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#ClimateAlarmists ignore the fact that all of their propaganda efforts to scare people into submitting to expensive CO2 reduction schemes are having less than no restraining effect on the one & a half degrees of #GlobalWarming over the last two centuries.…
Nothing being done now is having any effect on reducing CO2. We could help Nature do it the old fashioned way by planting a trillion trees. But that takes time.
#ClimateAlarmists prefer preventing the poorest people from trying to stay alive during winter.…
Scientists are proving that active geothermal sources around the globe are causing most of the glacier melting & ocean warming. And more of that heat should be harnessed to benefit humanity, as has been done throughout human history.
#GeothermalGlobalWarming #ClimateChange
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Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election
Volume I of II
Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III
Submitted Pursuant to 28 C.F.R. § 600.8(c)
Washington, D.C.
March 2019 #MuellerReport #ReadTheMuellerReport #TweetTheMuellerReport
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@rlefraim wrote, "I REALLY HATE HYPOCRISY

#electionmeddling #internationally
#Hypocrisy #election
Yes, Russians tried to interfere in a US election in 2016, by using social media and by planting phony stories.
2) #Russia #socialmedia #phonystories #Hillary #HillaryClinton
If you look at what was planted, it is clear they wanted #HillaryClinton to be elected POTUS, because what was planted followed the left’s agenda of convincing the voters that Trump & the “right” was going to divide Americans & that #Trump was all sorts of #Negative things. 3)
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White women & Black women bought into gender politics. Hillary was supposed to win for her sex, not her politics or ability. Clearly she had no ability, no charisma, & no empathy for other women other than #Democrats Her big reveal happened when she called
2/ #Republicans “Deplorable.” We loved it. We wore it as a Badge of Honor. She couldn’t overcome her deliberate misuse & destruction of government property, or her deliberate mishandling of to secret documents. She proved incapable at the job. The only decent thing Jim Comey
3/ ever did was downplay her ignorant actions & report her “careless” disregard for agents in the field by putting their lives in danger. THAT raised critical questions about #Hillary ‘s ability, regardless of gender. She was unfit for office, man or woman. And she was ALWAYS
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@Alyssa_Milano Why #Hillary paying for the #SteeleDossier as #OppositionResearch “dirt” was technically legal, but #tRump taking opposition research “dirt” for free (IF it had demonstrable value) from a foreign “adversary” was technically illegal.… #SplittingFakeHairs
@Alyssa_Milano If he hasn’t yet resigned and fled to Russia, #tRump won’t need to resort to “free” foreign #OppositionResearch against the Democratic opponent next year. The Democrats will have provided millions of dollars of “paid-for dirt” during the primaries.… #DNC
@Alyssa_Milano Don't bother saying #HillaryClinton has too many enemies to win the next #POTUS election. All wannabe Democrat candidates have potential enemies waiting to hate them when they hear about them for the first time. #Hillary already knows who hers are.… #DNC
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Don't forget Patriots #RBG is dead. Her funeral ceremony in #DC held on February 4 2019…

I really do not care what religion this PEDOPHILE RBG was. This is a type of Funeral a concert held as.... In December...
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Alan Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role, opinion contributor - 05/29/19
Two scenarios on Trump-Russia investigators — and neither Two scenarios on Trump-Russia…
(1 #Mueller #ExceededHisRole
#Trump #Russia #NoCollusionNoObstruction
The statement by special counsel Robert Mueller in a Wed press conference that “if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said that”... 2) #Mueller #Trump
#NoCollusion #NoObstruction #NoCollusionNoObstruction worse than the statement made by then FBI Director James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. 3)
#Comey #Clinton #nointent #extremelycareless
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Almost like a divorce, each pointing fingers at the other. “No, HE said,” and his response is, “No, I told everyone, SHE did! Ruined my record, too!” That #Obama thinks he had a *record* other than that of Destroyer in Chief is laughable. These two have been at each other’s
2/ throats since the she lost to him. THAT is what cooked her goose. A white woman losing in America to a “*black* Muslim Communist.”…
3/ Another source of her anger is Bill. He talked her into running. He saw it as a “slam dunk.” FOR HIM. He talked her into it. But Hillary has neither the social graces nor ability for smooth talk Bill has. She is angry, and it shows on her face, her gestures & in her voice.
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Dems in March when #Bernie was frontrunner: "We have to accede to his voters' every whim."

