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#IDP Dernier chapitre (déjà !)
La vérité d'une audience, par Patrick Véron, président de la cour d'assises des Alpes Maritimes, ancien président du tribunal pour enfant de Marseille.
#IDP Il a participé en 1992 à un documentaire bouleversant, "les enfants du juge Véron". A voir absolument.
#IDP Un très bon documentaire sur le quotidien d'un cabinet de juge des enfants. Ca secoue, attention.
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Alan Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role, opinion contributor - 05/29/19
Two scenarios on Trump-Russia investigators — and neither Two scenarios on Trump-Russia…
(1 #Mueller #ExceededHisRole
#Trump #Russia #NoCollusionNoObstruction
The statement by special counsel Robert Mueller in a Wed press conference that “if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said that”... 2) #Mueller #Trump
#NoCollusion #NoObstruction #NoCollusionNoObstruction worse than the statement made by then FBI Director James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. 3)
#Comey #Clinton #nointent #extremelycareless
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Hier j’ai eu une discussion avec @dedelajoie sur la reconnaissance du burn out comme maladie professionnelle en France.

Suite à l’info de sa reconnaissance par l’OMS.

Je le redis pour les salariés :
Vous pouvez en France voir reconnaître 1dépression d’épuisement en maladie pro
La dépression d’épuisement (burn out) peut tout à fait être reconnue en maladie pro

mais c’est 1 MP hors tableau

Ce qui signifie qu’elle ne bénéficie pas d’1présomption

On doit avoir une IPP 25% et un avis favorable du Comité régional de reconnaissance des Mp après expertise
Si atteint d’une maladie au tableau, le salarié bénéficie d’une présomption simple de l’origine professionnelle, présomption qui peut néanmoins être renversée

Si maladie hors tableau, le salarié doit avoir 25% IPP et apporter la preuve de l’origine pro par une expertise du CRMP
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Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Aujourd'hui mardi, je souhaite vous présenter l'historiographie du handicap dans les périodes prémodernes. Comment les historiens ont commencé à s'intéresser à ce sujet, et qu'en est-il aujourd'hui ?

Mais d'abord, c'est quoi l'historiographie ?
L’historiographie est l’histoire de l’histoire. Plus concrètement, cette discipline demande à mener le travail d’historien SUR le travail d’historien, c’est-à-dire à prendre du recul, de la distance, pour se regarder soi-même (et les autres bien sûr) en train d’agir.
C’est réfléchir sur sa documentation, sa démarche, sa méthode et faire preuve de réflexivité. L’historiographie est essentielle pour les historiens, car elle questionne la discipline historique et les changements que les différentes écoles et historiens ont entraîné.
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Lots and lots of people are already doing reproductive justice work at the local and national levels. This is the time to look to them, resource them and amplify their work. Look for their calls to action and SUPPORT THEM. This is not a time for panic but to focus and to fight.
Focus and Fight.
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% "people are worse off than 20 yrs ago" vs. % vote "illiberal parties" #Thread

🇬🇷 87 v 57
🇮🇹 72 v 54
🇪🇸 62 v 30
🇫🇷 56 v 29
🇬🇧 53 v 3
🇩🇪 46 v 22
🇭🇺 44 v 69
🇳🇱 31 v 28
🇸🇪 19 v 26
🇵🇱 17 v 51
1. Making this tweet once again brought home how difficult it is to use traditional political (science) terminology, like "mainstream" or "anti-system".
2. I use "illiberal" as shorthand for "anti-liberal democracy", i.e. against system of majority rule and minority rights. It includes extremists (anti-democrats) of left and right and, mainly, populists of left and right.
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How “radicalization” happens:

1. Someone tweets “white people love this stick.”

2. It gets retweeted a zillion times.

3. White people (like me) get self-conscious when buying groceries.

4. White people get angry that everyone else can buy groceries and not be called racist.
Next thing you know, you’re watching other people buying groceries—wondering whether people of other races use dividing stick or just let all their groceries run together on the belt.

For the first time in your life, you’re looking for racialized behavior in the tiniest shit.
And now you’re thinking, “Isn’t it racist that I’m wondering how other races buy groceries?”

