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After reading through the @ConsentTracker app's marketing and the public statements by that @Jason_Maskell guy who's pushing it...

The actual value he's trying to provide is explicit, frank communication.

I keep seeing tech/marketing people make this mistake.
You come up with a halfway decent idea for something that, with a little work, could take the guesswork out of communicating with someone who is still learning how to be direct, and the scariness out of being direct, if you are that person. It's a good start.
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Day Two of MJ Akbar's cross examination in his criminal defamation case against journalist Priya Ramani.

Court to begin hearing the matter shortly.

@priyaramani @mjakbar

#PriyaRamani #MJAkbar #metoo #metooindia
Senior Adv Rebecca John represengs Priya Ramani.

Senior Adv Geeta Luthra and Adv Sandeep Kapur appear for MJ Akbar.

@priyaramani @mjakbar

#PriyaRamani #MJAkbar #metoo #metooindia
MJ Akbar appears before the Court of ACMM Samar Vishal.

#MJAkbar #PriyaRamani

#metoo #metooindia
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If we are going to get out of the messes we are in, I believe we have to start with a more accurate image of ourselves and the world of which we are a part. A thread about #system boundaries, abortion bans, climate change, gun safety, and more.
We each are flows, more like flames or whirlpools than rocks or billiard balls, in constant exchange with the 'environment. Your 'boundaries' are so much more fluid than everyday perception (in this western industrial growth society at least) suggests.
I mean this literally - not metaphorically. What was 'not you' moments before you drank a glass of water now is 'you.'
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60% of male managers suck at both management and consent.
Dear Male managers,

If you are uncomfortable mentoring or sharing space with a female subordinate for fear of being accused of sexual impropriety understand this...

That's about YOU not knowing how not to violate people's consent.

Not about the women under your supervision.
Want me to prove it?

Do you ever worry about meeting alone in a room with men because someone might say you hit them?

No. Because despite the number of workplace altercations and general assault complaints in America, you have no doubt that you understand how not to hit someone
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The Flynn revelations are so important:

Barr’s actions & redactions are now under a microscope.

This direct evidence of witness tampering challenges Barr’s conclusion: ‘no obstruction’

What else has Barr subverted & why?

Barr is likely under inv’n for O of J.

Barr admits he gets limited info —compartmentalized.😎

Tribe: Barr’s self-contradictions are piling up around him.

Just when it seems his once-estimable rep as a straight-shooter couldn’t be any more thoroughly ground down, it goes through the shredder yet again.”

Which is why the FBI are under attack by the L & R.

It is imperative the House holds hearings in which evidence of Trump’s misconduct is heard publicly

📌The tide turned when the Nixon tape was aired. The same will happen here, when we hear the tape(s). Lordy! 🍿
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The Ohio State report on Dr. Strauss confirms what so many survivors of sexual violence already know: Institutions are some of the worst enablers of sexual assailants. I read the Perkins Coie Ohio State findings so you don't have to. THREAD #MeToo…
For a recent example of K12 schools ignoring-- and enabling-- perpetrators, check out this Erica Green's reporting for the New York Times. Schools are still responding poorly to reports of sexual abuse-- & it is happening in your neighborhood school. 2/…
Dr. Strauss worked at OSU from 1978 to 1998. He died in 2005. Like Larry Nassar, he used his position as a physician to abuse his victims. In the case of Strauss, the victims were male. Investigators found he abused AT LEAST 177 patients. 3/

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If I were to become pregnant, my life would be at risk, and I would choose an #abortion. I lost two years of my life after the birth of my second son because the hormones it takes to create human life make me lose my mind.1/14

#ExForcedBirth #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #PPD
I became crippled with fear, and my thoughts were dark. The thoughts told me I needed to die. They told me this all day long. It took every bit of strength I had to fight them. I could barely leave my house. For. Two. Years. 2/14
I had 2 sons, ages 4 yrs. and newborn. I fought hard to stay alive for them. The energy it took to fight my own brain in order to stay alive took so much out of me; I didn't have much left over to give to them. I kept them alive. It was the best I could do. They deserved more.3/
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#MeToo isn't just a girl thing.

Rape | sexual assault:
9% male + 91% female

1 in 71 men will be raped.👈😱

40.2% gay men,
47.4% bisexual men +
20.8% heterosexual men
reported sexual violence,
other than rape!