Dems in May now #Biden is frontrunner:"Screw everyone who doesn't want Biden."

Dems in June after both are destroyed in debates: "#Harris & #Warren can draw young voters AND beat Trump."
Just saying that in January 2017 I wrote that barring another #Hillary run, the best ticket was #Harris/#Gillibrand or Gillibrand/Harris. From a policy POV, still true, but Harris/,#Warren or Warren/Harris works just as well. Each would obliterate Trump and energize voters.
Make #Gillibrand Sec of Defense (it used to be a civilian post), Booker Sec of Ed, Inslee Sec of Interior, have Buttigieg head a new post for #LGBTQ issues, bring Castro back for HUD, make Williamson the chaplain. Biden can be SoS. Klobuchar as AG.

It's a great Cabinet.
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Alamoudi was (is?) one of the top #MuslimBrotherhood operatives in the US. He set up the Iftar dinners & Muslim military chaplains under the Clinton administration; #Bush43 welcomed his operatives into the US government after 9/11, setting the stage for what we have today.
Early photo of #MuslimBrotherhood operative and future convicted Alamoudi (third from left) with a more youthful #HillaryClinton.
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Thread 5.2.2019!!
Good Morning Family!!
Prayer Changes things!!
2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people, who are called by My name, humble themselves, pray, seek My face...then will I heal their land!

#NationalDayOfPrayer #Pray
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
In case you wondered!! 😊
I add Q drops that match the deltas (time between tweets) and timestamps on President Trump’s Tweets as a way to re_read drops and to see if they are deliberate on POTUS part, possibly pointing to a specific drop. Sometimes they seem to be!
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Special Thanks to the Team Allowing US to #ShineTheLight on Darkness

#Episode1111 ~~>…

🇱🇷 #QANON Movement will NEVER accept Evil to #Infiltrate US

Sauced Thread
#PatriotsUnited @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @realDonaldTrump
#MayDay #DigitalSaleOuts

First, lets ask why #QANON tagged @inthematrixxx & @shadygrooove under the Anon named "SOLDOUT"

Q post# 2826

Who or What have they SOLD OUT to?

Why would they Schedule a Seminar in the Devils Den at "Ramtha's School of Enlightenment"


What is Ramtha's School of Enlightenment?

Why does Judy Zebra (JZ) Knight Donate so much Cash to These Sale Outs?


Democrat Demonic Infiltration? You Decide

Link ~>…

Use Discernment Patriots.

@prayingmedic @SeanCordicon @POTUS #WakeUP
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The country is not divided into Clinton & Sanders supporters.
The country is divided into Trump supporters & the rest of us.
The rest of us have 20+ people to choose from, not just the guy who lost in a landslide in 2016 & lectured the child of Russian immigrants Monday night.
Thursday the other old white guy gets in the race.
The one who's ALSO been saying he could have beaten Trump.

Any candidate who ignores what happened in 2016 (see #MuellerReport) isn't competent to lead us out of where we are now.
Democrats should have fought for #Hillary to be in the White House.
If we think the #GOP would have allowed THEIR winner of the popular (i.e., real) vote to lose the WH over 77k questionable EC votes, think again.

Ignoring this reality is highly problematic for the country.
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"Covertly" -- April 13, 2019

Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
The Earth Alliance is covertly smoking out all Cabal/Deep State operatives embedded within the US Government.

The entire Cabal/Deep State criminal syndicate is being dismantled from within.
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I'd like to let you in on a little something I found to be interesting....
#USMC tweet
Link in Q to #Hillary tweet
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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)
Ivanka Trump has given her approval for David Malpass to become World Bank president.…
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1. #News ~ Rush Limbaugh: If President Trump Shuts the Border and Builds the Wall There Is NO DEMOCRAT Who Can Beat Him in 2020 (VIDEO)…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#BuildTheWall #CRISIS #NationalEmergency #Trump2020
2. #News ~ Ilhan Omar Blames ‘WHITE Nationalism’ 4 Border Crisis Forcing Outdoor Detention of Migrants - OF COURSE SHE'S TALKING ABOUT TRUMP & SUPPORTERS! WANTS RACE WAR…
#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #EnemyOfThePeople #CRISIS #NationalEmergency
3. #News ~

Rashida ‘Impeach the M-Fer’ Tlaib:

Barack Obama Told Me “I’m Proud of You”…

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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#Cohen Opening Statement
2.Chairman @RepCummings, Ranking Member @Jim_Jordan , and Members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me here today. I have asked this Committee to ensure that my family be protected from Presidential threats

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The FBI's justification for allowing #McCabe to oversee Hillary's email probe was that his wife already lost the election where she got $467,500 from Hillary's friend.

