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Wrapping Up #Turkey #IstanbulReElection & Moving On: The Democratic Process Went Smoothly This Time- No Incident Peaceful Voting-Counting Process. Now Back to Geopolitics & Economy: #S400 #Syria #Russia #EastMedDrill #F35 #NATO #USA
1 interesting observation here on the ground in #Turkey post #IstanbulReElection?- Seeing (rearing,Watching) how the coward, spineless, two-faced incompetent #Turkey #MSM Pundits so quickly switched side, & all of a sudden started criticizing #AKP. Little cowards with no spine.
There are those of us (a minute minority) in media who remain true to the facts- thrive for objectivity no matter who is up, who’s down; no matter which party or figure. Then, there are those (Majority) who suck up & follow whichever way the wind blows. The little cowards.😉😉😉
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#Istanbul #Reelection Today- ~6 hrs left to polls closing. High stakes. Hoping for a smooth, Democratic & peaceful process. It will be an intense evening count. I’ll report updates periodically. Reporting on the ground from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
#IstanbulReelection- 39 Districts, 10,560,963 Votes. That’s a lot of votes to count! Down to 2 Mayoral candidates: Ruling Party #AKP candidate Yıldırım vs Main Opposition Party #CHP Candidate İmamoğlu. Polls will close at 5:00 pm here (in ~6 hours).
Over 1/3 of #Turkey’s population lives in #Istanbul. A good chunk of national GDP & many many billion dollars District budget for the elected #Mayor. #AKP lost in mayoral elections of biggest cities: #Ankara, #Izmir & #Antalya, with #Istanbul as the “hottest tamale” TBD today.
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Missile Guidance Systems Recently Upgraded ... Remember everything is computerized. Machibes, Weapons. . Even Hair Straighteners .. the timer heat computerized. Connect the dots
Very interesting Q drop.. BHO had to shut Iran up.
#911Truth What did Omar say? Something they did?
#UraniumOne 👈Clinton's & Obama's .. what else they hiding? Why the #MSM & Dems want to keep IRAN quiet? IRAN doesn't have Rothschild bank. Remember.
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My position on Islam: I don’t hate anyone. You must believe them when they tell you who they are, what they’re going to do – which is to take down America. I am against their totalitarian political ideology and want sharia banned; Muslims believe sharia is above our constitution.
Islam’s deceptive practices are to further their worldwide conquest of jihad. We see this deception now on a daily basis from Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib. They bully, harass & flip everything around on anyone who isn’t Muslim, demand special privileges. #DominationThruIntimidation
There is a document called the Muslim Brotherhood 50-Year Plan to destroy America, implemented 1991 They are long term strategist and are infinitely patient. There are now 90 Muslims running for government offices in 2020. Here’s a short four minute recap.
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It is difficult to talk about truth. You will be told there is no absolute & unadorned truth, that there is only perception, yours, his, hers, theirs. But one thing you CAN talk about is the suspicion of bias. That suspicion can be soundly based.

If you work for a corporation that is an enormous money-making business in this new hard-nosed world of make or break where ratings are all important & directly related to advertisers approval & their perception of established stability, you are influenced.

If you work as a news anchor, moderator or journalist within a large corporation-owned television network you will have been chosen for your suitability from the get-go. Then, you will consciously or unconsciously understand the limits of your employment.
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Did you know Rothschild's own Putin

Paid to start the #FederalReserve

#DavidRockefeller was the founding member of the #Bilderberg Group

#Carnegie Foundations devise plot to merge US with Russia

#CarnegieEndowment has a main office in #Moscow
#Chubais is on the #CFR global board of advisers, the #ChaseBank advisory board, & a member of #Bilderberg

He also worked with the #CIA to implement privatization of the Russian economy.

#PeterMandelson is a member of the #BilderbergGroup

#BaronMandelson was appointed “life peer” in the #HouseOfLords by

#Mandelson is the director of the #Russian defense firm #Sistema, which supplies Putin with early warning missile systems.