1 in 45 men
been made 2
penetrate intimate partner.😱
Child sexual abuse
among - BOYS👨‍👦‍👦

1 in 6 boys
sexually abused
B4 18yrs
(while girls R 1 in 4 🤔)

34% of abusers R family members (b+g).

27.8% boys 10yr-old or younger
at time of 1st rape/victimization.

96% of child sexual abuse
from a male🚹♂️
Child sexual abuse
among - BOYS👨‍👦‍👦

76.8% people
who sexually assault children
R adults.

325,000 children
R at risk
of becoming victims
of commercial child sexual exploitation
each yr.

Avg age of boys,
11 - 13yr,
first becoming
victims of prostitution😱
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Ik heb letterlijk duizenden rechtszaken gevolgd. Criminaliteit; seksueel misbruik, moord, algemeen geweld, het komt overal voor. Het is gevaarlijk om louter te wijzen naar afgebakende groep.
Zie je ook bij kindermisbruik, we wijzen graag naar pedofielen. Realiteit is dat 80% van de daders niet pedofiel is.
Gaat ook op voor kinderporno (had vandaag nog verdachte). Zeker niet het domein van pedoseksuelen alleen.
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Today we published our yearlong investigation into Tony Robbins’ empire.

During our reporting, lawyers for Robbins worked to shut this story down and made legal threats against two people accused of speaking with us.

Here's more of what happened behind the scenes.
One staffer accused of speaking with us received a letter warning that if he did not retract, his life would be “forever changed.” He also received text messages from a former colleague asking him to pass on information about BuzzFeed News, with the promise of a "reward."
Gary King, Robbins’ former head of security and one of the people we spoke to, was told that he had 48 hours to recant his story or face damages which could “easily be tens of millions of dollars.”
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1. #News ~ IT’S HAPPENING: President Trump Plans to Invoke Insurrection Act to Remove Illegal Aliens From United States…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #BuildTheWall
#CRISIS #NationalEmergency #SecurityThreat #ImmigrationReform
2. #News ~ HUGE! Nellie Ohr Deleted Emails Exchanged With DOJ Husband Bruce Ohr, “I’m Deleting These Emails Now”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#ItsHappening #JusticeComing #SOON #TheStorm #TickTock
3. #News ~ IT’S HAPPENING: Italian Prime Minister Fires Several Intel Ministers — Linked to Spygate and “Trump Sabotage”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#ItsHappening #JusticeComing #SOON #TheStorm #TickTock
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😱"Perversion Files"😱
Boy Scouts of America

Decades of sexual abuse.

1944-2016 - 48 States
7,819 identified suspects
12,254 VICTIMS👈

#'s grossly understate
how many molesters
infiltrated Scouts’ ranks over yrs

234 not named in #Blacklist…
📌If you or someone you know
has been abused by
troop leaders
or others affiliated w
Boy Scouts of America,
reach out + speak.

U no longer have 2 live in silence.💻

Step out of shadows.
Be strong.
Get pissed!
😱"Perversion Files"😱
Boy Scouts of America

Oregon’s framers sought
2 require courts 2
conduct business of administering justice in public👈
RE: In a manner that permits
scrutiny of court’s work.

Oregon Supreme Court
unanimous 31-page ruling.…
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Alright, electoral division of Cooper VIC (Clifton Hill, Alphington, Northcote, Thornbury, Preston, bits of Coburg and Coburg North, Reservoir, Kingsbury, and bits of Bundoora and Macleod), let's see what wild shit your candidates are representing. ~a thread~
House of Representatives, first on the ballot paper: it's Teresa van Lieshout, someone I've never heard of before but is listed as "teacher". Sounds promising. (Spoiler: IT'S NOT)
Turns out you can view scans of candidate's section 44 qualification checklist on AEC's website (the form that proves they aren't a dual citizen), and Teresa van Lieshout's is WILD A form question in black print: Form question asking for additional details. Teresa has written in increasingly cramped handwriting,
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To my fellow women on Twitter, please be careful men who approach you in a romantic manner. Many are #Incels in disguise, especially in #TheResistance. I had the unfortunate experience of meeting one, myself, who was posing as a Resistance member. He made my life hell. Read on...
What is an incel? Traditionally, it is a man who is involuntarily celibate, a misogynist who blames women for their issues. They are threatened especially by strong intelligent women who are social justice warriors. They are dangerous and can be deadly.
Many are part of the alt-right & have infiltrated social media using alts disguising themselves as liberals to target women like you and I.…
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If you want to know what an institution stands for, don't read their press releases, read their court filings. #MeToo #MeTooSTEM #WeSaidEnough @thedartmouth (Thread)…
While @Dartmouth was congratulating itself for joining the NAS "Action Collaborative" on sexual harassment, it was filing in court to try to ensure that those who complained about their own faculty couldn't remain anonymous (…)
To stay anonymous, @Dartmouth argues that PBS plaintiffs must show "reasonable risk of severe retaliation or other significant harm." If there are no risks to students and faculty coming forward, why are your own internal Title IX processes confidential?
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As Muslims we cannot condone this crime that God condemns in the Qur’an. Islam came & condemned infanticide. Some Muslim activists are going too far. The disingenuous arguments used to sanction the killing of babies in the womb should not be promoted by Muslims.
When a baby has life blown into it, it becomes a sacred human being. Islam tells us that.

