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From a communist US professor to a Russian media outlet to a communist-controlled phone company.

Just do a quick search of Professor Richard Wolff and it’ll tell you all you need to know. 😂🤣😂

Unlike #China, we in the US have handy access to research people.
I present the Professor 👇…
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Hilo explicativo sobre comisión multidisciplinaria de agencias federales contra la #corrupción chavista y boliburguesa en #Venezuela.
El Comité de Asuntos Exteriores del Senado americano aprobó un proyecto de ley (VERDAD Act) para lidiar con el problema de @Venezuela. Esto, debe decirse, es un logro netamente chavista, x cuanto el desastre e impacto regional es tal, q Gob americano tiene q actuar.
No estamos hablando solamente de los más de 3,5 millones de venezolanos q se han ido y del costo y problemática q ello acarrea. #Venezuela bajo el chavismo es una amenaza en cuanto a tráfico de droga, terrorismo, trata de seres humanos, criminalidad organizada...
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Pakistan welcomes the re-election of India PM Narendra Modi to a second term. He makes Indian history. In this #thread, I explain why Islamabad is pleased to see #Modi win & how a historic opportunity emerges to resolve #Kashmir, make peace./1
Ahmed Quraishi @AQpk #AhmedQuraishi
During the dogfight over #Kashmir skies in Feb 2019, when a #Pakistan-#India nuclear war became a possibility, unprecedented international diplomatic intervention diffused tensions & averted war. But unlike previous crises, many things changed this time. One: world listened to
#Pakistan this time instead of just listening to #India. The 6-times smaller country was always smothered under the attention that India received globally. This time, #NewDelhi overreached, crossed int'l borders to conduct airstrike inside Pak. Strike failed, pilot captured.
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I have received many new followers in recent days from the sovereign & independent lands of #EastTurkistan, #Tibet, #Manchuria, #SouthernMongolia, #Taiwan, #HongKong, #Canton, & even places that don’t quite exist (yet), like #Jinland, #Basuria, #Nguyuit, etc., which are all…
… currently wrongfully claimed as part of “#China” by China’s illegitimate, totalitarian regime. These people who are willing to assert their Independence from China’s Communist Party deserve to be celebrated, & I’m honored that they’re following me. I‘ll continue to support…
… their aspirations to be free from the #EvilEmpire currently enslaving them, and in time, I believe more Americans will join me. All people living under the #CCP deserve to be freed from their shackles.

#China” is not a nation; China is a prison for nations. Resist the CCP!
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The #US has imposed sanctions on 22 foreign entities and individuals in four countries pursuant to the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act. These #INKSNA sanctions have been announced in the #FederalRegister.
Among those sanctioned are nine entities/individuals who have supported #Iran’s ballistic missile program, including the notorious Chinese serial proliferator Li Fangwei (also known as #KarlLee) and his company Sinotech Carbon and Graphite Corp.
#LiFangwei faces sanctions under #INKSNA for supplying #Iran with gyroscopes and accelerometers, which are controlled by the Missile Technology Control Regime. These two technologies are critical elements for any missile program.
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"Today #Russia is doubling down on malign influence operations across #Europe & North America" Penn Biden Center's @mikercarpenter tells House Foreign Affairs Comm "But we remain remian unprepared, underfurnded & often ignorant of the threat"
"It's not just #Russia" per @mikercarpenter "#China & other non-state actors whose influcne and destabilization operations pose a threat to our democracy"

"We urgently need to focus more resources on rooting out Russia's malign networks, addressing our own massive vulnerabilies"
"We need better coordination between our domestic law enforcement agencies & our nat'l security aparatus" per @mikercarpenter "Too often one hand doesn't know what the other is doing"
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LIVE NOW: #PBC's @mikercarpenter, @cepa's @PeterBDoran, @SecureDemocracy's @rosenbergerlm, and Heather Conley testify on Russian malign influence before @USRepKeating, @RepKinzinger, & the @HouseForeign Affairs Committee.
“Russia is doubling down on malign influence operations across Europe & North America, but we remain unprepared, underfunded and often ignorant of the threat… it’s not just Russia, but also China and other state & non-state actors.” @mikercarpenter @HouseForeign
“...we urgently need to focus more resources on rooting out Russia’s malign networks, addressing our own massive vulnerabilities—especially to foreign dark money—& imposing greater costs on Russia [when caught interfering in our democratic process].” @mikercarpenter @HouseForeign
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Let's do a short contrarian #Thread on #Huawei and #Google