Then you hear a voice in your head saying, “No! That’s just your white privilege! People of other races have always HAD TO watch other people to see how their load their groceries.”
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With pre-final results in, most earlier predictions stand:

1. Huge victory for PSOE
2. Massive loss for PP
3. Big loss Podemos
4. Small win for Cs
5. Big win Vox
6. Significant fragmentation
7. No right-wing coalition
8. Nationalists are kingmakers

#ShortThread #28A 🇪🇸
1. Spain bucks (West) European trend of Left losing big and Right winning big. This is even more remarkable given that Left took over government midway.
2. Spain confirms (West) European trend with increased electoral fragmentation, leading to difficult coalition formation with many parties.

(Although this has precedent in Spain, fragmentation has increased)
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William I, the Conqueror (1066-1087) created a rather impressive series of monarchs in England.

He was succeeded by William II, Rufus (1087-1100) and Henry I, Beauclerc (1100-1135), his third and fourth sons respectively. #Thread
Stephen of Blois (1135-1154) was the son of Adela of Normandy who was the daughter of William I. His throne was claimed by Empress Matilda (1141), daughter of Henry I.
Matilda made a deal with Stephen who recognized her son, Henry II, Curtmantle (1154-1189) as the designated heir. Henry II, grandson of William I, is the first King of the House of Anjou (a.k.a. Plantagenet).
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Walter Rodney #HowEuropeUnderdevelopedAfrica
#Thread 👇👇👇

The decisiveness of the short period of colonialism and its negative consequences for Africa spring mainly from the fact that Africa lost power.
Power is the ultimate determinant in human society, being basic to the relations within any group and between groups. It implies the ability to defend one's interests and if necessary to impose one’s will by any means available.
In relations between peoples, the question of power determines maneuverability in bargaining, the extent to which a people survive as a physical and cultural entity.
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« Les trains circulent à vide ! C’est un problème. »

Petit thread sur un argument qui n’aime ni les trains ni le climat.⬇️

(Photo: André Knoerr… )
L’officine patronale AvenirSuisse sonne la charge : les trains sont vides. (En langage techno « Des capacités inutilisées dans les transports en commun ».)…
Les chiffres semblent impressionnant :

« le taux d’occupation des sièges des CFF est de 32% seulement pour les longs trajets et de 20% pour le trafic régional. »

Et ils sont à peu près vrais (en 2017, d’après les CFF : 31,2% et 22,4% respectivement )…
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The #Binga Experience
This was one of my many other holiday experiences Kumusha.
Though I was as tall as my brothers
my build was one based more on lean
agile strength. I could out run any man I
knew including my native friends and I’d
never been beaten yet kana pa dhudhu
1 day takabaya hedu kunovhima.
As I scanned the jungle 4
hidden danger I ruminated more &
more on the fact that my instincts sensed
something was off in the spirit realm as
much as it was in the physical.
My arrow centred on a huge clump of
ferns even as I saw shadowy
movement beyond the clump.sweat ran in2 my eye & I
blinkd against the burn of the salt,but
my arrow held steady on target.There
was more movement &then 2 my
astonishment two women walked free of
the concealing ferns
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5G er på vej. Er det farligt? Det er jeg blevet spurgt om en del gange, så jeg læste op på emnet, selv om det ligger lidt uden for mit generelle ekspertiseområde. Jeg ved dog lidt om DNA, mutationer og kan læse videnskabelige artikler nogenlunde.

Så skal vi være bange?

Det korte svar er: Nej, det er der umiddelbart ingen som helst grund til.

Det lidt længere svar står på Facebook:…

Og så kommer der en Twittertråd nedenfor...
Der er mange ting, der kan øge risikoen for kræft i større eller mindre grad: Flyveturen sydpå, cigaretten i pausen, soveværelset i kælderen, solbadning om sommeren, røntgenbilledet hos lægen...

Men med mobiltelefoner er der ingen klar risiko.
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More excellent original research by @Guardian and @TeamPopulism , this time on consequences of populist rule. A few quick thoughts. #thread…
1. I wonder how specific the historical, political context is in which this research takes place. It is the height of neoliberalism, where there is almost a perfect opposition between neoliberalism and populism (some exceptions, like Lula).
2. While effects are not solely related to left populists in Latin America, they are the key driver. At same time, left non-populists in Latin America, like Lula, who also significantly reduced inequality, are minority of non-neoliberal non-populists.
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🅱️ 1. Can we talk about WeirdOrourke real quick and his whacked rally. He was all over the place but this rant in particular is some creepy one world jibber jabber about two countries joining together and forming something greater? Hard pass. #KAG
2. Lets back up a little though, it started with some odd procession from a high school or to a high school can’t tell but here’s a little flavor of the waiting crowd? Was this his Quinceañera?
3. He opened with Spanish which isn’t a problem bi-lingual is cool then follows in English🙄 Working hard to make sure everyone enunciates BATO like Beeyatoooo.
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"Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil"
(Matthew 5:17)


#Thread 👇👇👇
To confirm the oneness of God.

