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Opens up bonanza for black money & fake GST credits as she allows use of uncertified, unverified and unaudited #Aadhaar
In place of PERMANENT Account Numbers.

At least 58 crore Aadhaar are suspected to be benami to facilitate black economy.…
The #Aadhaar doesn't identify anyone, is useless to do authentication for identification, doesn't take any responsibility.

The UIDAI doesn't even know the source or authenticity of the demographic and biometric data associated with an Aadhaar.…
Use of #Aadhaar for financial transactions scales black money and money laundering to dizzying heights. Aadhaar set to make India into the black money capital of the world.…
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#UnionBudget2019 you can watch here live
@nsitharaman Finance minister speaks in English. So no gripe about the budget being delivered in Hindi for non Hindi speaking people.
1. 2014ல் 1.85 டிரில்லியன் அமெரிக்க டாலரில் இருந்த இந்திய பொருளாதாரம் 2.7 ட்ரில்லியன் அமெரிக்க டாலரை அடைந்துள்ளது. அடுத்த ஐந்தாண்டுகளில் 5 trillion டாலர்களை அடைவோம் என்பது உறுதி. இந்த வருடமே நம் பொருளாதாரம் 3 ட்ரில்லியன் டாலரை அடைந்திருக்கும்.
2. பாரத் மாலா, சாகர் மாலா, UDAN திட்டங்கள் கிராமங்களை நகர்ப்புறங்களுடன் இணைப்பதற்காகவும், போக்குவரத்துத் துறையை பலப்படுத்துவதற்காகவும் உருவாக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.
3. சுற்று சூழலை பாதுகாக்க, சரியாக முறைகளை கையாள கொள்கை முடிவுகளும் செயல்திட்டங்களும் எடுக்கப்படும்.
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The issue has been fixed. It’s time to explain the details. Follow me in this thread! 1/
Two days ago, searching " kr ext:pdf" on Google returned a lot of PDFs with juicy data. 2/
All these PDFs, hosted on an #Indian governmental website, contained the personal data of thousands of farmers:
- Name
- Father name
- Phone number
- Address
- Caste
- #Aadhaar number
- …

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1/ J'ai eu le plaisir de m'entretenir avec un membre de l'équipe de @cedric_o récemment. J'ai fait part de mon expérience sur l'équivalent Indien #Aadhaar. Nous avons également évoqué les craintes et les problèmes liés à un tel projet.
2/ Le cabinet du Ministre est à l’écoute et est conscient des risques, ce qui est déjà une bonne chose. J’espère que mes remarques seront prise en compte et que l’Etat écoutera et utilisera les compétences des experts en la matière
3/ Après avoir vu de l’intérieur l’échec monumental qu’est Aadhaar, je souhaite de tout cœur que l’état Français fasse preuve de cohérence sur un sujet de ce type. Apprenons des erreurs de nos voisins!
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New Release: A digital edition of collected work from this semester. Featuring critical investigations on Surveillance, Privacy, and Power from @parsonsdesign @thenewschool students exploring Dark Architecture, Data Exhaust, and the Quantified Self.
Part 1: “By nature, the architecture of visual and digital surveillance is a black-box.” On #DarkPatterns, FB’s privacy policy, true confessions of SalesForce workers, privacy’s gender bias, and potential abuse of #aadhaar biometric data.
From #DarkData…
Part 2. “If the 20th Century was the fossil fuel era, the 21st century is the era of data; data has replaced oil as the commodity that drives the economy.” On visualizing cookies, the digital afterlife, being extremely online, and surrendering to Google.…
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We believe those responsible for governing the #Aadhaar scheme need to be held accountable for the mounting exclusions, the continuing data breaches and security lapses, and not least for violating SC orders time and time again. #PeoplesAgenda2019
Our manifesto of demands includes:

1. Revoke the Aadhaar (and other Laws) Amendment Ordinance, 2019.

2. Repeal the illegally-enacted Aadhaar Act, and launch a public consultation on the future of the Aadhaar scheme.

3. Immediately halt Aadhaar enrolment, update & authentication activities, and launch a full public audit of the UIDAI, its partners & contractors.

