🇸🏛️⚖️

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Getting real tired of this BS.

A federal judge on Friday issued a ruling blocking the Trump administration from tapping billions of dollars in military funds to construct a wall on the United States's southern border.…
just a recap of who this judge is: California US District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam, an Obama appointee, issued a preliminary injunction on Friday partially blocking President Trump’s $1 billion border wall plan... gonna do some digging on him…
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The Jeff Bezos “Washington Post” continues to bash Trump 24/7. As we know in the Qanon community, “those who speak loudest.” I wanted to post any Qanon posts as well as some of Trump’s tweets on Bezos and Washington Post. Pretty random posts below but here you go 👇
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This statement could not be more true. It is time to come to terms with the true meaning of the #QAnon movement.

The orders have been given. It is our duty to spread truth and shine the light on wickedness & evil.
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Tonight @seanhannity thread.

New documents discovered from freedom of information act.
For eight years that Obama administration intelligence agencies had three agencies that shared information. In the final days they did a complete overhaul where all 17 agencies could share information.
President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow on the phone explaining the newly obtain documents.
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Wow!! Never thought I would see this! I just went past 10,000 friends!! Started 11/2018 to learn more about the Truth! It took me a month of tweeting to make sure I got #WWG1WGA spelled correctly 🤪

#TogetherWeWin #KeepWinning
Grab your seat & keep your eyes open! #TickTock

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness these extraordinary events!

It’s about #WeThePeople as a collective.
Tuned in frequency. Power of many.
#StayResilient #KeepWinning
It’s been a short time, but I have met some AMAZING people with some extraordinary talents & insights! How lucky am I? One big #QFamily!

The Power Of Connection!

Now let’s get back to work! 😎 #KeepWinning
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I was thinking about POTUS' tweet trolling about remaining President for many years.
WHAT IF: Pence runs as POTUS in 2024, then President Trump can run as VP.
THEN WHAT IF: Pence steps down as POTUS in 2024 after being elected, Trump could then step in as POTUS again since, I believe, the rules state he cannot be ELECTED POTUS after two terms…This way, he would not have been ELECTED, but would have been put back in by succession…
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Isnt it interesting the @US_FDA/@FDArecalls hasnt forced a recall on products that may be contaminated by Glyphosate, an ingredient in weedkiller that has recently been linked to cancer.

Bayer/Monsanto has an outstanding $2B verdict they want reversed...…
Bayer faces Roundup cancer lawsuits by more than 13,400 plaintiffs across the United States. It denies the allegations, saying the weed killer and its active ingredient glyphosate is safe for human use.

#WeThePeople #TheGreatAwakening…
An international group of journalists, politicians and activists whose information, was tracked and placed on 'watch lists' by the company, were informed of the company’s surveillance activities, Monsanto's parent company Bayer has announced.…
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Official Campaign Kickoff Edition: June 19, 2019

On June 18, 2019 we saw the official kickoff to @realDonaldTrump campaign for a 2nd term as President Of the United States Of America in Orlando Florida. #MAGA2020Orlando #KAGA2020 #KAGARally

Before we begin on yesterday’s event I must touch on my previous thread being deleted once again. This is not the first nor probably the last time this will occur by @Twitter however this needs to stop. Cencerorship is unacceptable on this or any other platform.

I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve seen the censorship the whole time. Remember #ArabSpring #StandingRock #OccupyWallSt? Now you can add #QAnon & Conservatives to the growing list. Time for @POTUS and others like @DevinNunes to do something about this.
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historic ride.

This is an epic story, like a chapter out of the Bible–and we get to live through it–on the front lines!

I hope one day to review my (very small) contributions to the Chan with my grandkids someday in the future–like letters from WWII or the like.

This campaign
has done a lot to unite us; we are talking again, comparing notes, sharing research, strategizing actions and making an impact in the fight (as evidenced by the paid shills and MSM fear dripping everywhere)!

Thank you, Q–and God Bless America–and the World!


goal being
New World Order — one world government.

“A utopia existence is an option on this planet, and there are those who live such a life. Clearly, having a society of like minded humans will make this easier, as a division of labor is easier that going it alone. For this, you need to
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If the Federal Reserve is truly a corrupt foreign entity controlled by the DS in its origin, and it owns the Corporation of the United States, and by way of debt ownership owns the US gov, which forced US citizens to pay repayment in the form of taxes due to the Act of 1861,
And since the government insures all banks and debts through FDIC bc fiat cash is worthless then what happens to everyone’s government or corporate bank based debts when the Federal Reserve is eliminated and gold standard restored? What about the IRS?
And after we seize the assets of those involved in human crimes where does that money go?

There are 100,000+ sealed indictments. How many of those assets will we be seizing?

These are the elite people. Their assets aren’t small

What’s that total value look like?
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"Whoever controls the data, controls the future"

Q: Who has it ALL?
A: @NSAGov, since November 4th 1952.

Note: This video is "doctored" however, the message is a reality.
Keep your eyes on Big Tech.

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Part 1:
I know many believe Q is only a LARP. Q has not posted in a while, and may not post again, don’t know. Q only wanted to wake persons to the evils taking place around us. Q wanted a great awakening world wide.
Part 2:
So if you think Q is a LARP a few examples from Q.
#WeThePeople Worldwide
Part 3:
If Q never posts again that’s ok. So much information provided, it will take years to investigate all the rabbit 🐇 holes. Waking the world main purpose. Humanity can never forget all the sick and evil things revealed by Q.
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