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Four months after the birth of my son Carl, I was diagnosed with ALS. I had coverage, but the insurance company broke their promise. I had to sue them to cover my ventilator. Now I pay $9k per month in medical bills.

Many people have stories like mine. Do you?

How has the US #healthcare system impacted your life, personally? The world needs to hear your story. Record yourself speaking about it.

Here’s how:

* Orient your phone whichever way feels comfortable
* Film in a quiet area
* Speak in complete sentences

Then post it on twitter and tag @BeAHeroTeam so we can elevate your story.

When we choose to turn our personal struggles into powerful action, we become heroes. #BeAHero! There is so much at stake for people across this country - please do your part.

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hey #Virginia residents

have a #BlueWave candidate? state, local, congressional, dog catcher - whatever?

want help getting them noticed?

.@ or dm me in your tweet

let's get them some support to #FlipTheseSeats

follow these candidates to grow their following

RT widely
Ella Webster, MD @Ella4the98th

Dem candidate for #Virginia 98th House of Delegates

Ella is a Public Health Physician

think #healthcare advocacy?

check out her platform…
Tim Hickey @TimHickeyVA

Dem candidate for VA HoD 59th district

Tim was an attorney and is now a public school educator

#educators are never to be undervalued - they teach our futures
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[1/9] 'A Népegészségügybarát Uniós döntéshozatal jogi dilemmái' - legújabb elemzésemben azt igyekszem kifejteni, miként teszi lehetővé és majdhogynem kötelezővé az Unió joga a népegészségbarát EUs politikát.…

Lássuk a részleteket!
@LaszloAndorEU @danielvegh @rdanielkelemen @Europarl_HU @EC_Budapest @JuditBayer @BZoldi @NKajtar @viktoriaserdult @ZsofiaBakonyi [2/9] Mindenekelőtt érdemes tisztázni a különbséget a népegészségügy (#publichealth) amely mindazon területet lefedi, amely hatással van egészségünkre és az egészségügy (#healthcare) között, ami a tagállami szinten működtetett egészségügyi ellátórendszert jelenti.
@LaszloAndorEU @danielvegh @rdanielkelemen @Europarl_HU @EC_Budapest @JuditBayer @BZoldi @NKajtar @viktoriaserdult @ZsofiaBakonyi [3/9] Az @OECD_Social adatai alapján a tagállamok az egészségügyi költségvetési kiadások kevesebb, mint 3%-át költik megelőzésre. A legfőbb, idő előtti halálokok Európában, és így Magyarországon is a krónikus, nem fertőző betegségek (szív- és érrendszeri betegségek, rák stb.)
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Today at IIT Bombay to discuss ethical, social, cultural, governance, regulation and public engagement perspectives in #ArtificialIntelligence applications in #healthcare
@IndJMedEthics @iitbombay
Surajit Nundy speaks on Ethical Adventures in Health AI. On his own and his group's experiences dealing with ethical issues in AI applications in healthcare
Ashish Shrivastava from CSTEP Bangalore speaks on AI deployment in large development programs: a case study from Karnataka on dealing with malnutrition
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Here's A LIST OF CONCENTRATION CAMP JEWS BROADCAST WITH MALICE ON THE NOTICEBAORD OF @CoreCivic McRae CAMP - signed by the WARDEN! The other 4 CAMPS I was in were NOT so NAZI-brazen. @JRubinBlogger @ALT_uscis @saikatc @NeverAgainActn #CloseTheCampsNow @MarkRuffalo @AOC @Rosie
No other minorities were singled out publicly like these JEWS were @CoreCivic McRae CONCENTRATION CAMP in GA. @TJCommission vouched for McRae at this time. @AshaRangappa_ @Delavegalaw @adamgoldmanNYT @Lights4Liberty @AriMelber #DrinkFromTheToilet #CoreCivicNews @RickSmithShow
Do you see where these JEWS IN A MODERN CONCENTRATION CAMP were told @CoreCivic security will WATCH them in religious services? #CloseTheCampsNow @ECMcLaughlin @AOC @DemWrite @AshleeMPreston @maddow @ProudResister @JuliaEAinsley @RonanFarrow @JoshuaPotash
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It’s very disappointing to see Rep. Jim Jordan walking around and snickering with his fellow members of the GOP while patients with chronic and life-threatening illnesses are sharing their personal stories with Congress.
In contrast to Rep. Jordan, here are three women who take #healthcare seriously, taking notes during testimony, documenting responses to questions, and giving the patients/witnesses the attention they deserve.