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Dear @rssharma3 This is NOT about #Aadhaar, but your data is being leaked by @PayUmoney I just had to enter your email ID to get your stored card. I don't know how you see this. #Privacy #DataProtection

1. Please Delete your stored card from…
The issue was reported to PayU months back, but the company seems to not understand the issue of tokenized card information exposing last 4 digits as a privacy issue.…
This was what @PayUmoney had to say when @jaivardhan88 of @entrackr asked them about it few months back.
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It’s time to publish the details of the biggest #DataLeak I had to deal with. @IndianOilcl leaked #Aadhaar numbers: 6,700,000 Aadhaar numbers
🔴 Update: Less than 3 hours later, @IndianOilcl shutdown the affected dealer portal
We tried to contact them through multiple ways during days. Nobody answered. This is a sad truth but this the truth: public shaming is the most effective way to fix an issue like this 😔
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Long Thread on National Urban Innovation Stack. The draft was announced on Jan 30 with only 15 days for consultation. This is yet another stack in the lines of India stack, health stack, digital sky. Being built by Nandan Nilekani's @eGovFoundation
The urban stack will have a set of 7 components,
Data exchanges/marketplaces,
India Urban Connect,
Smart Procure - tenders/contracts,
Research & Innovation for Urban India,
National Urban Learning Platform,
Smart Code,
Smart Governance,
The document has interesting terms like bridging digital divide between cities, yes before bridging the poverty gap. Most urban local bodies don't recognise slums, if they do they will have to rehabilitate them. So slums don't exist on data. But here is a stack which wants data
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This #Android app is asking their user to link their #Aadhaar card with the app. I thought it was illegal 🤔... and you?
The app description is priceless...
Apparently, nobody told to the guys in the "Made in #India" wagon that https exist.
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So @bsindia goes into great depth about the systematic vulnerabilities that exist in GST which caused 10,000s of Crores (Yes, that much) of revenue loss.

But I told you that sometime back in a long Twitter thread with nice diagrams.
My first long thread on why invoice matching not getting done is the original sin.
The second one with more explanations:
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So journalists doing stories after printing views of every side in the #Aadhaar debate is labelled as "activism". As if "activism" is a bad thing. But, here are a few questions for @Product_Nation and it's volunteers #Thread
1. Is it a #Conflict of #Interest when you use public money to build a system and then create or join private corporations to draw business from that very system?
2. Can you serve as a GoI employee and also serve on boards, companies that are drawing knowledge, business, profits from what you are building from inside the Government? #Aadhaar #CronyCapitalism
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Today, the Government introduced the Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018 in Lok Sabha, which proposes to amend the Aadhaar Act, The Telegraph Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. A copy of the Bill, can be accessed here -… #Aadhaar
The Bill seeks to bring amendments to the Telegraph Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act to enable voluntary seeding of Aadhaar details with phone connections and bank accounts. #Aadhaar
The Supreme Court in its Aadhaar judgment had struck down that part of Sec. 57 of the Aadhaar Act which enabled private entities to use authentication services calling it unconstitutional. The court held that this enabled commercial exploitation of biometric and demographic data.
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Modi's Plan To Turn Rural Women Into Entrepreneurs Is Putting Them In Debt Instead…
Muruganathan : Muhammad Yunus :: Sanitary Pads : Microfinance.

The (World) Banks (commercial) interest in selling loans by using social good as a cushion for marketing. Reality bites, It was micro finance suicides in AP, unsustainable debt here.
Stree Swabhiman had free marketing costs through #Padman But it could only take it that far. As elections are around and enough time for benefit of doubts are given, non starter scams will come out.
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1/ The SC may have given it a green light, but #AadhaarFail TERROR continues unabated in #Jharkhand.

Exclusion, disruption, and disempowerment is what Aadhaar has brought to the lives of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups. Case studies from a recently concluded survey.
2/ A census of all PVTG households was conducted in 2 blocks, Manika & Satbarwa, in Palamu district. Despite a small sample, we encountered a plethora of #AadhaarFail issues.

If you still think Aadhaar is "fixing-up" welfare, please follow. Select survey findings appended.
3/ Sukni Devi could not enrol for an #AadhaarFail as she is blind.

About a year ago, she stopped receiving her pensions.
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I get triggered by mandatory attendance regimes, in colleges and schools. People beating these regimes through simple hacks is no surprise. But why do these regimes come at all? The problem is much deeper.

Warning: People won't like it.

Thread follows. 👇
1. Year 1996. 2nd Year of Computer Science B.E

I had built my own PC and put Windows 3.1 and a Turbo C++ Compiler on it. While the person who taught us programming, wrote code in "Black board", I wrote it on my PC. He was five years older than me and knew nothing.
2. I pointed out how that person knew nothing because he was writing programs that won't even compile. A few girls sniggered and that bugger got angry because masculine pride and all that. So threw me out of the class, for "disturbing" syllabus and no attendance till I apologize.
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#Thread on the Ghosts of #Aadhaar