Deuteronomy 6:4
Isaiah 44:6
Isaiah 44:8
Chronicles 17:20

To observe the prayer (Salat)

Nehemiah 8:4-6
Numbers 20:6
Genesis 17:3
Rev 11:16
Zephaniah 3:9

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Poverty- Driver of Child Marriage
Child marriage is the formal or informal marriage of a child under the age of 18. It is one of the most painful and disturbing problems in the country. In Nigeria, 43% of girls are married before their 18th birthday, 17% are
are married before they turn 15. Child marriage is a violation of human rights and one that affects poor girls.
Child marriage is a practice driven by poverty and low levels of economic development. Lack of access to resources such as education, good healthcare, good jobs,
creates poverty and influences child marriage. For households living in extreme poverty, arranging for their daughters to be married early in exchange for “bride price” or “dowry”, can relieve financial pressures. Once a daughter is sent away for marriage, there is one less
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Amazing numbers, largely consistent with other polls, which illustrate a longer trend in the Netherlands and Europe as a whole. Some quick reflections. #Thread
1. Loss of conservative VVD of @MinPres (-6%) is not as remarkable as it seems, given that it got a bump because of Erdogan stunt just before 2017 elections (ca. 3%) .
2. Implosion of "Christian democratic" CDA more telling. They pivoted hard right, competing with VVD for PVV votes, but are hammered in polls. Single digit support shows that once subcultural party has only minor solid base (which is ageing rapidly).
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Wait, why would you have to change a lot of the background if Batman were Black?

Thomas and Martha Wayne adopt him when he is like a day old. You could even make the pain angle more severe. He doesn't just lose his family - he loses his family twice!
This also explains why Batman keeps adopting young men off the street. Because HE was adopted and would have ended up on the streets if not. Maybe his original mom and dad were killed by criminals, too? The quest to find them would be an arc if they are alive!
Piece the resistance! It is revealed that it was the Joker who murdered Batman's biological mother. Epic showdown to get his parent's killer! Batman finally gets to Joker, about to kill the fucker. BOOM! He didn't kill your mother, Bruce. She died in an accident. Guess what Joker
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Poverty in Nigeria
Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world, with over 175 million people. It is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world, with over 80 million or 64% of her population living
below the poverty line.
Poverty and hunger have been a problem in Nigeria for a long time and have remained high in rural areas, remote communities and among female –headed households and these cuts across the six geo-political zones. The poverty is reflected
everywhere in the form of: lack of food and good water, poor electricity, bad roads, poor medical facilities, poor education, unemployment, irrigation, poor electricity and so on.
The high rate of poverty has the following effects in Nigeria:
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This is an interesting article about Jewish-American "political consultants" who are allegedly behind Orbán's anti-Soros campaign. But it totally oversells their importance, similarly to media coverage of Bannon. Some quick thoughts #thread…
1. I lived in Hungary in 1998-9, during first Orbán government, and (antisemitic) opposition to Soros was already widespread within Hungarian far right (including MIÉP).
2. While Fidesz was not radical right yet, it had a major problem with antisemitism within its party as well as an (enduring) problem with historical revisionism. Moreover, antisemitism is widespread within Hungary, including among better educated.
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Let me share with you the funny reason I gave my life to Christ. The story of my salvation.

My parents married each other with their religious differences. Dad was a Muslim and Mum a Christian. They were both happy with their decision and like mum said, they decided they'll worship separately without problems since there is only one God. Like stew, joy was everywhere 😅
Issues came by later as kids came. Questions arose; Who would bend his/her ego to join the other in religion? In what religion should the children be raised? Should their Muslim names be registered officially in school? Or should we just split the children in religion?
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Wow, people really liked my reading guide template for students. So, here are some slides from lecture about getting through the reading. #Thread
(1) You have a lot going on in your life and school might not be your #1 priority. But you still need to do the reading, but you don't have to read every word of it. Here are some ways you can skim, arranged from least time to more time.
(2) Students frequently take too many notes--you read that right! When you are just starting out, it seems like EVERYTHING is important. It's not. Here are some things I like to focus on: jargon, context, and especially stories.
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