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How to Survive the #AI Revolution of the Workplace: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Automation

As automation & #AI 📈 in the workplace, what skills will become more in-demand? According to @McKinsey_MGI:

🖥️ Technological Skills
💞 Social & Emotional Skills
🧠 Higher Cognitive Skills

What exactly are social & emotional, & higher cognitive skills & how do we “get” them?
The development of cognitive skills and social & emotional skills (non-cognitive) begins when we’re kids.

But these skills ~should~ continue to be developed into adulthood.

Are there frameworks we can use to practice developing these skills? 🤔
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I read Kissinger, Schmidt and Huttenlocher’s @TheAtlantic article on the future of #AI, and given the article’s reach, I think it’s worth talking about a few things. Thread.
I recommend reading the piece which I find in parts very illustrative of the debate on #AI in the policy community (I’m defining ‘policy community’ very broadly here).…
Of course, the authors are highly respected (though not uncontroversial) individuals, and at least two of them know *a lot more* about #AI than I do, so I mean no disrespect. Still, a few things seem worth looking at closer.
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#Neuralink is amazing, incredibly concerning.

Some thoughts

I specialize in human-machine interaction, so I am interested in any developments that might influence how we communicate with machines (especially autonomous vehicles), computers, other humans via machines etc.

Naturally, @Neuralink is of interest & I’ve tweeted about it a lot
The livestream today/tonight was exciting, and many are saying that #Neuralink gave even more answers than they were expecting.

I agree. And I think we would agree that it raised even more questions than we were expecting😅
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Recently, the National Crime Records Bureau of India published a tender for the Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS). Some background (B), and key takeaways (T). #AI #FacialRecognition #ML #India 1/n
B1. The AFRS is conceptualised to modernize the police force, for “criminal identification, verification and its dissemination among various police organizations and units across the country.” 2/n
B2. The rationale: face recognition will help with “facilitating easy recording, analysis, retrieval and sharing of Information” and help in identification of: criminals, missing children/persons, unidentified dead bodies and unknown traced children/persons. 3/n
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Inside China’s Digital Gulag is an extraordinarily brave & shocking film that goes undercover inside China’s Xinjiang province to investigate the estimated million Uighurs forced into detention camps.
This is happening in our time now.
Please watch & share: ITV 1045pm tonight.
Inside China’s Digital Gulag also accesses China’s tech companies rolling out unprecedented algorithmic surveillance on the Uighurs. It’s a chilling story of China’s power now, & vision of a world with unregulated AI, an inescapable dystopia where human rights mean nothing.
There is one moment in the film where a Chinese official casually laughs: “The Uighurs have no human rights”.

Last week, 22 countries, including the UK, sent an rare letter of condemnation to the @UNHumanRights Council & @OHCHR on the Uighur issue.…
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“He absorbs knowledge like a sponge,” IBM Watson’s chief technology officer Rob High tells CNBC, “and is highly driven to learn even more about #deeplearning & #AI.”

