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#MeToo isn't just a girl thing.

Rape | sexual assault:
9% male + 91% female

1 in 71 men will be raped.👈😱

40.2% gay men,
47.4% bisexual men +
20.8% heterosexual men
reported sexual violence,
other than rape!

1 in 45 men
been made 2
penetrate intimate partner.😱
Child sexual abuse
among - BOYS👨‍👦‍👦

1 in 6 boys
sexually abused
B4 18yrs
(while girls R 1 in 4 🤔)

34% of abusers R family members (b+g).

27.8% boys 10yr-old or younger
at time of 1st rape/victimization.

96% of child sexual abuse
from a male🚹♂️
Child sexual abuse
among - BOYS👨‍👦‍👦

76.8% people
who sexually assault children
R adults.

325,000 children
R at risk
of becoming victims
of commercial child sexual exploitation
each yr.

Avg age of boys,
11 - 13yr,
first becoming
victims of prostitution😱
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People are generally confused with the #cottonceilling and #getthelout as they truly believe the LGBT is one happy family. Here is the thing:
Straight men:
how would you feel about being told you are a bigot for refusing to have sex with a man who id as a woman knowing that 80% of transwomen are non op (genital intact males).
How would you feel being told you are a nazi and a transphobe for exclusively dating women?
Gay men: have you ever been told by transmen that you are bigoted for not performing cunilungus? Have you received rape threats for not doing so? Have u been told u R nazis for not accepting vaginas as male organs?
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Une ministre décide de rejouer le mauvais jeu de dupes « moi ou le déluge » en faisant croire que le seul adversaire du RN et de l’extrême droite serait un parti qui fait a aggloméré des conservateurs et réactionnaires.

il y a 33 listes en course pour les #EUelections2019
HES est fière d’avoir sur la liste @enviedeurope deux membres de son bureau national.

@ARNAUDHADRYS et @tictux sur une liste qui défendra l’égalité des droits en #Europe pour toutes les familles et défendre les libertés sur notre continent #euelections2019 #lgbt
Quand on tente de se faire passer pour le seul rempart contre l’extrême droite alors que les politiques que mènent son gouvernement sont d’une nature plus qu’équivoques, c’est un sacré culot.
Que ce soit sur les droits des femmes ou d’autres domaines. #EUelections2019 #LGBT
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This story I covered this week flew under the radar. It shouldn't have, especially not the week Trump attacked #LGBT people. And the comment I got from Trump's team was...telling.
#Buttigieg targeted by right-wing operatives in antigay sex-assault smear…
Trump's team is worried about #Buttigieg rising. And they will be more upset now that the Buttigieges are on the @TIME cover because we've never had an out gay candidate in US history. (The not-so-veiled #homophobia from self-styled allies over it has been distressing.)
Trump and Pence have been ginning up their "Evangelical" base with anti-#LGBTQ rhetoric and policy. So Burkman, whose firm reps the Family Research Council (Betsy DeVos's dad's anti-gay hate group)doing this smear was quite the suspect timing.
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1. Dice el Cardenal Gracias que dentro la reforma de la Curia y de la Constitución #PrædicateEvangelium, la prioridad será la evangelización.

¿Que significa eso teniendo a un Papa que está al servicio del #Islam y del #globalismo?…

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For 2yrs Trump's DOJ has actively fought lesbian & gay employment discrimination cases, even when the lower courts have found in favor of lesbian & gay plaintiffs on the clearly delineated basis of Title VII.
These cases & the trans military ban make the #EqualityAct imperative.
I've been writing about this Trump DOJ issue for 2yrs. It's highly unlikely, given Gorsuch's and Kavanaugh's anti-gay stances that the #SCOTUS will find for #LGBT plaintiffs. But at least in hearing the cases, the issue of how unequal LGBT are is raised.…
This #SCOTUS case is critical because most Americans aren't even aware of the breadth of discrimination against #LGBT people as I explained here in this news story:

New studies show fewer Americans think LGBT people face discrimination…
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1/ Short thread 🎖️

Today, we piggybacked on @thedailytexan story about a #UT student who says he lost his ROTC scholarship due to Trump's ban on #transgender troops.
Since then, we've found out some more details.… #LGBT #LGBTQ #trans
2/ Map Pesqueira, 19, told @thedailytexan he lost a three-year scholarship he'll begin receiving next school year because he has taken steps to medically transition.

