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What an absolutely grotesque and morally bankrupt thread 📌📌📌 Reducing the corruption and outright criminality of Trump to a distasteful handwave whilst pearl clutching over Kavanaugh typifies how the GOP sees itself as the party of maintaining str8 white male ascendancy.
Bahnsen argues weakly, and without even a soupcon of evidentiary support, that progressive politics are the problem because of the Senate judiciary hearings on Bork and Kavanaugh--which is frankly just dull-witted. He basically blames "progressives" for Trump's ascendancy.
But also, Bahsen ignores POC entirely and even dismisses crimes against white girls like the teenaged Christine Blasey Ford. Bahsen even sidesteps Clarence Thomas. Why note Kavanaugh and leave out Thomas/Hill? Lazy thinking and bad tropes.
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This whole thread may be too philosophically-politically in the weeds for many, and you might not want to read the speech, which is long, BUT someone should read this to Grandpa #Biden, because THIS is the future of the #GOP: Young, smart, committed nationalists/nativists.
#Biden claims Trump is an aberration, that when he is president [sic], the #GOP will have this magical epiphany and will go back to being some kindly moderates that Biden remembers but who never actually existed with the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt sans the war.
Keep in mind that the most strident Trump supporters in the House and Senate this week were also the youngest.

This #Hawley speech is 100% Nazism from our own Senate. Unvarnished, but framed within an intellectualized style but that uses the standard anti-Semitic code words.
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‼️🎯‼️GOP = Party of Corruption!

Rush decrees Fiscal Conservatism is BOGUS!

Lying to the base!

LIMBAUGH: Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore. All this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long as it's been around.…
The national debt has already grown to $22 trillion - up more than $2 trillion since Trump came into office.

Can we all admit...the public has been lied to by the supposed GOP fiscal conservative hawks?

Trump abandoned his promises on the budget deficit.

GOP #PartyofCorruption
-- from its elected officials to its most prominent unelected forces like Limbaugh -- seemingly rolled over on what they had long maintained was an issue at the core of conservatism.

#GOP #PartyofCorruption #PartyOfLiars #PartyOfCheaters #HateMongers
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What's the end game?

Well, in 2009 top architect of the Christian right Paul Weyrich teamed up with the man who crafted the far right's new Uber-narrative, a conspiracy theory concerning "cultural Marxism", to author a book. In early 2016 Trump met that man...
...whose name is William S. Lind. The book? - "The Next Conservatism", which advances most of the policy ideas the Trump Administration has pushed, including protectionist tariffs, no more dumb wars (good!) and "The Wall". Lind is also author of a 2014 novel which depicts...
...Christian militias fighting a race war and coming to rule America. Puerto Ricans are forced onto ships to Puerto Rico. Black families are forced from cities and into slavery, as sharecropper farmers. Now, back to the 1st book, "The Next Conservatism". Trump doesn't read...
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1 A photographic look at Pence @VP visit to 2 TX detention centers w 7 #GOP senators. A thread about photo access and visual framing in an age of hate and hysteria. The entourage facing US handiwork without game faces. (screenshot: @Reuters)
2 Let's be mindful of goal: to counteract shocking pix from last 2 urgent @DHSOIG (random) inspection visual reports, the @HispanicCaucus pix from Clint, & #BorderPatrol FB scandal. Paradoxically, aim is to show previous scenes inaccurate, yet still "tough stuff" (& blame Dems).
3 One of goals of @VP trip was to insulate/defend #BorderPatrol from reports about its almost 10k member private racially/sexually toxic FB group. Did address this in context of border visit day before in San Diego in response to q's. Via @joshdawsey @washingtonpost pool report.
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💰1MDB Global Scandal💰

What is 1MDB?

Short for 1Malaysia Development Berhad (which means limited), the fund was set up in 2009 by then-Prime Minister Najib Razak to invest government revenues in real estate

Questions arose in early 2015 when the fund failed to meet payments on $11 billion in debt.

🔑The WSJ then published documents showing that about $700M from 1MDB-linked entities had ended up in Najib’s personal bank accounts just before elections in 2013.…
By far the largest transactions that flowed into Malaysian PM Najib’s accounts were two deposits of $620M & $61M in March 2013, during a heated election campaign in Malaysia.…
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💰1MDB -Trump Campaign💰

🔑DOJ Probes Whether Jho Low, the Fugitive Financier Supplied Donation to Trump Re-Election Effort