Read about Tanmay Bakshi, 14-year-old self taught #ArtificialIntelligence expert for IBM:…
“I’m really passionate about #AI, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with the rest of the community,” Bakshi explains.
“Why should other people need to rediscover fire or reinvent the wheel just because I didn’t want to share what I had already done?”
His expertise in #AI has already garnered him praise.
After speaking at the 2017 Knowledge Summit in Dubai, he was given the Knowledge Ambassador Award from the King of Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.
He's also an IBM Cloud champion & an honorary Cloud adviser
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🔥Quick thread explaining Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms and more! Lets begin...What if the algorithms that calculate all those decisions that affect the minutiae of our lives, have programmed themselves in ways that we cannot understand their behavior?
In earlier iterations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was constructed in that #AI ought to be reasoned according to rules/logic, making their inner workings transparent...
But now, machines are constructed like biology, and learn by observing and experiencing.
Instead of a programmer writing commands to solve a problem, the program generates its own algorithm based on example data and a desired output, the machine programs itself.
This creates the bigly problem, you can’t look inside a computer neurological network to see how it works
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Today at IIT Bombay to discuss ethical, social, cultural, governance, regulation and public engagement perspectives in #ArtificialIntelligence applications in #healthcare
@IndJMedEthics @iitbombay
Surajit Nundy speaks on Ethical Adventures in Health AI. On his own and his group's experiences dealing with ethical issues in AI applications in healthcare
Ashish Shrivastava from CSTEP Bangalore speaks on AI deployment in large development programs: a case study from Karnataka on dealing with malnutrition
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[THREAD] 1/ In light of the #humantrafficking cases of Jeffrey Epstein & R. Kelly this week, we want to share some of the #hightech ways orgs are working to catch & prosecute #traffickers while protecting children. A summary of our white paper on 40 #ToolsAgainstChildTrafficking.
2/ This #whitepaper presents a list of technologies combating #childtrafficking. By providing this resource, we hope to consolidate core knowledge and enable law enforcement, government agencies, and nonprofits to select and combine strategies with maximum effectiveness.
3/ A prominent #hightech method to fight trafficking is #ImageRecognition. Orgs are able to identify victims (@thorn), create #videofingerprints to filter & #eliminateCSAM (@_project_vic, @twohathq), and scan the internet for photos of missing children in ads (@marinusai).
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Our models are simply a reflection of our trading community's cumulative perception. The models we design (discover really), trade and code are simply us looking back at us in the mirror.
In other words, we are representing the group think in model form.
This is why as you get lower on time frames the AIs get better and harder to beat. They, the #AI's know our nature better than ourselves. #machinetrading
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If u want to learn #AI or #ML completely online without any BS. Follow this route(thread): #elearning

1. Artificial Intelligence:A modern approach by Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig

This book will give a non technical intro into #AI.Read relevant chapters…
2. Alternatively u can take "#AI for everyone" course on coursera by @AndrewYNg

This is also non technical.…

3. Then move on to "The hundred page machine learning book" by @burkov…
4. "Machine Learning" course on @coursera by @AndrewYNg will give a proper foundation…

5. "Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow"
by @aureliengeron…

#AI #MachineLearning
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I've pulled together a giant thread of #charity #servicedesign resources, examples and more.

Two really useful tool-kits:
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿@digitalscots The Scottish Approach to Service Design…
🚀@nesta_uk Playbook for Innovation Learning…

Don’t just ask users what they want.

Don’t ask what someone will do.

@TechforgoodCAST's 10 digital design principles can help underpin your approach to designing better services. #ServiceDesign #ux #DigitalTransformation

As a [person in a particular role]

I want to [perform an action or find something out]

So that [I can achieve my goal of…]

@escmum's simple but powerful approach to website user stories is a great place to start embedding design thinking… #ux

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A layman's thread about #AI and #ethics.
This morning as I was driving in to work @BBCr4today discussed a framework for ethics in AI after the £150m Schwarzman donation to Oxford Uni for a new Institute on AI and Ethics. Whoever was speaking was asked for examples... 1/9
Example given: A self driving car bombing down the road and the brakes fail - should the car go ahead killing pedestrians in its path or swerve to avoid them and instead kill the driver (such as the occupant might be). 2/9
Seriously - how may automotive engineers groaned as the classic trolley problem was brought up as an example. I really hope they don't fritter £150m trying to 'solve' the trolley problem! But there we are - it got mentioned... 3/9
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1. #DARPA > #LifeLog=Facebook, You Tube, Twatter,#23 and Me, #Alphabet, #Google, Internet, M-I6, Robotics, #FVEY GMO, GPS,NASA, #AI and much more all have in common??
Let us take a look at DARPA it creation, its ‘inventions’, and it’s history…
Thread 1/45 >#WeAreTheNewsNow #Q
2. It was created in 1958 after the Sputnik launch from Russia in 1957 #Alphabet #BigTech 🤡
What Is #DARPA?…
3.They have been at the forefront of the creation of #AI #Qanon
#DARPA Artificial Intelligence Colloquium Opening Video via @YouTube
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Today new data marks an advance towards the individualized diet
1. We knew our glucose response to food was highly variable and unique
(work form @WeizmannScience @segal_eran and colleagues, reviewed here…
2. At #ADA2109 and #Nutrition2019, @timspector and colleagues reported the same for triglycerides and insulin levels in a large cohort of twins. The variability was also noteworthy in identical twins.…
@NYTScience by @cagraber @nicolatwilley
3. The results summarized, emphasizing that the variability in response to food in these 3 metabolic metrics is striking, that they don't track each other, and that much of the heterogeneity is not genetically determined. The gut #microbiome is an important driver.
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Finally, I have found a simplistic explanation for where Nash's concept of Ideal Money originated.