We reached out to the DoD for comment.… #txlege #LGBT #LGBTQ
3/ The DoD told us they were not aware of Pesqueira's case.

But a spokesperson told me the new "policy states that anyone enrolled in ROTC for the upcoming academic year falls under the 2016 policy." Seemingly, this means Pesqueira could keep his scholarship.

So what gives?
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"Redefining gender and sexual identity is the greatest threat to the moral fiber of America," says @GovMikeHuckabee whose daughter has lied to the American people for over a year without compunction.…
Running in the 2016 #GOP primary, Huckabee pledged to do everything possible to harm #LGBT people, to call the National Guard on #abortion clinics and arrest Hiillary Clinton.…
In 2016 I wrote about @GovMikeHuckabee championing #KimDavis, a Kentucky clerk who refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
She had been married four times, but thought gay and lesbian people were harming marriage.…
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I was a reporter in the Supreme Court the day @tribelaw gave the oral arguments in #BowersvHardwick, of the most historic cases in LGBT history. I am stunned to hear that he missed the ensuing 33yrs of LGBT activism and how many of us have spoken publicly about our gay lives.
While common for straight people to be unaware of the substance of our queer lives, for a strong ally like @tribelaw to assert this is disheartening. It implies the work done by so many of us over decades has failed to resonate, which undermines the very fabric of that activism.
I was the 1st out lesbian with a column in a daily newspaper. As a teenager I was expelled from high school for being a lesbian, I've faced discrimination my entire life. I wrote this last week:

New studies show fewer think LGBT people face discrimination…
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Some #Albertans who have been riding with me for decades are still asking why I interrupted @JKenney as often as I did Tuesday night. Will tell you exactly what I told Andrea Montgomery today on the #AlbertaMorningNews @770CHQR and @630CHED
Whether you're a Flames or Oilers fan You want your guy to rag that puck for as long as possible on the penalty kill. @JKenney insisted on ragging the puck with generic meaningless political rhetoric when the public wanted answers on serious moral questions. Have hosted Kenney
on many shows when i have given him 3 - 5 minutes for an answer. But that's because he's an eloquent speaker when there is moral principle, purpose & power in his language. There was none coming from him as he kept ragging that puck. I interrupted him to force him to focus on
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🌈Big Gay Thread of #LGBT records and history threads 🔥
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Fascist theocrats
Allan Spear
ONE magazine
Gay Liberation Photos
Pulse and HRC
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1/ How transphobic backlash hit after city cut funding to Vancouver Rape Relief because it excludes trans people, days after the B.C. Supreme Court ruled in favour of a trans youth to access treatment despite father's objection… @torontostar @starvancouver
2/ Some tweets insisted that “trans women are men” and accused trans women of being sexual predators. One called a trans person an “indignant g-sh,” a slang term for “vulva” or “something useless.”

“People have really strong views about whether trans women are women," -@VanAlias
3/ We discussed whether we should reproduce some of the hateful comments but giving a sense of the vitriol was important to help readers understand the backlash against the city's support of trans inclusion. Story on funding decision by @TessaVikander:…
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@PeteButtigieg I am a gay man (like you). I went to law school (like @ewarren). I live in NY (like @SenGillibrand). I am from the midwest (like @amyklobuchar). My father was a veteran and died of a glioblastoma (like @SenJohnMcCain). I am a jew (like @BernieSanders). /1
I support Israel (like @KamalaHarris) I am Spartacus (like @CoryBooker). I want to see an end to Islamaphobia (like @ChelseaClinton). I support stricter gun laws (like @fred_guttenberg and @davidhogg111). I believe in child care for all (like @ewarren). /2
I believe in reforming criminal justice (like @CoryBooker). I believe in being a bipartisan (like @amyklobuchar). I believe our system is sexist (so much love to @HillaryClinton). I believe that if I could just go on #TheView and talk to @MeghanMcCain she would listen /3
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Human Rights Watch mourns the death of our friend, supporter, and board member Sid Sheinberg, a legendary Hollywood executive who died at home on March 7 aged 84. @hrw…
Sheinberg and his wife Lorraine worked tirelessly for decades to support human rights and were instrumental in helping Human Rights Watch to establish work on the rights of women and LGBT people. @hrw #LGBT
“Behind his sometimes gruff demeanor, Sid was an incredibly warm, empathetic and perceptive man. He used his intelligence, his compassion, and his extraordinary network of contacts to help build Human Rights Watch into an international organization.” @KenRoth
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Matthew gave up his wallet after only being hit one time.
What followed was a torturous ride through hell, to be tied to a fence, beaten, terrorized and maimed by two men filled with hate.
Robbery as a motive was exhausted early.
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Anyone that knows a lot about the middle east want to help me out with some bots/trolls?
They don't like #Iran or #Qatar
I found them while looking at the #Russia hashtag, they are either bots or a coordinated trolls. Haven't figured it out yet.
I highlighted them here in the tweets I pulled for #russia
They all use the same naming convention, have similar creation dates, and similar "stats', they also have very similar descriptions.
Regular twitter data never looks like that.
After pulling a timeline for about 20 of them you can see they are tweeting close to the same thing at the same time.
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In 16, I complained that Sanders used the nomenclature "the Gay Movement" erasing lesbians, bisexuals and trans.