Thank you @AOC, @AyannaPressley, and @RashidaTlaib.
That look you give Republicans during a committee hearing when they try to justify repealing #ACA.
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Today the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on an ACA lawsuit in which opponents of the law have continued to argue for total repeal but have NOT provided an alternative. Texas state legislatures failed to pass any healthcare reform. #healthcare #HealthcareForAll 1/
Approx 17% of people in TX-14 are uninsured (2016). In Jefferson County that number rises to 21.5%. Texas ranks last in health care access and affordability. One-third of hispanic adults and 20% of AA adults were uninsured in 2017. We deserve better. #HealthcareForAll 2/
The incumbent in this race along with the rest of the GOP has made it their mission to stand in the way of progress on healthcare access and affordability in our district and across the country. We need to move beyond fighting for access and affordability to #Medicare4All 3/
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The health care of tens of millions of Americans is on the line. This lawsuit to undermine the #ACA is personal to me. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /1
15 years ago I was #paralyzed by a random bullet. I woke up from an induced coma to learn I had lost my #healthcare & I was now bankrupt, my family as shattered as my spine. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /2
Over the next several years, I struggled. It was a constant fight to get the equipment, medicines and therapies I needed to survive. I lived in poverty, often having to decide which was more important: medicine or food. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /3
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1. #News ~ On his way to Camp David, President Trump answers questions on Iran, ICE immigration raids

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Trump2020 #WINNING #MAGA #KAG
2. #News ~ Oregon Senate closes due to ‘possible militia threat’ after Republican walkout…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ IS PETE OVER? After Protesters Confront Buttigieg In South Bend, NBC Panel Declares Him Problematic


#Trump #Qanon
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@SadhguruJV I wonder how you can reconcile talking to those people about inclusion.
As patents are about the control of ideas, and medicine are inherently the expression of ideas, it's logical that it will be increasingly difficult to develop medicine without violating patents.
We should develop new intellectual ownership laws for the benefit of all people. The basic idea is:
Creativity and innovation always build on the past.
The past always tries to control the creativity that builds upon it.
enable the future by limiting this power of the past.
Given the goals of Intellectual property laws, the sake of the users are more important than the sake of the creators since it is the majority and since human rights outweigh property rights. @doctorsoumya
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Currently sat in A&E here in Guernsey and thought I’d take a picture of the charges. Quite sobering and genuinely I’m missing the nhs. Cherish your #nhs #cherish #healthcare
This isn’t including the cost of an ambulance either
An ambulance call out cost can be anything upto £360.
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@tatatrusts pumped in Rs. 600 cr. in political funding this year. This is more than a 100% hike in funding since the 2014 election, where the entity infused Rs. 220 cr. Could these funds not be used to create #infrastructure instead? (1 of n)
When #Modi was voted to power in 2014, I had observed (and the observation continues to date) the stock markets got bullish despite the not-so-great macro economic parameters. When a #government gets funding of the sort @tatatrusts gives, it has to pander to such #corporates. (2)
It is the prerogative of each organisation/entity how it wants to dospense its surplus, but with monies of such quantum, wouldn't it have been more worthwhile to help regions in need of infrastructural & other basic needs like #healthcare in the form of #charity? (3)
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1. #News ~ ‘Not True!’— President Trump @realDonaldTrump Calls New York Times Report on Russian Cyber Attacks ‘Virtual Act of Treason’

’These Are True Cowards… The Enemy of the People’… #Trump #Qanon #Treason #EnemyOfThePeople #TickTock
2. #News ~ “Mental health crisis" declared: 3 NYPD officers commit suicide in 10 days:

*Joseph Calabrese 58, homicide detective

*Deputy Chief Steven Silks 63, was retiring in a month

* NYPD officer Mike Caddy, 29…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ CNN reporter suggests that CIA agents shouldn't be subject to federal investigation…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #PROPAGANDA
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1/ #medtwitter #twitternists #proudtobeGIM

I've been sitting on a @SocietyGIM #sgim19 debrief #medthread since the meeting, and thought I might finally take a swing at it - here goes ..

I am considering whether I can do more division/systems leadership in coming years .. ->
2/ Theme of the conference was 'Courage to Lead', and single best workshop for me was :

Leading Change: Tools/Tips for Change Management

Crediting Alfred Burger, Emily Fondahn, Brent Petty, Nathan Spell, Dan Steinberg - can't find them on Twitter, so giving proper 🗣🗣.
3/ would like to share key concepts for all of us trying to lead in academic medicine or in #advocacy spaces.