Nash had solved a problem in quantitative analysis known as the Isometric Embedding Problem, offering a host of solutions even for 3rd order derivatives.
If you don't have time for the whole video, simply start at 22:17 - 26:17 where ironically, inflation under Nixon is given as an example.

In other words, mathematicians were already looking at the Isometric Embedding Problem for economics and Nash found it.
Problem is, how to explain this to the muggles? A lecture on Ideal Money, of course!

It has been deeply frustrating to me that this is so deeply overlooked and even rejected by so many otherwise intelligent experts.
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Il cancro rappresenta il paradigma dell'immortalità. Se nelle cellule sane esiste un meccanismo 'salvifico' di apoptosi, le cellule cancerose non vogliono morire. Mai come adesso ricerca e nuove tecnologie sono in grado di combattere ad armi pari. Quattro esempi. #OneGiantLeap
Cancer-fighting nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy tumors
In a major advancement in nanomedicine, scientists have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumors by cutting off their blood supply

#Cancer #NanoRobots #NanoMedicine #DNA #origami…
Google’s Machine Learning Model Detects Cancer in Real-Time.
Detecting cancer at an early stage has long been a focus area in healthcare. From IBM Watson to other major players, until now.

#Google #Cancer #MachineLearning #ML #ArtificialIntelligence #AI…
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Dear #AI ethics community - can you point me towards some interesting yet not enough in limelight real life applications of ethical principles for AI and AS with their ACTUAL impact - both good or bad?
Many thanks
ping @DorotheaBaur @EmergTechEthics @David_Gunkel @IEthics
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🔴 Exclusive: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist - source. #TradeWars

Reuters reports that Google is suspending some business with the Chinese manufacturer

If report is accurate, Huawei could be restricted to using the Android Open Source Project (ASOP), losing access to [Android] updates, which would cut the company off from critical Google apps that consumers outside of China expect on Android devices.
Rumors say that Huawei was already preparing its own operating systems in the event of being banned from using Android and Windows, but given US fears about foreign interference, a home-grown OS is likely to face even more scrutiny than Google’s software❗️
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Today San Francisco banned facial recognition technology. It will not be allowed to be used by local agencies, like the transport authority, or law enforcement.

Britain needs a serious debate about #AI #tech #humanrights #discrimination. Instead, we’re still talking Brexit.
Here’s a piece on that ban: San Francisco is first US city to ban facial recognition #AI #tech #humanrights #discrimination…
Meanwhile @geoffwhite247 reports on 3 missed opportunities to assess the dangers of BAME people being falsely identified & facing questioning because police have failed to test how well their systems deal with non-white faces. #AI #discrimination…
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Why Python?

A thread as requested by @hackSultan

Will try to make this as unbiased as possible. 😁

Python is a high-level programming language whose structure mimics the way humans think.
It abstracts away low-level stuff like memory management, pointers etc.. which are the main stay of other languages like C++, Java
It is dynamically typed. Don’t be perturbed. Basically when u say a language is statically typed, it means you need to declare your variables upfront. You need to tell the compiler how much memory to set aside to handle a variable in advance.
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