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@GeorgePapa19 says the Italian Govt has outed Mifsud as an Intelligence asset with British Intelligence, the FBI, and CIA.

Another phony Russian spy lie by Mueller and his 18 angry Democrats exposed. Where are the real Russians in the fake Russian hoax? Russian bots? KGB emoji?
The Prime Minister of Italy has fired two of the countries most powerful intelligence chiefs (wish it happened that quick in the US), in a major shake-up. It was directly attributed to their participation with @JohnBrennan and the CIA in using Mifsud to set up @GeorgePapa19 as...
...a pretext for launching the Great Russia Hoax of 2016 to overthrow President @realDonaldTrump. The use of italian intelligence agencies to spy on members of the Trump campaign have roiled the internal workings of the Italian Government at the highest levels. #RussiaHoax #Trump
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Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon gave John Rendon a $100,000-a-month contract to track anti-U.S. foreign news reports, offer advice on media strategy and plant pro-U.S. stories in web, print and television. @CorpWatch…
While his brother worked at the helm of information operations selling war, Rick Rendon was handling PR for post 9/11 peace campaigns. And in 2004 he managed an event at the DNC in Boston. Rick Rendon's career with the Democratic party dates back to the 1980 New York convention.
Almost 40 years since the New York convention, the two brothers are still closely linked business and political partners. John and Rick appear to work in two distinct orbits, Boston and DC. John circles the world selling war strategies while Rick stays at home selling “peace.”
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1. #QAnon's "Boom-time, Baker" has made for a very big 2 weeks indeed - a time to reflect on some of what we've learned in CONTEXT. "We're at a really dangerous inflection point now, D's have completely forfeited Western values. This spy thing is a big deal."
2. Completely forfeited Western values? Spy thing? How, we may ask, did we have a man who refused to be sworn on the Bible for his oath of office, a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate for President, become the head of our C⨡A? #QAnon #Q…
3. Does the President of the United States take direction from the unelected C⨡A? Does the C⨡A "stand up" to the President? Perhaps if Nixon or JFK were alive, we could ask them. #QAnon #Q
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Let me tell you all a swamp story from not too long ago, it all started some time before January 1, 1994 when a group of #uberRich vile nasty creatures from “deep” within swamp state government decide to hold a covert meeting between the top #swampThings and world government.
We can call it “The Logan Law End Around”. The swamp things that I speak of love to make money on the backs of the middle-class deplorable workers around the world.
“The Logan Law End Around” hatched a plan that would take us from a balanced budget to bankrupt in 20 years and devastate the middle class, but making the pond scum #superUberRich. @realDonaldTrump @Jim_Jordan
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The FBI, under James Comey, launched an entrapment scheme against #Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos in a London bar in September 2016.

Undercover agents tried to get him to say, there was Russian involvement, but the plot failed.

Where are the transcripts?
After the FBI entrapment scheme failed in London in 2016, #Mueller’s head prosecutor Andrew Weissman setup another operation in Greece using CIA operative Tawil to “hire” Popadopoulos as an advisor on retainer to an Israeli energy firm paying him $10,000 upfront in cash.
Popadopoulos was expected to return to the US with the $10,000 in cash, where the FBI was waiting to arrest him for not declaring the money.

They didnt know George left the money in Greece until they searched his bags at the US airport where he was arrested.
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For over two years, lunatics have accused @realDonaldTrump of #treason based on their #collusiondelusion.

Did it matter to any of them that the #Constitution precisely defines what is, and what is not, treason?
Did it matter to any of them that, in the absence of a #declarationofwar, that Trump accepting nonfinancial assistance -- opposition research on the odious and loathsome @HillaryClinton -- could NEVER be #treason.
Whether it would reflect sound political judgment to accept such aid is a decision best made at the ballot box, but we don't twist and distort the clear lines set out in the #Constitution as part of a coastal hissy fit over an unexpected election outcome.
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#Retweet - #BillBinney LIVE tonight , 9PM EST on #LaRouche weekly fireside chat

#RussiaHoax #RussiaGate #Binney #NSA

[2] Binney - All timestamps of the DNC email files have been rounded off in their timestamps. This is a clear fingerprint of the FAT (File allocation Table) file system that would be used on a thumb drive or a CDROM. Clear evidence of a physical copy.
[3] Binney- Mueller never asked about any evidence of clear use of local copying that Binney has available. Mueller didnt document it in the #MuellerReport. Mueller went out of his way to avoid any mention of any evidence that is known to exist that shows there was no Russia Hack
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1. Many of the @SenateGOP and @HouseGOP including @LindseyGrahamSC , @RepMarkMeadows , @Jim_Jordan and @senatemajldr are calling for an investigation into the origins of the #MuellerInvestigation #RussiaHoax

Well here it is right on Page 1, volume 1 of #TheMuellerReport
2. "In late July 2016, soon after WikiLeaks's first release of stolen documents, a foreign government contacted the FBI about a May 2016 encounter with Trump Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos..." #TrumpColluded #TrumpObstructed #CaseNotClosed
3. "Papadopoulos had suggested to a representative of that foreign government that the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign" #TrumpColluded #TrumpObstructed #CaseNotClosed #putinsGOP
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@CNN #FakeNews is cutting 300 jobs as rating keep falling lower and lower each year.
We are the news now…
Over the last few weeks major news agencies are cut it jobs big time.
About 2000 jobs have been lost.