At 3:56 Sanders runs through racism, xenophobia but does not mention the attacks on #LGBT people, esp. trans people by the Trump admin.

Bernie's new stump includes "gay and straight"

No mention of the Equality Act, Census Equality Act, Trans military, bathroom bills or violence.

We are under specific attack, we notice when you don't defend us Bernie.
Today in his Brooklyn launch Sanders mentions homophobia, and "gay and straight" but again he never mentions transgender Americans.

He never lists our problems as problems to identify and fight against.

Queers notice.
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Hillary Clinton made #lgbt Rights a part of foreign policy as Secretary of State.

Someone should tell Joe Biden that Trump and Pence Have reversed That State Department guideline.
Trump Pence take it away.…
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Dianne Feinstein was the very first straight person to speak to a gay group while running for office in SAN Francisco.

(Reasons why the gays didn’t fall for the video trap nonsense)

Short video will make you cry. 🌈💔✊…

h/t and gratitude @gtripsa
"I heard the doors slam, I heard the shots, I smelled the cordite, He whisked by, everybody disappeared. I walked down the line of supervisors' offices. I walked into one and found 🌈Harvey Milk -- put my finger in a bullet hole trying to get a pulse.” -Dianne Feinstein
"I opened (Milk's) door. I found Harvey on his stomach. I tried to get a pulse and put my finger through a bullet hole. He was clearly dead.

I remember it, actually, as if it was yesterday. And it was one of the hardest moments, if not the hardest moment, of my life," Feinstein
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🌈 Thread on the #LGBT record of Cory Booker
2012:Mayor Booker "Dear God: We should not be putting civil rights issues to a popular vote subject to the sentiments or passions of the day, No minority should have their civil rights subject to the majority"
Booker is so correct on this take. Amendment 1 and Prop 8 were extremely painful for #LGBT people. We woke up the next day looked around and forever wondered who voted for us, who against. The majority should never never vote on minority rights.
Booker goes on to talk about #LGBT Americans being second class citizens. "Its ridiculous and offensive we are even having this debate, it should have been done years ago." 2012
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The #PedophileProject: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution’s Hit Parade

We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength.…
Activists for #NormalizingPedophilia are on the move. Public acceptance of #AdultSexWithChildren is the next domino poised to fall in #IdentityPolitics. It’s being sustained, among other things, by the rapid sexualization of children in the media and in K-12 education.

We cannot dismiss the campaign to #LegalizePedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength. It’s a very logical outgrowth of the nihilism inherent in the #SexualRevolution.
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🏳️‍🌈🔥 Thread of #LGBT threads
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Kamala Harris
Tulsi Gabbard
Bernie Sanders
Gay History/Pics
Fascist Theocrats
Trump rollback of #LGBT advances
Why Caucuses disenfranchise voters
🏳️‍🌈Thread on Hillary Clinton's #LGBT 🏳️‍🌈🔥record 200+ tweets #queerpol
🌈Thread on Bill Clinton's #LGBT 🏳️‍🌈🔥record 200+tweets #queerpo
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As California attorney general, Kamala Harris declined to defend California’s ban on same-sex marriage Proposition 8 in court.
Kamala Harris along side of us in Pride. #LGBT #queerpol
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Hillary went to Pulse instead of Wisconsin.

She chose to support #lgbt in a time of extreme distress and terror for us.

Stop whining that she missed a rally in Wisconsin because she comforted us.

Leaders comfort people who need it, when the need it.
Hillary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Hillary Clinton discusses Marriage Equality and the Obergefell decision in Wisconsin.
March 2016.…
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