First key Slide/thoughts:

The hard stuff - barriers to change .. ->
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When I was a little girl I witnessed the effects of bullying first hand on a daily basis. My mother was obese and my sister was different. People would call her fat and snicker. I would hold her hand tighter and tell her how beautiful she was...and she was. To me she was the most
beautiful woman ever. Her heart was beyond generous, loving, empathetic, welcoming. She always supported and loved me. She was my biggest fan. She taught me so much and I miss her every day. I was doing an episode of #Rugrats. The babies were in a car dealership. As often
happened on the show, the babies were whisked away into an imaginary world. It was an under the sea adventure and the van the babies were in on the dealership floor became a submarine. As folks passed they became sea life. A heavyset woman walked by & the line was, “look at the
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This week I looked at the Rule of Halves, what it means, and the first step to fixing our problems with chronic disease #epitwitter #health #healthcare
The basic idea of the Rule of Halves is simple. Of the people who have a chronic disease:

~50% are diagnosed
~50% of diagnosed are treated
~50% of treated actually see a benefit
What this means is that only a small fraction of people who have a chronic disease actually get treated to the extent that we would like

And it's a huge problem for some diseases
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Il cancro rappresenta il paradigma dell'immortalità. Se nelle cellule sane esiste un meccanismo 'salvifico' di apoptosi, le cellule cancerose non vogliono morire. Mai come adesso ricerca e nuove tecnologie sono in grado di combattere ad armi pari. Quattro esempi. #OneGiantLeap
Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors
In a major advancement in nanomedicine, scientists have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumors by cutting off their blood supply

#Cancer #NanoRobots #NanoMedicine #DNA #origami…
Google’s Machine Learning Model Detects Cancer in Real-Time.
Detecting cancer at an early stage has long been a focus area in healthcare. From IBM Watson to other major players, until now.

#Google #Cancer #MachineLearning #ML #ArtificialIntelligence #AI…
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It's even worse than that. In the US, 3 consecutive years of declining life expectancy (unprecedented) and now ~$11,000 per person #healthcare spending… @ECONdailycharts @TheEconomist
And the negative outlier US data extends to other key metrics including infant, childhood and maternal mortality
from #DeepMedicine
Why did the outcome curves for the US vs other countries start to diverge around 1980?
@afrakt explored that last year @UpshotNYT:… w/ many ideas including "administrative costs," the longevity metric, lack of price controls, prospective payments began, etc
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Minor #HealthCare observation, been thinking about this for a few days, wasn't going to bother with the write-up, but I've seen multiple messages from friends and colleagues the past few days that have moved me in this direction, so…
Because I am now An Old, I recently jacked up a shoulder and a hip, for which I was prescribed physical therapy at a GREAT PT center. Two separate incidents, but the treatment kind of overlapped.
As the hip got better fast and the shoulder got better slower, I got to a point where my hip "prescription" (chronologically, first) ran out, so we concentrated more on shoulder.
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1/ No one is happy with their health ‘insurance’ plan. No one. Those who say they are happy are confused. They conflate ‘happy with my plan’ with ‘happy with my doctors and hospitals in my plan’. But those are not the same things.
2/ When your job changes plans (as the majority do, every year, to save money), and you loose access to the same doctors and hospitals you had before, it’s not the ‘plan’ you liked, and now miss: it’s the doctors you liked - and now miss. That’s the issue. Do you see it, yet?
3/ For planned surgery, do you make sure that EVERY Dr and anesthesiologist that even looks at your chart takes your insurance? Are they ‘in network’? Do you still ‘like your plan’? And that’s work you must do BEFORE the ‘planned’ surgery. That doesn’t cover emergency surgeries.
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Today's article in @TheKenWeb contemplates "what ails" Indian #ECG Companies and concludes "Plenty as it turns out, starting with #healthcare providers themselves."…

I have heard these sort of comments a lot in various flavours from different #HealthIT
What usually happens is a group of highly skilled, honest, hardworking Engineers or Management Graduates #Startups develop a product or service, test it and find it successfull but when they want to market is doctors don't buy
They start blaming doctors, directly or indirectly saying that this is a magic solution which will revolutionalise health and save 20 crores people per year, but this dull headed docs are not able to see the potential and / or afraid of technology
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*Thread* Was at a husting today AND when I highlighted the actual #waitinglist statistics for access to #healthcare #consultants and lack of #frontlinestaff #nurses & #GPs a sitting MEP & member of one our main political parties aimed to DISMISS the data... 1/
The data I presented was not compiled by me but by many prestigious organisations who represent #nurses #doctors #midwives #consultants #pharmacists #paramedics #carers #physios #OTs (tag anyone you wish here) 2/
The response I (and the audience got) was along the lines of “with technology data can be wrong” and “people don’t turn up to appointments”. I had no hestitation in finding an example and explained just how bloody difficult it can be for the #elderly to attend clinics... 3/
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1/ It’s been a week.

It’s well into Friday evening & I just got off the phone with a patient who had urgent radiology results. This was after spending > 40 min on the phone w another patient discussing the same this afternoon.

(18 more to come; stick with me.)
2/ I only got 2 items on today’s long “to do” list done — but that’s on me. I was finally able to sit down for a couple hours uninterrupted and dig deep into a few patient cases from the week.

(And I “don’t work” on Fridays.)
3/ As I hung up the phone, I reflected on how #directprimarycare has enabled me to get to the heart of medicine & the doctor-patient relationship.

During that call, my patient’s spouse broke down and — through sobs — simply said: “Thanks for being so kind.”
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