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1-As part of the proffer that Jeffrey Epstein made to the feds: "Epstein will agree to cooperate with the investigation, including giving up the names of individuals that paid for activities with underage girls in exchange for a maximum sentence not to exceed 5 years.
2-"If true, that proffer sounds like good news. Ironic good news: what a friend Jeffrey Epstein turned out to be! Then I grasped the wiggle phrase: “individuals that paid.”
3-"That would not be Donald Trump or Bill Clinton or a great many other bold-facers who flew on Epstein’s plane-it was known as the “Lolita Express”-or visited his homes." Jesse Kornbluth, Salon #SaturdayThoughts…
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One more time: I refuse to call Trump Christians "fake Christians" NOT to legitimate them. The crucial point is that religion is FAR FROM ALWAYS BENIGN.

We need to stop giving people undue trust and deference on the basis of their Christian affiliation.

#Pluralism #EmptyThePews
"Real" Christianity can be good. And "real" Christianity can be terrible. Both types are communally mediated expressions of a cultural system that exhibit a praxis and a relationship to the Bible.…

#EmptyThePews #SaturdayThoughts
I will add that Jesus didn't have a notion of what constitutes "real" Christianity; Jesus wasn't a Christian. Because even if someone like the Jesus of the gospels is a real historical figure, Christianity started decades after his crucifixion. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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Reporting is that Trump has now arrived in Seoul, and is awaiting word from Kim Jong-un @ whether or not KJu will meet with him @ the DMZ for an impromptu summit. BIG drama, as usual. And I can't shake the thought that it may not be spontaneous at all. #SaturdayThoughts
2- per Politico:"North Korea said it had not received an “official proposal” but a meeting “would serve as another meaningful occasion.” Earlier this wk, NK’s state news agency posted a photo of Kim reading a letter from Trump, which it described as “interesting content."
3-It's just so bizarre that Trump would pop in to say 'hi' to one of the most notorious, vicious dictators in the world...
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1-Here's more from Michael Wolff's book, "Siege, Trump Under Fire" about Barr's appointment as AG. Take it as you will, but what I've read here confirms some things that I have also also been told. RE Barr's appointment as AG..#SaturdayThoughts
2-Pg 306: "Bill Barr was McConnell's suggestion. He was a safe choice: Barr had served once before as AG, from 91-93 under President George HW Bush. He was embraced by Pat Cipollone, the WH counsel, & even by the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, suggesting something of a
3-"consensus about the way things might need to go, if, in fact, push came to shove. Barr was sold to the president as a respected attorney who had a record of believing in a strong executive. He had publicly expressed misgivings about the Mueller investigation, especially it's
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1-All of Trump's evident grandstanding re Iran & the provocation of the situation by Pompeo/Bolton has me thinking @ what caused Mattis to resign. Here's a bit from Michael Wolff's book, "Siege, Trump Under Fire" pertaining to that situation. #SaturdayThoughts
2-pg 290. 'Siege, Trump Under Fire': On December 19...the president made two fateful decisions. Early that morning-without preparation or consultation, & bypassing the standard military & interagency review process-Trump sent out a tweet proclaiming that "[w]e have defeated ISIS
3-"in Syria," & then announced that he was withdrawing all US troops from that country. The military, diplomatic, & intelligence communities had long ago concluded that Trump's views about foreign policy gyrated peculiarly, & dangerously, on the basis of impulses & mood swings.
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If you’ve read my bio you know I’m a combat vet, and I am blessed to be a father to 5 amazing children (range from 1-17). Our country’s current social climate in disarray dredges up many bottled emotions. I’m going to go a little deep, so buckle up, and bear with me.
This may be hard to understand, but there’s an “excitement”, for lack of a better word, that comes over a soldier right before a deployment. It’s a mixed bag of feelings such as adventure, thrill of the unknown, duty, and pride.
For me, the hardest moment was digesting the looks on my family’s face as I said that final good-bye and slipped off into the night. Yes, you settle into a routine and your days became consumed, but that initial good-bye, no matter the 1st or 7th time, always stuck with me.
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#SaturdayThoughts #SundayThoughts

How can we as #Americans accept that our government is responsible for the #genocide of #Yemeni civilians? How can we as a society not demand by every means necessary for the world's greatest #Humanitarian #Crisis to end?

#Yemen before #War
#Yemen a beautiful country full of beautiful #Yemeni who simply want to be left in peace. A country that's only fault is it's location in the world. A location that for the #US is strategically located close to #SaudiArabia, #Iran, and #Israel.
The #UnitedStates #Indoctrination and #Propaganda machine #FakeNews would have the American people believe we are helping to ensure peace and stability in the region. This is a claim that by now ALL AMERICANS should know is false!

Photos of Beautiful #Yemen before the #War
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Don't forget Patriots #RBG is dead. Her funeral ceremony in #DC held on February 4 2019…

I really do not care what religion this PEDOPHILE RBG was. This is a type of Funeral a concert held as.... In December...
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.@POTUS Message in the Westminster Abbey guestbook
“Thank you so much. This has been a great honor. Special place.”