This relationship continues despite “sanctions.”
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Been searching all MSM for any meaningful analysis on #Turkey #Erdogan initiated recent #Aid call to #KSA #SaudiArabia. Still zilch. With Turkey complying with #US #Iran sanctions, econ crises & being left out cold on #Khashoggi game: Was it a first attempt for reconciliation??!
As some of you may remember I covered the “Real” #Khashoggi #Turkey Case (concoction) for 2 months via the following Pinned Thread (See Screenshot Below).
One of the things experience has taught me in geopolitics: Pay little to no attention to what #MSM making big headline noise about. Instead, go after “things” they cover little (Via page B8 ;-) or do not cover.
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Don’t y’all love it when
.@SpeakerPelosi & @TheDemocrats Party Leadership, along with their friends in the #MSM keep on spewing forth that the crisis at #TheBorder is a manufactured crisis?

I do, and I’d be glad to tell y’all why!

2/ I SUSPECT that at least 90% of @TheDemocrats, & 50% of our .@GOP “representatives” are, uh (ahem), being incentivized to allow these invading swarms of illegal aliens to stream to, and over, our porous borders.
3/ Have y’all ever looked at the people who are seeking entrance into our country?!?

They’re dressed nicely, don’t look like they’re hungry, ill, or escaping abject poverty or violence.

Some say they’re escaping religious persecution! But how many of them are practicing their
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@rlefraim wrote, "IS IT TREASON. — OR CLOSE TO IT. ??? (1 #Treason
#Obama #MSM #DemocraticParty #WalkAway
It appears that former President Obama, the Democratic Party & their friendly media are currently damaging, even sabotaging, American Foreign Policy & the American People, & world peace prospects, in their game to protect the “Swamp” & Corruption of American politics. 2) #Swamp
Let’s look at three sets of facts:
1. Barack Obama is roaming the world telling leaders from Russia to Germany to Iran, to the Middle East, to China & to Latin America that they should stall for time, that they should prevent any changes,... 3) #Obama
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Attention Q patriots we have the First #Declass #DeclassifyFISA released read ... this would be targeting #JamesComey because he was head of FBI during the 2016 election and leaked info refer back to Q drops in thread.…
Q drop 1828 gives out all info on who leaked.
And in other Q drop from June 16 it gives info which news reporters were working with Hillary and rest of DC rats.
Follow thread @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
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Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein=free man, despite being a #PEDO. Victims=no voice, until now.

Labor Sec-Alexander Acosta, under fed investigatn (secret immun deal-gave to Epstein) may face adult victims in fed crtroom……
Oh, did we forget to mention- 👆this PEDO is Jewish
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13. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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Hey twitter quit letting the Haters try to hashtag #TrumpMustResign .. this is Beyond Ridiculous you are ruining a Peaceful country turning it into hate. Seriously. No one was really interested into Politics till BHO came along and turned out lives into Realty Horror Shows.
By killing us American citizens off by implanting muslims illegals diseases murderers Thugs gang bangers taking away our jobs cults obamacare drones killed off many innocent lives to try to take down USA. And you know I'm telling the TRUTH. Run this story @FoxNews @dbongino
Facts are Facts. These words I speak our true. Look at world today. It's gotten better UNDER @realDonaldTrump #MSM does not give him credit. @CNN runs racist lies. Causes division doesn't bring hope and change. @FLOTUS brings "BE BEST" cover those stories...
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BTW: #Haftar, educated & trained in #USA by the #CIA. My article him 2 yrs ago (via #Newsbud) exposed him & predicted all this. - - - “Battle drones are being deployed for the first time to defend the Libyan capital from a warlord”…
Here’s one of my pieces on #CIA’s #Haftar from 2018: Israel's Mossad Replaces CIA as Handler of Libyan Strongman Khalifa Haftar #Newsbud Report By Sibel Edmonds
Just like with my news & analyses on #Turkey (whether on (#Khashoggi concoction or #S400) my expose of #CIA’s #Haftar #Libya ahead of Censoring #MSM by year or two 😉 Israel's Mossad Replaces CIA as Handler of Libyan Strongman Haftar By Sibel Edmonds
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Tutti gli atouts di Trump spiegati ad una moschina rossa.
#TrollMasterOfTheUniverse #StableGenius #Maestro (@POTUS)
C'è chi non può fare a meno dal non capirci niente, ma per dimostrarlo a tutti, cita un velenoso articolo contro Pompeo e "l'aggressività e maleducazione" americana (vs. MERKEL!😂), apparentemente di zerohedge, ma in realtà scritto da questo tizio, un ex-MIL anglo-australiano.
Ora, se citi un ex-mil UK-AUS, pensi subito a 5👁️ e al casino che STA PER SCATENARSI, a LONDRA...😎
Ma vivendo in un'altra camera d'eco, la cosa non è contemplata, e dunque si arma come al solito un feroce autodafe, per arrostire i soliti cattivoni (Pompeo, Bolton, Haspel, etc)🙄
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@Badgerflaps1 10 years and still same #fakenews on #TommyRobinon
EDL had black,asian,white,lesbian,gay,Jewish,sikh,etc... sections!
Their banners said "black and white unte"
Tommy was accused of punching his own, he wasn't! He was kicking a Nazi out of the #EDL!…
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3. The Legacy of US, UK, France, NATO, Jordan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain,Turkey in Libya