There's a substantial outrage right now around Google's announcement that Huawei will be excluded from the Android ecosystem. (They're essentially complying with a Trump administration directive, but park that.)
What is not being highlighted is the fact that Google is excluded from the biggest ecosystem of all – the #China market. All of the internet in mainland China is subject to Beijing's control – it's referred to as "The Great Firewall of China".
So a lot of the Google ecosystem which I use every day – search, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps – is not available in mainland China. Last time I was in Beijing late 2017, I found myself deaf, mute, blind as a result.
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Now there are also #Republicans, along with some #BigOil cos that are lobbying for a Carbon TAX and pushing the #GreenScam.

Americans for Carbon Dividends, led by former #GOP Secretaries of State James Baker III and George Shultz & former GOP Rep. Ryan Costello Of PA.
This #GreenScam has been pushed by the EU and UN, and of course #China is also invoked. They all invested in this stuff already, and She’ll described as a “new business opportunity.”
Shell claims it would rely on 3rd party auditors after being asked about lack of transparency and fraud.

LOL....Who? The likes of auditors such Deloitte, KPMB, etc who did such a great job with things such as #1MDB that they are now being investigated?

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Schumer may actually have some sense left. He actually wants this investigated, which it should be. Part of China’s plan is to take over US railways.

Politicians in these cities already sold out their residents to #China railways:

Los Angeles
And from 2018:

#China undercuts competitors and forces other companies out of business so they can dominate the market and win contracts.

Same thing they’re attempting with #Huawei and #5G.…
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#China’s Communist Party has been engaged in an economic campaign of “Unrestricted Warfare” against the Free World since it joined to @WTO in 2001. But they have a weakness in their non-free floating currency, the #yuan. W/ all due respect to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump, his…
… pressure on the @FederalReserve to keep interest rates low is misguided (& reminiscent of @RTErdogan’s disastrous mistake in #Turkey). If we want to fight #China as hard as they’ve been fighting us, we should encourage Fed Governors to *raise* interest rates and *contract*…
… the global monetary base. This contraction will expose structural economic problems in #HongKong & in mainland #China more broadly, including insolvent state-owned enterprises, an over-extension of corporate credit, under-capitalized Chinese banks, etc. Moreover, the…
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Former CIA Officer Kevin Patrick Mallory of Virginia was sentenced to 20 yrs in prison after being convicted under the Espionage Act for spying for #China and transmitting national defense info.

He was also a former covert agent for CIA and an intelligence officer for the DIA.
He also either tried to transit, or maybe did transit, documents to China that contained unique identifiers of human sources. It is t clear here whether or not the docs that contained this info was actually given to China. What a POS!
It is not clear* if he transmitted the docs with those human source codes.
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Here's another possible scandal involving a Munich-based mobile payment processor, Wirecard.

A whistleblower alerted their compliance team abt suspicious transactions in Asia, & their head of Int'l Finance in Singapore was accused of cooking the books for other Asian entities.
There was an inquiry/internal investigation started in April 2018 of Wirecard's Singapore office and they found evidence of forgery, potential #MoneyLaundering, and other accounting irregularities.
The reports do not mention where exactly in Asia and don't mention who those other entities were.
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@realDonaldTrump most of your tweets have capitalized letters, time stamps, phrases that include the gematria of [9], many times.

are you practicing black magic, sorcery, manifestation?

is this why both left & right defend [I]srael?

JESUS-CHRIST wins in the end.

#musk #trump #bts #israel
@realDonaldTrump the Book of Enoch speaks of the knowledge fallen angels made known to the "kings" of the earth, incl:
-stargate portal codes
-earths mathematical formulas
-sorcery & manifestation powers over all people, events, things

JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all "kings" soon!

#news #trump
@realDonaldTrump [evil] wants to ride #spacex starlink gateways/portals via the stars

we pray JESUS-CHRIST will destroy the [99] beast system & all who've practiced sorcery, selling their souls for knowledge, riches & kingdoms.