🔑Justice Department investigates whether the $100,000 contribution came from Malaysian businessman charged in a global scandal…
The $100,000 donation was made in December 2017 to the Trump Victory committee—which is involved in helping re-elect President Trump in 2020—by Larry Davis, a U.S. citizen who co-owns LNS Capital, a Hawaii-based investment company.…
🔑Authorities are seeking to determine whether transfers totaling $1.5 million to LNS Capital—originating with the Malaysian businessman, Jho Low—financed Mr. Davis’s donation to Trump Victory. #Strawman #FCPA…
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3405...
When the #FBI is telling the public that McDonald's is putting fetal meat in2 their burgers, it should come as no surprise, that there's a global market for "Longham".
These people are SIC [ ! ]
Link 2 #FoxNews ==> Dems block 'born
2) #QAnon 3405 cont...
alive' bill 2provide medical care 2infants who survive failed abortions…
[D]'s in PP's pockets naturally vote against such a protection. The post birth abortion movement is, at its base, fueled by $.
The older a fetus, the more $$$!
3) #QAnon 3406...
#EpochTimes Tweet...…
The #Mueller Investigation Failed to Provide Evidence That the #DNC Was Actually Hacked
Allegations of a @DNC computer "hack", are not backed by evidence.
The files were removed 2fast 4a hack.
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So @JoeBiden has derailed the primary to be all about him because he is plummeting in the polls. He is claiming @KamalaHarris blindsided him about an issue he raised and which @CoryBooker, @ewarren and Harris had all called him out on a week before the debate.
#Biden took to TV for a special one-on-one interview of the sort Trump got regularly in 2016, but which @HillaryClinton did not. In that @ChrisCuomo interview Biden claimed he was a victim, demonized both #Harris and @AOC, and got no hard questions about his record from Cuomo.
#Biden claimed the debates were all about the past, which they were not, and revealed that he is against every major initiative Americans overwhelmingly want, like #M4A. Biden failed the debate so he took a re-test with the MSM & also misrepresented Harris and ignored Booker.
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Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election
Volume I of II
Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III
Submitted Pursuant to 28 C.F.R. § 600.8(c)
Washington, D.C.
March 2019 #MuellerReport #ReadTheMuellerReport #TweetTheMuellerReport
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@KamalaHarris has none of the necessary tools to preside over this nation. But #birtherism #challenges to her qualifications to be elected are #silly.
In the years preceding the 2016 election, because @tedcruz and I share many of the same views, I spent considerable time and energy evaluating the question of whether he could be, consistent with the Constitution, qualified to serve as President.
If you're wondering why that would even be in doubt, remember two things: I am a hide-bound constitutionalist; and, the Constitution provides the brief but precise requirements to be qualified to be president.
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1.Len Blavatnik 2 companies called #AlAltepHoldings and #AccessIndustries, they contributed vast amounts of money to the @GOP, #SenateLeadershipFund and #Trump
#Blavatnik net worth is 20 Billion Dollars

#GOP #Russia #McConnell #Trump #Putin #RussianMoney

2.#Blavatnik co owns #RUSAL with #Deripaska and #Vekselberg, they own together 69 % of the company.
#RUSAL is the second largest Aluminum Company in the world.

#GOP #Russia #McConnell #Trump #Putin #RussianMoney
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BREAKING the Spanish #YellowVests are saying that there is a Coup in #Honduras right now. I haven't confirmed this yet. But supposedly the Presidential Plane left. Will begin translating this now. #ChalecosAmarillos #GilletsJaunes
#FuerzaHonduras #HondurasResiste
Translation of Tweet 1
📽🔴 #Honduras Coup ?
-National Strike
-Protest of doctors and teachers 
-Overcrowded gas stations⛽️ 
-Health system in its worst crisis 
-Director of the Police took out his own underlings with tear-bombs 💣

(Looks like we have friendly fire)
Breaking! Confirmed :
Departure of #Honduras🆘️'s presidential plane to the United States is confirmed. #FueraJOH


(Again, I have not personally confirmed this. I will believe it when I see it)
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Pompeo instantly declares Trump Adm blames Iran for incident—NOT intel.

Sarah Sanders leaving WH #ByeFelicia

U.S. military intel steps up accusation against RUover nuclear testing

Trump Urged to Fire Kellyanne Conway for her repeated flagrant Hatch Act Violations

FEC Chairwoman reminds candidates not to accept help from foreign gov’t

The UK has signed an extradition request for WikiLeaks founder J-Ass, who faces charges in the US under the Espionage Act.

Every sycophantic member of TeamTrump Is Now Enabling Treason


“What is it about Mitch Mcconnell and the Rep’ns in Congress that they do not want to respond to what’s so popular across the board in our country?

What is it about the Rep’ns in Congress?

How much more can they bear of the Trump’s unethical behavior?
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Well as someone with #cancer, I must say, this sounds great. But didn't Obama put #Biden in charge of curing cancer in a "moonshot" in 2015? How did that go? Because we never heard a word about it.

Biden: If I'm elected, we're going to cure cancer…
So first #Biden tells us that when he's elected all the Republicans are going to have an epiphany because Trump is a #GOP anomaly (he is not), and now he's going to cure #cancer.