Notice: "Special Place"
GS=George Soros

We have a Special Place picked out for GS
Really special

Soros MIA Bilderberg

.@GenFlynn #QAnon #SaturdayThoughts
Q Proof
Sidley Austin Offices Evacuated After Manhattan Helicopter Crash
Representing VTB a Russian Bank Contributed 385,000 to Hillary Clinton
The Law Firm of the NWO+Dirt on Rosenstein
SidleyLaw partner Stephen Cohen w/Rod Rosenstein
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation
Michelle Obama was employed at the law firm #Sidley Austin along with Weather Underground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, where she met Obama. Valerie Jarrett worked for Mayor Richard Daley, offered Michelle Robinson a job as Assistant to Mayor Richard Daley
@POTUS .@GenFlynn #QAnon
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Yesterday was a YUGE News day (against them). Attacks will

increase as the time draws near. #StayVigilant

Re_read QDrop #1400

💐 May 17, 2018 💐

What is the common They when bad news is about to break

(against them)?

Stay vigilant.


Once again bad news (against them) and another attack.

Remember The Aurora IL shooting? Eerily very similar.

Here is the current list of victims
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In light of Barr's looming investigation of the Feds, & bc of Flynn's inv with the Transition Team, including PENCE, it's fascinating that Barr refused to rel this stuff on a Judge's orders. Only BARR is arrogant enuf to do this. #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"Federal prosecutors on Friday declined to make public transcripts of recorded conversations between Michael Flynn and Russia’s ambassador to the United States in December 2016, despite a judge’s order. In a court filing Friday, the Justice Department wrote that it did not rely
3-"on such recordings to establish Flynn’s guilt or determine a recommendation for his sentencing. Prosecutors also failed to release an unredacted version of portions of the Mueller report related to Flynn that the judge had ordered be made public. Flynn, who served briefly as
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Russia meddling is a problem. The GOP has been raising red flags about it a long time before the Dems woke up to it. The leap though that somehow Pres Trump colluded w/ the Russians & that he should be removed from office for it was a massive leap right off the credibility cliff.
There was obvious misconduct by Obama admin officials with regards to how the Clinton email probe ended, the Trump-Russia probe began, etc. The justice system should never be weaponized like this ever again. Glad much of this info is getting declassified for the public.
Dems & former DOJ/FBI officials who were in certain top roles fall of 2016 still have ZERO interest in talking about & acknowledging misconduct & mischief at top of DOJ/FBI, including deeply troubling, clear as day abuse of FISA process to secure a spying warrant on a US citizen.
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This will be the continuation of the Books Of Q Part XIII.

Some familiar books💥again & definitely some new titles that

may be worth checking out. #HappyReading 📖





@beldandolo @mbees39 @PhillyQ_ @AutistMember @freenaynow
🌻 August 3, 2018 🌻

QDrop #1804

📚 GWV52sl.png 📚
1 Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American .... 💥…
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As the result of fact checking Trump's claim to Politico that he was #1 in the polls immed following his announcement in 2015 (a lie, 50% of Americans said they didn't trust him then) I found this article. Everyone should read it. #SaturdayThoughts…
2-And here's the phone interview Trump gave to Politico yesterday.. it is FILLED with lies. #SaturdayThoughts…
3-And here's the portion of the interview in which he gallantly compares himself to Joe Biden. Trump is absolutely insane, this is off the rails... #SaturdayThoughts…
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I used to tell people asking why I studied Russia that my interest sprang from volunteering with "an international program" in a Russian summer camp.

The "program" was an evangelical short-term youth mission trip. 20 years out I'm spilling the beans in my essay in this anthology
In the tweets below, I'll give you a little taste of my essay, "Now Defunct: Confessions of a Former Short-Term American Youth Missionary to Russia." Meanwhile, click on the link here to sign up to get a free excerpt from the anthology and pre-order info:…
And now your promised teaser from "Now Defunct":

"I picked up the handset of the old-fashioned telephone and said, as we did in the days before smartphones, 'Hello?'

“'Khello,' I heard back, in heavily accented English. 'I am beautiful gir-rel. You want massage? Sex massage?'”
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This is very well stated. Trump didn't have a legal leg to stand on in his efforts to block the Congressional Subpoenas for testimony of WH officials in re the Mueller report, but his threats actually show his weakness. #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"Suing a committee chairman and his own accounting firm. Telling people who don’t work for him anymore that they can’t testify to Congress. Having his personal lawyer tell the Treasury Department not to release Trump’s tax returns to Congress. These are all actions President
3-"Trump has taken against Congress in the past few days, evidence that he’s going full-court to stop lawmakers from investigating him. It’s an unprecedentedly brazen move for a president. But Joshua Huder, a fellow at the Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University,
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New Q 4/27/2019
Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law.
United We Stand.
We, The People.