Are subsidies, benefits and services from the Consolidated Fund of india being siphoned by the Ghosts and duplicates of Aadhaar?
In order to assign an #Aadhaar number at least two Primary IDs are required by the UIDAI - one as proof of identity and another as a proof of address.…
According to data provided by the UIDAI, in its Affidavit to the SC, only 60 crores could have used the voter ID, 29 crores PAN,17.37 crores a drivers license, 15.17 crores a ration card and 6.9 crores a Passport as their Primary ID to obtain a Secondary ID, the #Aadhaar
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How CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana compromised the security and lives of millions of Indians under the #SmartCities project by collaborating with shady foreign spy firms who could now exploit our sensitive police data & other realtime info.…
Rakesh Asthana then Police Commissioner was involved in deploying very sensitive Forensic Criminal Investigation Sys requiring real-time intelligence gathering working in sync with police database. Given the nature of work & risks involved it must be handeled carefully. Was it?
“The Face Recognition System & Forensic Criminal Investigation System can offer our police department the much required real-time intelligence to ensure safety of our city and its citizens. We can now proudly say that Surat Safe City is India’s first Safe City.”
- Rakesh Asthana
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Gemalto has apologised for publishing erroneous report on Aadhaar data breach. But why would a world class firm mislead the people of India? What has Gemalto to gain from it? Does Gemalto has stakes in #Aadhaar? Lets see which journalist has the courage to report this.
To understand whats really going on you must first know the background of Gemalto and where it comes from, that would bring things into clear perspective. Then we would address the Aadhaar issue and how the People of India is being mislead by UIDAI.

Neville Pattinson Vice President, Government affairs at Gemalto is board member of Smart Card Alliance a RFID industry group, also serving US Department of Homeland Security's Data Privacy & Integrity Advisory Committee - inchanrge of various Govts biometric programs like Aadhaar
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At the Supreme Court now, waiting for the start of the #NIDSCourtCase. There is a wall of quotes about justice near the entrance. #Jamaica
Court now in session, as CJ Sykes, Justices Batts & Palmer Harrison begin hearing the matter. QC Michael Hylton (representing claimants) introduces the attorneys appearing in the matter, including AG Malahoo Forte QC. Says both sides ready to begin. #NIDSCourtCase #Jamaica
Hylton says both sides agree that the Indian #Aadhaar Act & Indian Supreme Court decisions are relevant to the #NIDSCourtCase. Goes on to say that they differ in regards to approach to the decisions. #Jamaica
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The only 5 things we needed:
1) #Aadhaar is legal
2) Don't save Aadhaar#Biometrics or Copy
3) ANY legal entity in India can do an AUTH
4) eKYC only for Govt/Regulated Entities
5) Auth/eKYC record saved by @UIDAI for 180 days
#Aadhaar is legal and not unconstitutional
What constitutes Aadhaar data has to be clear - to me its only Aadhaar Number
& biometrics. My name, Addr, DOB, Sex, Photo are NOT #Aadhaar data-
whether someone got/verified them from UIDAI or not its NOT Aadhaar Data,
its *MY* data!
NOBODY can save Aadhaar#Biometrics or Copy (of Aadhar).
Nobody saves biometrics - non-issue.
The whole reason for the concern of linking came from the common ID number
the 12-digit Aadhaar Number.
Saving a copy of the Aadhaar Letter/Card should also be disallowed.
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Does the Union Government have to direct the telecom service providers to delete biometric and Aadhaar details of their customers following the #Aadhaar judgment? A short thread.
1. We all know that the judgment had three separate judgments. One by majority of Sikri J writing for himself, CJI Misra and Khanwilkar J.
There was a minority judgment by Chandrachud J which was partly concurring with Sikri J
and another partly concurring judgment by Bhushan J
2. On the question of illegality and unconstitutionality of the telecom-Aadhaar linking exercise, all the five judges agreed and struck down the exercise and the 23rd March 2016 circular of the DoT as unconstitutional.
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#Aadhaar Judgment continued
(Sorry the earlier thread no longer loads for me on twitter).

DYC J has penned a partial dissent.

DYC says this is a seminal case that poses questions on democracy, power and liberty and constitutionalism.
DYC J overrules earlier judgment on money bill whether or not speaker decision is subject to judicial review. Elaborate discussion of rule of law and judicial review. Sikri J agrees on this point.
However DYC J holds that Aadhaar cannot have been a money bill. Not even Section 7. Passing a Bill which is not a money bill as a money bill a subterfuge and a fraud on the constitution. This is a dissent from Sikri J view.
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#Aadhaar: Supreme Court Bench assembles, Justice AK Sikri pronouncing his judgment now.
#Aadhaar: Justice AK Sikri has authored judgment on behalf of himself and CJI Dipak Misra and Justice AM Khanwilkar.
#Aadhaar: It is better to be unique than the best, Justice AK Sikri starts his Aadhaar judgment.

Aadhaar has become the most talked about expression in the recent years.
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