Amazing what plummeting poll numbers will do for a campaign.
As someone who is currently very sick who hasn't been allowed to eat food for several days, and has been too sick to even be on Twitter in days, I'm just going to say that if #cancer were that easy to cure, 17M Americans, myself included, wouldn't have it.
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#Biden slumps, #Buttigieg soars, tied with #Sanders and #Warren, #Harris next in benchmark #Iowa poll…
Critical point here is that the MSM is claiming that #Sanders "came within a handful of votes" of #HillaryClinton, when he lost in a landslide of 4M votes, 1k pledged delegates (not SDs) and a dozen states.
This false narrative harms #Sanders--it's meant to highlight how badly he's doing in 2020 and prop up #Biden. But Sanders is actually doing better than in 2016. There are just more players. And Biden is being replaced by a younger centrist, #Buttigieg.
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The Trump Regime approved the transfer of #nuclear technology to #SaudiArabia seven times!

Trump is risking #War with #Iran because he states, “we just don’t want them to have nuclear weapons - not too much to ask.” 

How can Americans believe this lie?
2015 Hillary Clinton's email.

What Israel military leaders really worry about -- but cannot talk about is loosing their nuclear monopoly!

The Yinon Plan, a strategy intended to ensure Israel’s regional superiority in the Middle East that involves breaking apart the Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Egypt into smaller & weaker sectarian states.…
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Replace "oligarchy" and "authoritarianism" with T-R-U-M-P and people might actually listen.
Cue all the folks who hate Bernie claiming that socialism is bad when at least half their daily lives are *stops to get mail and also remembers I'm on Internet* filled with small s socialism.
#Bernie is his own worst enemy with his incessant buzzwords.
The FACT is, we need Dem Socialism desperately as a modality, but the #GOP has so tainted the word "socialism" that people forget what it really means.

Our MOST socialist prez was #LBJ, who gave us the #VRA, #CRA, #Medicare, #Medicaid, #SNAP, #NEA, ##PBS, #NPR.'s doable.
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1. It's amazing that, even after all we've learned, so many people dont understand the magnitude of what Russia did in its disinformation campaign.

And most important, Americans don't get how their gullibility and participation were essential to making it work, then and now...
2...We are under cyberattack by a foreign enemy. It is the first attack on America to be largely ignored by our government. The magnitude and significance of it cannot be overstated.

So, I am going to give you all the data to understand...
3...this thread may be attacked. Whenever I write about Russia, they are. In 2016, when I wrote about Russian disinformation being pushed onto the internet by an account @TEN_GOP my reporting from the intel world slammed here and elsewhere online, as well as by WashPost....
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1. I've seen a lot of comments from Right Wingers claiming transgenderism isn't real or is a mental illness. Ignorance is an unnecessary affliction. In honor of #PrideMonth , here's a brief education for #GOP, #Conservatives, #MAGA and #Evangelicals.
2. If you think recognition and 'tolerance' of different gender identities is a construct of progressivism, you are wrong. In fact, (White) Western culture is behind the curve on this.
3. Anthropologists and historians are well aware of cultures throughout time recognizing non-binary gender. Early scholars often used the indigenous term berdache (two-spirit) to describe the phenomenon of a 'third gender' or 'mixed gender'.
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It stuns me that people purporting to be Democrats or "resisters" are still devoting their time to attacking @RepAOC. This is such a blatant embrace of GOP talking points. If you don't like change, you're in the wrong party. And if you can't Google the work she's done, be quiet.
If you claim to support @SpeakerPelosi, then assume she knew what she was doing when she put @RepAOC on major committees. Here's an example of AOC's skilled takedowns on the House floor:

Here's @RepAOC as the youngest person in House history to chair the House at Pelosi's behest:

AOC becomes the Speaker of the House — momentarily…
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@realDonaldTrump Thanks for your admission of guilt old man.

My tweet of about a year ago is aging well. I predicted you'd admit your guilt on Twitter.

Narcissistic sociopaths are so predictable if you know how they behave.

@realDonaldTrump Did everyone see this announcement yesterday? I wonder what possible actions in the Middle East these 3 are planning on discussing?
@realDonaldTrump Did everyone see this today? The whole addition of a citizenship question on the #2020Census was concocted by an architect of #GOP gerrymandering to advance #whitesupremacy & disenfranchise Democratic voters.
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Quick Thread: Anti-Semitism, The GOP & George Soros.

“The Anti-Semitic Right and the silent left.”

Here, Giuliani plays the”secretive, powerful monied Jew” bogeyman.

This is to sully Ukrainians who would not cooperate in a phony investigation.

When all goes wrong for the #GOP break out Democratic Donor George Soros, the “puppet master.”

Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish Donor to the #GOP donated $113M during the 2018 midterms is rarely mentioned in the press and is rarely vilified.…
When the #GOP is losing use a Anti-Semitic trope, duck responsibility and blame “Soros.”

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