#RussiaHoax #SpyGate
C!A mocking birds.…
Gannet News Aency cuts their staff in half and their CEO Resigns.
Panic in the media.
They have ended their own careers by constantly putting @realDonaldTrump
Constantly attacking @POTUS
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1. #QAnon You are now witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. May, 2019: The 'kick-off', the 'start' of the 'offense' against the #DeepStateCorruption.
Enjoy the show!
2. #QAnon Now the 'kick-off': The blockade is over, "Russia collusion drama is over. There's a little side show w these hearings going on now but the next act of this drama is going to be the FISA abuse & the misuse of our IC & there's going to be a lot of accountability..." #Q
3. #QAnon

Starting: Karate Kid Kick Offense
Enjoy the show!

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1. The #Mayday US Senate exam of AG William Barr for the #MuellerReport found Democrats flailing all day: How to spin something out of nothing? Attack Barr who'd elected to release whole confidential report finding no collusion & couldn't charge obstruction. They were flummoxed.
2. The gist of the entire day was captured by Senator Cruz who was himself reportedly a target of the spying. For example, most focus was on the #MuellerLetter, a nonsensical complaint in the context of the full, non-obligatory disclosure of all of #MuellersReport. #NothingBurger
3. Ted Cruz pointed out that the unnecessary $35-$40 million 2 year investigation into the #RussiaHoax came up with no collusion and no obstruction after 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and 500 witnesses. You can't say they didn't try. #Spygate
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From March 2017: @wikileaks will prove that the CIA planted fake evidence to connect @realDonaldTrump to the #RussiaHoax if the #MuellerReport doesn't expose the truth.
Is this why #Assange is being brought to the US?

Wikileaks Founder Ready to Provide Evidence Russian Collusion is False

From 2017:
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide evidence that the Russian collusion narrative is false in exchange for a pardon from President Trump.…
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Though this is a complex & ongoing #investigation, it’s clear the DNC has not been open & transparent—for what reason we don’t yet know. This is a poignant example of why we need new laws to open up the finances of our elected representatives.…
[7/2017] Imran Awan, a House staffer at the center of a criminal #investigation potentially affecting dozens of DEMOCRATIC lawmakers, has been arrested on a bank fraud charge & is prevented from leaving the country while the charge is pending.…
[08/2017] Awan was still on payroll for Debbie Wasserman Schultz until he was indicted last mth...longtime IT staffer who worked for > 2 DZN House DEMOCRATS, has been at center of an ongoing criminal probe on Cap Hill related to alleged procurement theft…
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Ok so I'm posting some info I found while researching the Apple connection

This is by no means complete, I just want to keep a running thread of my findings

I was doing a search of Apple on Wikileaks & ran across the HB Gary emails
HB Gary was a private intelligence firm brought in to help military contractor QiNetiQ after a series of serious intelligence hacks

QinetQ was determined to be infected by China for years and was still recieving govt contracts

Long detailed article…
While assessing malicious activity, found this block of IP addresses part of

They discover 18 URLs either not registered or registered to someone in China

Domain tool shows not registered but server insiders show it in China…
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The start of fake Russian Collusion, Crossfire Hurricane, Spy Gate yada yada has always bugged me

Between March & July of 2016 it was a shit show of nonsense resulting in an attempted coup of a United States President

But why the shit show?

Bc APPLE didn’t cave to @Comey
In December 2015, there was the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, CA

The terrorists left behind an iPhone that Comey & his pals said the could not unlock

Comey goes to the Hill & testifies that the FBI nor outside contractors can crack the phone…
They take Apple to court

Apple fights the feds on First Amendment rights & privacy concerns but a judge orders Apple to create a new version of its operating system with “intentionally weakened security features”
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2/How is it people on Senate Intel Committee investigating fake Russia Russia Russia sit on #RegimeChangeDeluxe boards with active participants in the hoax and/or connected to the dossier?
3/A few weeks ago I did a thread on the NEW members of the NED board without reviewing who currently serves on that board. Big mistake.