The Qur’an tells us that the infant buried alive will ask on the Day of Judgement for what crime it was killed.

It tells us: do not kill your own children fearing poverty.
The argument that this is about a woman’s body is disingenuous. It does not serve women nor society. In fact it makes it convenient & easy for men to use women’s bodies for sex without having to bear the responsibilities & consequences that come with that intimate relationship.
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If you're new to conservatism like me, and you're staunchly in support of health freedom and parental authority, protection of the family unit, etc...
you may have internal conflict with the infanticide vs. heartbeat bill battle and it's social media manifestation
If you've been far enough down the hole, you know how absolutely vital to our survival the family unit is and how it must be protected at all costs...
You may see how certain well-meaning beliefs and intentions can have unintended consequences, and how any time we grant the state powers to make decisions "in our best interests" we're opening a can of worms.

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Real talk, all these no name white guys with questionable experience and no policy jumping into this race in droves sends the message that it's "anybody but a woman or person of color" and im livid
People been mad scribbling articles about "is it a liability to be a white man in politics" and no, it's obviously fucking not, see our 2020 roster and Bidens numbers after being bullshit for three decades. I'm sorry. Joe is flawed. And I ve got Serious Concerns about
skeletons in his closet re : #metoo given his behavior in public and even on camera. Bernie, love him or loathe him CAN NOT UNITE THIS PARTY.
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Journalism is Dead—Long Live the Media!
I once understood the disinterested reporting of the news. Journalism is now dead. The media lives on.

Reporters today believe that their coverage serves higher agendas of social justice, identity politics, “equality,” and diversity.
To the degree a news account is expanded or ignored, praised or blasted, depends on its supposed utility to the effort to fundamentally transform the country into something unlike its founding.
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OK folks, let’s meet Charles Clayton Daniels from Texas.


Charlie seems like a decent enough fellow and it appears he served in the Army for a little bit but, alas, Chazz has been telling us some fibs boys and girls...

According to Charlie, he’s a 100% disabled combat vet suffering from severe PTSD.

When asked where he was in combat, he mentions Operation Desert Storm (91) and Iraq (2003).

As you can see, he loves to telling about it but don’t ask too many questions because he doesn’t seem to like that.

After I asked him a couple of straight forward questions, he was quick to jump to the old “it’s classified” story (which we all know is bullshit of course).
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SICK: Fake Rape case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be reopened, Swedish prosecutors say…
If you don’t think the Swedish Assange case re-opening is political via the Democrat Party’s FBI wing, think again. There’s a clear line of command straight to the FBI Hoover Building and DNC. The LAST time it was “re-opened”:
Which leads me to believe the directive to re-open the Swedish case THIS time case from the New York Clinton Compound: to put Assange out of business for a Hillary 2020 run and get retribution for what happened to Hillary and Podesta in 2016
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A note on #abortions

The woman's right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy is a fundamental substantive due process right drawn from the Bill of Rights that protects the privacy & autonomy of the woman. Any assault on that by special interests or States is a
violation against the Constitution of the United States. #RoeVWade has long been virtually obsolete in the sense that in that case the woman's right to choose was plenary. Meaning, she could have an abortion whenever she wanted during the pregnancy. The Supreme Court has since
created significant boundaries around this right by saying that a woman's right to choose is plenary up until the fetus becomes viable. By viable SCOTUS meant the fetus could be kept alive outside the mother's womb through medical technology. Once the fetus reaches that point,
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