#Libya #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #terrorism #NATOCRIMES #WorldHypocrisy #Imperialism
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, NATO, Jordan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain,Turkey in Libya
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, NATO, Jordan, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain,Turkey in Libya…
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1) Why is one religion/political movement using mass migration & terrorism, another religion is using Entertainment & control of the #FakeNews #MSM , and another religion is using the ruse of exercise to push their version of religion.

2) Why indeed. Christians are breaking free of their programming. Christians are offering the people of the world an alternative to living free from any master on this earth. The other religions, who enjoy great influence in their cultures are not happy.
3) They know, if they don't stop us now they'll never stop us. The Patriots will convert everybody from religion to true faith. We're pushing the cure for everything from divorce to drug addiction. We are the truth. It's that simple. /End #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon
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@welt Ja. Klar doch. Die USA haben ja Geheimdienstinformationen gegen den Iran.

Für ein bißchen Kriegstreiberei muß man doch da Verständnis haben, nicht wahr?

Werdet Ihr Medien wieder Handlanger des Todes sein???

#Pompeo #USA
@welt Ich hätte gern mein Weltbild zurück,
von ganz früher,
als ich noch glauben konnte,
daß es den Weihnachtsmann gibt,
und dass westliche Politiker die Wahrheit sagen...

#Iran #USA #Pompeo #Lügen #Krieg #Mord #Elend #FalseFlag #Propaganda #Desinformation #MSM #Handlanger #Propaganda
@welt Kaum hab ich wieder ein paar Anti-Kriegs-Tweets abgesetzt,
schon kommt #Twitter auf den Plan, s. Screenshots.

Diesmal bliebs bei Captcha-Aufgaben,
diesmal keine Account-Sperre.

Wundert Euch nicht,
wenn sie mich wieder kaltstellen!

Geht so #Zensur heute?
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What if I told you that Peter Strzok worked for the CIA and the FBI at the same time and while on one hand he was complaining about leaks between the CIA and the FBI but on the other hand, he was the leaker?

In 2017 Peter Strzok wrote that he suspected the CIA was behind leaks to the #MSM during the Russian collusion investigation.

"“Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking in to overdrive,” Strzok wrote Page."
This text from Strzok was highlighted in this letter to the Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson by Committee chairs - Ron Johnson and Grassley.
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Why is the #MainstreamMedia called #FakeNews?

I can tell you why the #MSM #Report the same thing and why 90% of the #News outlets do also

What if I could show you the link? Undeniable proof?

6 #companies own the #media. They control story's/info
Where do they get their info from?

When you think about #reporting, you #picture someone #researching #information to find the #Truth and report the #facts.

The #fact is that the #info is fed to them.

The rest of this tweet is the #proof (the link). 🕵 🕳💨 👀🔎
Welcome To My #RabbitHole 🕳


The mainstream media is connected to a system that finds, prepares and distributes what they need to report (A.I helps with this).

Sound crazy? Its true. Check it.☟

(The pictures below are website screen shots that I cropped.)
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