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Yesterday, I learned that the extraordinary @SDonziger, the volunteer lawyer for the indigenous of the Amazon, has had his US passport seized by the Trump regime on trumped up charges. See statement from @AmazonWatch…
My coverage of #Ecuador on @BBCNewsnight would’ve been impossible without @SDonziger and his inestimably heroic battle against #Chevron. Donziger is one of the most courageous men I’ve ever met.… #Environment #Pollution #BigOil #Chevron
The oil industry won’t rest until they lay @SDonziger's body out on the tarmac. The fact that #Chevron has come after the man who proved they poisoned the children of the Amazon just proves how extraordinary he is — and powerful. They fear him.…
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I keep running across bots with #Ecuador listed as their location while looking at #Venezuela related hashtags. This time it was the hashtag #OperacionLibertad.
This is the 3rd time I have ran into this network of bots.…
Found those about a week ago. I didn't post them because I didn't feel like sorting through them to get the non-bot accounts out.

Here are the accounts they retweeted the most:
Looks like the president and vp of ecuador and some media accounts are getting the most engagement from the bots.
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Man while ya'll are looking for #Russians on twitter, there is a full scale information war going on in south america. Both political parties in #Venezuela are running twitter bots. #Columbia and #Ecuador are stepping in. I can't check a hashtag without finding bots.
It's like american twitter pre-2016 down there. Political bots everywhere.
So this guy here Winston Vallenilla, a big supporter of Nicolás Maduro.

Most of his tweets are getting boosted(retweeted) by bots.
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I found some #Ecuador twitter #bots or troll accounts this morning, right after #Assange's arrest I just checked the API for "assange" and noticed some very uniform data.
Only a few hundred or so but they were kinda interesting.
The accounts are now suspended, but they were replying to this tweet from the president of Ecuador using the hashtag #EcuadorSoberano.
Here are the type of replies they were sending
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1) The arrest of #JulianAssange, on a #US extradition warrant, is playing out as fabricated (DS?) type nonsense.
The UK wanted him on a surrender order from 2012 about the Sweden sex assault charges, which were dropped some time age, thus negating that premiss.
This stinks of the
2) recent exposer of the #DOJ's aircraft in the UK. We know that the involvement of #FVEY nations in the conspiracy 2keep #CitizenTrump from office has been an issue regarding forward movement in the #SwampDrain. #Assange has, it appears, been made a pawn, in this GeoPolitical
3) Buried in the @CilMilAir account, early April 2019 (?), the return flight is shown. Also, @NSAGov account shows there was a parallel visit by #Nakasone, in #London, during & or after, that departure.
The US was waiting for the UK charges & filed theirs immediately!@
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#Breaking: just in - Reports that the Ecuadorian embassy has expelled Julian #Assange in #London, and has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police of the #UK.
#Update: Just in - Picture of Julian #Assange in #London, been arrested by the Metropolitan Police of the #UK.
#Update: The Free housing and free handouts and welfare of #Assange in #London has officially ended, after more then 6 years of handouts living in the Embassy of #Ecuador in the #UK.
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Why‘s @KimDotcom so pro-#China? Why‘s @Snowden not critical of #Beijing? There seems to be a red thread tying both to #HongKong. Of that clique, only @WikiLeaks#Assange has been vocally anti-#CCP. Now, after #INAPapers show @Lenin was bribed by China’s #Sinohidro, he’s gagged.
… another oddity at the nexus of the #Ecuador/#UK/#Assange standoff: #Manafort was lobbying on behalf of #China’s efforts to “invest” in Ecuador’s grid & “trade” Assange. Now we find out from #INAPapers that Presidenté #Moreno was bribed by #Sinohydro. 🤔
… is it possible that #China’s man, #Manafort, was working a multipartite deal — b/t #China/#Ecuador/#UK/#USA — to trade #WikiLeaks#Assange, possibly working bilaterally so as to keep each of the counterparties in the dark about the “full deal?”

“Win-win-win-win” cooperation?
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2/DEC 06/18. Princess Huawei arrested…
3/The very next day...

DEC 07/18. Ecuador: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can leave London embassy…
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"The so-called “Protocol” forced on #Assange without his consent has no legal legitimacy whatsoever, and never applied to the @WikiLeaks Twitter account, which Assange has not been able to access for over a year."
"This is thanks to @Lenin Moreno’s unilateral decision to sever Assange's connection with the outside world, including internet access. Nonetheless, #Moreno centers his accusations on the WikiLeaks’ Twitter account, for merely observing the unfolding #INAPapers scandal."
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#Breaking: Just in - The president of #Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, and the interim President of #Venezuela, Juan Guaidó (@jguaido ) meet for the first time.
#Update: After arriving Juan Guaidó (@jguaido) interim president of #Venezuela, had an emotional encounter between and a woman of Venezuelan nationality, at the Simón Bolívar air Base in Guayaquil in #Ecuador.
#Update: "Fight Guaidó, #Venezuela needs You", with these words a lot of Venezuelans yelled at @jguaido upon arriving at the airport of at the Simón Bolívar air Base in Guayaquil in #Ecuador Via: @TVVnoticias
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Hola les voy hacer un hilo para intentar explicar a grandes rasgos que es lo que ha estado pasando en #Venezuela y el por qué de su crisis, síganme @Poeta70 @ma_osuna7 @danimede94 @vamoluda @jcordoba3 #Historia #hilosdehistoria
La historia de #Venezuela estará ligada su riqueza mineral, aunque parezca paradójico el ser un país lleno de #petróleo #oro y minerales será un factor determinante para la actual crisis económica. #hilosdehistoria
En 1910 se descubre #petróleo en #Venezuela y en menos de una década el país se convierte en uno de los mayores exportadores de este mineral, haciendo que haya una gran bonanza, se pague la deuda externa y se convierta en la nación más boyante de américa latina #hilosdehistoria
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#Breaking: Just in - #Venezuela's opposition leader Juan @jguaido has fled and is hiding right now in the embassy of #Ecuador in Venezuela in fear of being imprisoned! Not sure if he will flee the county.
#Breaking: Just in - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, tells foreign embassies to stay in Venezuela and to "ignore" any other orders from acting president Maduro
#Breaking: Just in - @marcorubio announced @StateDept to expel all Maduro diplomats in the United States & recognize new diplomats & ambassadors appointed by legitimate President Jain @jguaido. #Venezuela
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