Preposterous. So let's look at the timeline.

@themarketswork @TheLastRefuge2 @LeeSmithDC @ChuckRossDC
1. In June 2015, Terry McCauliffe's PAC donated $15,000 to Jill #McCabe (before FBI opened email probe).

2. In July 2015, FBI opens #Hillary email probe.

3. On August 11, the IC IG first revealed existence of 5 classified emails on Hillary's server. Pressure starts building
4. August 12: Hillary turns over Bleachbit wiped email server to FBI

5. On August 31st: State releases 7k emails and 125 deemed classified. More pressure building

6. Same day, McCaulliffe PAC donates $2,500 to #McCabe's wife. Still not enough pressure to panic. Emails deleted
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Why would you vote for someone for president who hasn't accomplished anything in recent years?

If someone hasn't accomplished much BEFORE being POTUS, they won't after election, either.
There are some very hard-working people running for president.
The top two are @SenGillibrand and @SenKamalaHarris.
This isn't playing favorites--although I did write in Jan 2017 they would be the top candidates in 2019--it's just fact. They are workhorses.
Harris and Gillibrand also rank in the top five most progressive senators.
They have worked tirelessly for women, families, the poor.
Gillibrand led on Puerto Rico. Harris leads on balancing the cost of housing--one of the worst income issues for working families.
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The party unexpectedly wins 44% of the vote. It isn’t a majority but a plurality—a larger share than other parties.

W/in 2 yrs the party gave him their “undivided support” for 4 more years.

Those who question the election’s legitimacy are ridiculed &deemed factitious alarmists
He immediately begins discrediting the media & filled it with his propaganda. His media only employs his lackeys. He calls the press the enemy of the people. Any opposing media & press who criticize him are banned, even killed.


He consolidated power by combining or eliminating positions. He only appoints those closest to him or who took an Oath of Loyalty to him. He gutted any opposition & govt agencies.

With his party’s full support, he installed judges who will swiftly pass his policies & worldview.
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'We sometimes forget that #Mueller would not now exist if #Hillary had just done what she was supposed to do — win the #ElectoralCollege vote.'

'Nor would it exist if she had not paid #ChristopherSteele to author a hit piece, hide her handprints, and then salt it among officials at the #Obama #DOJ and #FBI to spawn a media frenzy, ...
... first to ensure Trump’s defeat in 2016 and then, after his victory, to explain the supposedly inexplicable blown election.'
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. @MTPDaily @MTPDailyTweets @MSNBC The discussion about #HowardSchultz missed the point. Schulz is running as an independent. That makes him an opponent to any Democrat. Given that the odds of Schultz winning are small, all he may do is siphon votes from a Dem. Dems aren’t.../1
...necessarily afraid of Schultz winning. They’re afraid of him losing & pulling votes away. Let’s face it. #JillStein (perhaps at #Putin’s request) sucked votes from #Hillary. We don’t need another 4 yrs of #Trump so #BillBurton can line his pockets. And Bill knows it./2
...Bill’s rationale & attempt to distinguish Stein from Schultz is RIDICULOUS. His Op-Ed didn’t split hairs. And he fricken’ knows it./3
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As a reporter who's covered the past 2yrs with increasing despair, I must say that it is just truly uplifting to look at a slate of Democratic candidates who are smart and focused, hard-working and exciting.

It's hard to imagine we do not get our woman president in 2020.
I have spoken extensively about why Biden & Bernie aren't options--we must have a 2020 nominee who can be a 2024 incumbent. I feel hopeful that voters won't make that mistake & will look at fresh voices, their work for America and remember the message of the midterms: Women.
2016 was a proving ground. I wrote in a column this week that #HillaryClinton took the body blows for years so that we could see what a tough, brave, progressive woman candidate looked like over a grueling campaign. It's painful she isn't in the WH creating change.
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