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How has the #RussiaHoax been allowed to reach into the oil sector?

ExxonMobil is doing unjust enrichment at Sakhalin-1 and Russia's Rosneft sued ExxonMobil.

They site the rift b/w ExxonMobil & Radneft, "Moscows" elections 2016…

Big problem with this.
We find out from Dog Campbell that
Russian nuclear executives that Moscow (Khodorkovsky hired APC not Moscow) had hired the American lobbying firm APCO (a Johnathan Winer company who works for Bill Browder)…
This #RussiaHoax narrative pushed unnecessary sanctions…

ExxonMobil used these sanctions to attack Russia oil.

Now if you have read all my threads Khodorkovsky and Bill Browder with Soros have been wanting to take Russia down by way of their oil.
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If the intelligence community under @BarackObama REALLY HAD EVIDENCE OF ANY #Russia hacking or interference he wouldn't have had his communications director say "trust me"

He would have issued a Tearline, he didn't because the @FBI helped NABU in Ukraine interfere, NOT RUSSIA!
@realDonaldTrump Make the deal. B/c Bill Browder is behind the #Trump Tower narrative, b/c Mueller wants 13 pawns who spent $4,000 in @facebook ads which isn't a crime & #Putin wants Bill Browder for his long list of crimes there make a swap. Undo the Magnitsky Act! #UkraineGate
This was lost on the American People. Rod Rosenstein never said Russia Government. Just 13 citizens of Russia. #RussiaHoax narrative alive today still says the Government of Russia did something that only the @FBI, NABU & Ukrainian officials did.
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John Solomon & Sara Carter discuss their coverage of special counsel Robert #Mueller's #investigation, #bias in the mainstream media #MSM

via @YouTube
showtime, baby!


#Qanon #RussiaGate #SpyGate #FISAgate #RussiaHoax
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@realDonaldTrump didn't run on neocon war ideas but Bolton has weekly appearances at Breitbart pushing his own neocon foreign policies. Why is Breitbart doing this? Bolton is one of their top donors
@realDonaldTrump directly was rejecting this and why his voters liked him. This threatens the neocon agenda but threatens the neoliberal agenda as well.
Example: Kenith Dart renounced citizenship and get citizenship of Ireland. Most hated man in S America.
Kenneth (spelled wrong above sorry) Dart would go buy up troubled cheap countries debt. called vulture capitalism. He works with Paul Singer a major Republican donor. Darts family still lives he, he did this to avoid taxes here.
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Police reports detail Beto O’Rourke’s 1998 DWI arrest…
Beto: "I was arrested for attempted forcible entry after jumping a fence at UT El Paso. I spent a night in El Paso Cty Jail, was able to make bail the next day & was released. 3 yrs later, I was arrested for drunk driving"

so he's never….co/y9GUQx09Uv
equal justice for all or nah?

O’Rourke’s May 1995 misdemeanor arrest on the UTEP campus was later declined & his September 1998 misdemeanor DWI arrest in El Paso was…XN9j
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Knws Sen. Res. 322 2006' he knws Khodorkovsky. He knws Bill Browder issue in the meeting at Trump Tower. He knows Apco (Khodorkovsky Menatep bank lobbies for) is ran by Johnathan M. Winer. He knows he is long term friends w/ Chris Steele…
He knws @JoeBiden is sponsor on Sen. Res 322, he knws McStain & @BarackObama co-sponsored Khodorkovsky. Two ppl on 1 resolution ran against each other?? One becomes VP? Now wants to run as Pres?

Khodorkovsky = Menatep Bank = Yoko's oil= Apco= Victoria Nuland= Talbit = Clinton
Where was Sen. Res 322 created?
@ the Henry Jackson Institute in Lodon. James Woolsey connection.

James Woolsey BOD of Genie Energy & oil, where are their drilling rights? The Golan Heights.

Genie= Howard Jones & Ira Greenstein = Kushner family friend, Charles Kushner.
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CNN is pushing a new hoax: "President Trump mocked asylum seekers." That's absurd. POTUS talked specifically about those who are coached. As the Washington Post itself reported, “Some migrants’ stories…have a rehearsed quality, suggesting they are concocted." Some get "coaching"
@jimsciutto spread the lie. "Trump appeared to mock immigrants seeking asylum. Seemed pretty clear."
@kaitlancollins spread the lie: "saying that some of them, he believes in his mind, are faking it"
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The simple fact that this made the news (multiple articles) should tell you all you need to know.
We are the second most attacked group, after Trump at number 1
Post tracking sites now censoring / adjusting visitor counts?

#Qanon #BandOfAnons #QArmy
FBI clashed with DOJ over potential 'bias' of source for surveillance warrant: McCabe-Page texts…
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