@GenFlynn @POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #ThankYouAvengers #SaturdayThoughts
➡️GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan quits 1/23/2017
➡️Hannigan oversaw a more open approach at #GCHQ after the #Snowden revelations exposed mass surveillance by the agency
➡️Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. Q…
@GenFlynn @POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #ThankYouAvengers
🎯DECLASS IS COMING #GameofThrones #TruthMatters #TRUTH #JUSTICE

➡️DECLAS pre or post IG report?
➡️[Comey] pre or post IG report?
➡️C comes before D. DECLAS pre or post IG report?

@GenFlynn @POTUS #QAnon #WWG1WGA #ThankYouAvengers
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Why on earth do Republicans demonize two hardworking, indispensible, valued groups of Americans: teachers and nurses? @FoxNews has demonized public school teachers for years, and now Maureen Walsh has to be told #nursesdontplaycards. I have some
First, $$$. Both teachers and nurses make pretty good livings (for teachers, this is not as true in red states). Both are highly unionized professions. They both require extensive and ongoing education and training (except in red states with private schools lowering standards)...
...$$$ It's no secret that the GOP mission is to destroy public education as we know it. Private profiteers see those millions going to the education pot and want to get their hands on it. Ideologues want to indoctrinate kids with their religion and politics on the public dime...
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Regardless of what goes forward with a Trump impeachment, it's extremely unlikely that the current GOP-controlled Senate will remove him.

It all should be detrimental to GOP Senators running for reelection. Public opinion would need to shift in their states.1/7
That's something we can control & House Democrats can control with or without immediate articles of impeachment.

In Richard Nixon's case, the hearings & investigations (1973) held prior to impeachment (1974) brought public opinion against him, before impeachment hearings. 2/7
The reality of being successfully impeached caused Nixon to resign.

In any case, we will be facing an unsuccessfully impeached Trump, and/or a very damaged by relentless investigations Trump, or his successor Mike Pence eligible for 2 terms in 2020. 3/7
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THIS is interesting. The Now Or Never PAC gave $1.7 mil to GOP candidates in the 2012 election and now a court has given the green light for the Fed Election Commission to reveal the source of the $. Can you say RUSSIA?! #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"An anonymous individual who secretly funneled $1.7 million to a super PAC in 2012 will soon be revealed after a lengthy legal fight — if a new appeals court decision in Washington is not put off for further review by the court. The person’s identity has remained a secret for
3-"years as the Federal Election Commission investigated a complaint into how the money was routed through intermediaries to a Missouri-based super PAC, Now or Never PAC. The group spent close to $8 million promoting GOP candidates in the 2012 election, including Missouri
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And little Roger Stone's at it again. The opportunist's are coming out of the woodwork now, & he's going to gain as much advantage from Barr's position as he can, too. But Judge ABJ isn't gonna give him any of it. Watch! #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"In addition to arguing that his indictment should be tossed, Stone is seeking access to the full contents of Mueller's final report on links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, arguing that he has a unique right to see the report and review any evidence it may contain
3-"that is relevant to his defense."His lawyers must be allowed to review the Report in its entirety because it contains the government's evidence and conclusions on matters essential to Stone's defense," Stone's attorney Robert Buschel wrote in the filing.Among Stone's
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Nunes is going to do everything he can to take advantage of Barr's obstructionist posit -to protect his own obstruction of last year & to gain as much offensive advantage as he can get-because he's defensive. They're of one mind. #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"Nunes has in recent days foreshadowed plans to send eight "criminal referrals" — informal requests for the Justice Department to investigate — directly to Barr. He said on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Thursday night that he intends to meet with Barr "when appropriate" to
3-"discuss the referrals, and plans to bring fellow GOP intelligence committee member John Ratcliffe, a former U.S. attorney, to the meeting. Nunes said he wouldn't name the targeted officials publicly but would share his recommendations with Barr." ~politico
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#SaturdayThoughts #Memories #RememberWhen
#WhatHappened #Comey #DOJ #FBI #Clinton
“Follow the money!”
What REALLY went on?
What do “shadow govts” need to do business?
💰👉🏼favors👉🏼policy=SHADOW TREASURY
Who was involved?
“No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case?”🤔
Pick a foreign country... Clinton’s were there.
How bout that Teneo memo we got from WikiLeaks?

You do realize the DNC/Podesta leaks were a well orchestrated, highly coordinated & sophisticated release that exposed THE PEOPLE & THE MONEY.
Think about it🤔
Besides the petty shit... what was the CONTENT in the DNC leaks? 💰
Whose emails were taken?
What was the relationship to what we learned in Podesta emails?
Why were top US officials hell bent on NOT investigating ANYTHING but instead covering it up?
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The Dem Caucus had a conference call at 3pm today to discuss the pending Mueller rpt, during which @SpeakerPelosi took some very high ground. We're so fortunate to have her! #SaturdayThoughts…
2-"During a Saturday afternoon conference call with roughly 120 members of the Democratic Caucus, Pelosi amplified earlier vows that Democrats will insist Mueller's full report be released to the public. Mueller filed a confidential version of the document to Attorney General
3-"William Barr on Friday.Democrats are also pushing to make public any underlying documents that could guide the Democrats' ongoing investigations and potential legislative response. And Pelosi said she'll also demand that the DOJ's promised briefings be unclassified so
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