#musk #news #israel #iran #darktolight #bts #trump #china #usa
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Some argue that the #US economy could decouple from the steepening downturn in the global #economy . This is a serious misconception.

The fact is that, for the first time since the early 1900s, the US has not been the most influential player in the global business cycle. 1/
When the global financial crash reverberated through the global economy in late 2008, the Chinese leaders enacted stimulus that would break all records.

The idea, most likely, was to carry the Chinese economy through the slump of the global economy, but the slump never ended. 2/
The bank bailouts of 2008 combined with zero-interest and quantitative easing policies by the central banks forced the business cycle into expansion mode prematurely. Unprofitable banks and firms were kept operating, and the global economy “zombified”. 3/…
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@realDonaldTrump @BilldeBlasio with the POWER of JESUS-CHRIST all believers pray that You, God, will expose & Destroy all fake, lying, [I]rate & [I]mmature, followers of satan's beast system. no magick, spells, hex, Jinn, [99] gematria will overcome the POWER of JESUS-CHRIST & his believers. #news #trump #bts
@realDonaldTrump @BilldeBlasio believers pray JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all evil humans, beasts, stans, bots, entities, eyes, ai, sorcerers, demons, jinn, code & hex, especially ones hiding behind sheepskin & weak, failed [9] [99] [1619] [119] [113] [55] [211] [44] gematria..........

#usa #news #bts #trump
@realDonaldTrump @BilldeBlasio the Book of Enoch speaks of the knowledge fallen angels made known to the "kings" of the earth, incl:
-stargate portal codes
-earths mathematical formulas
-sorcery & manifestation powers over all people, events, things

JESUS-CHRIST will destroy all "kings" soon!

#news #trump
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[evil] wants to ride #spacex starlink gateways/portals across the stars

we pray JESUS-CHRIST will destroy the [99] beast system & all who've practiced sorcery, selling their souls for knowledge, riches & kingdoms.

#musk #news #israel #iran #darktolight #bts #trump #china #usa
the Book of Enoch speaks of the knowledge fallen angels made known to the "chosen" of earth, including:
-stargate gateway portals/codes
-earths mathematical formulas/secrets
-sorcery and manifestation powers over all people, events, things

JESUS-CHRIST wins soon! #news #trump
@threadreaderapp unroll please

JESUS-CHRIST is victorious!
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#MichaelKovrig & #MichaelSpavor have been formally arrested after 150+ days in detention (specifically #RSDL). A thread explaining a bit about what this means and why there are still so many things that we don't know (and likely will not know anytime soon). 1/
There is often confusion in English b/c, well, #Kovrig & #Spavor have been locked up for 5+ months, which looks like an "arrest." But "arrest" here is "逮捕" -- a specific procedure that goes through prosecutors (aka the procuratorate or procuracy). 2/…
This means the cases are still in the investigation phase but now the prosecutors are directly involved as well as the public security forces. In garden-variety cases, Chinese prosecutors sometimes disagree with police (though very rarely in public). Do NOT expect that here. 3/
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It figures that communist #ElizabethWarren would want 1) our MILITARY to be political and 2) to HELP countries like #Russia and #China by making our military comply with the left's #GreenScam.

This would be an extreme RISK to the security of our country.
Hey @realDonaldTrump - you should ask the media to ask Elizabeth Warren why she wants to weaken our military so badly to make us extremely vulnerable to China, Russia, and other enemies.
It's also quite the coincidence that all these #Democrat plans fall in line with the same dates as China's world domination plans, such as their 2030 Plan:

(Note Warren wants her plan done by 2030 as well)…
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9/23/16 through 9/26/16 “collusion”
(9/23/16) "WEIRDEST PART of Alfa Bank/Spectrum/TrumpOrg server activity:
How the lookups stopped.

FRI SEPT 23 2016, AM:
Trump domain vanishes...
▪2days AFTER NYT showed its data to Alfa Bank’s DC lobbyists, BGR
▪BEFORE it called Trump or Cendyn"

@kelly2277 BOOM: Trump and Pence with Simon Kukes' girlfriend (now wife), at a fundraiser:

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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019…
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