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#BTC #Bitcoin Introduction Guide:

(1) Buy & Read:
* "The Bitcoin Standard" by @saifedean

(2) Listen:
* Interview by @stephanlivera with Saifedean Ammous (helps clarify "The Bitcoin Standard" for you)
(3) Read:…
* @real_vijay's "The Bullish Case for Bitcoin"

(4) Listen:
* @stephanlivera interviews Vijay Boyapati (author of "The Bullish Case for Bitcoin")
(5) Listen:
* Stephan Livera gives a beginning education on true economics = "Austrian Economics"

(6) Listen:
* Understanding the Bitcoin Ecosystem with Jeff @theonevortex
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A @chainalysis employee goes rogue, AMA on @RedditBTC, Deletes it

Few takes:
-run your own server, ALWAYS USE TOR/VPN
-Chainalysis runs @ElectrumWallet servers
-If you connect to a Chainalysis server they download+log your addresses
-Avoid mobile wallets
-Top 5 Flag reasons - Being stolen funds, dnm, mixer, terrorist financing, ransomware payout addresses
-With @coinjoin and @wasabiwallet company viability is very low.
-Probable ISP connections in EU
-US Gov and exchanges are the biggest clients
-Probably 100s caught by law enforcement using their tech
--most Exchanges don't share KYC, but UserIDs
-LN makes tracking difficult
- Sending #btc to yourself to try and mask things with hops doesn't really work, Ehm @aantonop
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#BTC soran arkadaşlar: Böyle sayıyorum. Kısa vadede yükseliş muhtemelen sona ermek üzere. Ancak orta vadede (muhtemelen 6.500-7.000'e kadar) geri çekilip bir atak daha (muhtemelen 13.650) yapmasını beklerim. Bence [Y] düşüşü öncesinde [X] içinde. Bu pilav daha çok su kaldırır.
Çok nadir BTC yorumu yapıyorum, son yorumum şuydu:…
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1/Last week's №1news was not the >10kBTC breakout or #Facebook's #Libra announcement, but release of the #FATF(Financial Action Task Force) Guidance on Virtual Assets(VAs) and Virtual Asset Service Providers(VASPs, anyone professionally dealing with crypto, inc. natural persons)
2/Libra and FATF news represent the "old", centralised world's most powerful-yet attempts at fencing the global crypto phenomenon. One year US Presidency in FATF ending Jun30, effectively helped extend the recent FinCen crypto guidance ( globally
3/And market clearly isn't yet pricing in any of the potential outcomes entailed in this development.We suggest monitoring it in the context of state-by-state implementations, which will end up harmonised - i.e. similar. Here's what we wrote to our Research subscribers in March
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Will history repeat itself? The @TraceMayer Multiple indicated 4 major trend changes during the last two cycles: (1) Cycle low, (2) Correction #1, (3) Correction #2, (4) Cycle top. If history repeats, we might be close to Correction #1 at around $13k.

#BTC #Bitcoin

Thread 👇
1/ During the last two bull markets, 3 of the 4 major corrections came in exactly at 2.5x the 200 DMA. Assuming that the low is in at $3150 and we are in a bull market, a current 200 DMA of $5070, suggests Correction #1 to take place at around $12,7k. Considering that
2/ the 200 DMA keeps increasing on the way up to 2.5x, the more realistic target would probably be around $13k. What would be the retracement target? During the last bull run, Correction #1 and #2 both came in at around 40%. This would put the downside target at around $7.8k.
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1/ 6 PREDICTIONS about what @Facebook's #cryptocurrency means. Grab the popcorn bc I analyzed publicly disclosed info to make 6 predictions, of which 2 will be controversial (#2 and #6). @ForbesCrypto #Libra #bitcoin…
2/ First prediction: @Facebook's #stablecoin will be a positive force in developing countries. Second: @Facebook will pay #interest to users of its #cryptocurrency, which will eventually lead to populist calls to repeal subsidies at the heart of the US banking system.
3/ It's true that #stablecoin issuers generally pocket the float on the assets backing the coins, but I go out on a limb & predict there's no way @Facebook will be able to pocket these big profits w/o sharing them with users. To be clear I haven't seen @Facebook disclose this.
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$BTC vs $USD pairs

How to play?

BTC Up-Trend = Play USD Pairs

BTC Down Trend = Play BTC Pairs

BTC sideways = Play Both

BTC indecisive = Be selective & be prepared to jump either ways on short notice

This is relevant if #Bitcoin Dominance is high & rising up

Thread / 2
If #Bitcoin dominance is diminishing & on its way down, we can play:

$BTC Up-Trend = Up-Trending ALTs with stronger trends than BTC can offer higher profits in USD terms. You get the benefit from BTC up trend + ALTs uptrend

Thread / 3
If #Bitcoin dominance is diminishing

#BTC down trend = Play BTC paired ALTs with strong up-trends. This will help you to beat negative BTC returns & accumulate more #Bitcoins

#BTC sideways = Play whatever is trending

#BTC indecisive = Be prepared to jump either ways

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Did #hyperwave fail? Is #BTC still in a Hyperwave? And why are we now buying when we said it was going to $1k?

Let us try to answer the great Qs that @LucidInvestment, @Sawcruhteez and I have received below, in a true Bitcoiner style... a tweet storm ⛈
2/ Hyperwave didn’t just call for a return to Phase 1 at $1,000, it called for a buy in the $3,200 neighborhood and a sell above $18k. While it appears that a bottom was found before reaching the final $1,000 target that does not imply that Hyperwave failed
3/ Following the rules led to drastically outperforming the markets ROI since 2017 and it protected investors from the downside that followed.

But is bitcoin still in a Hyperwave?
The BTC Hyperwave is still in effect until a new all time high is reached.
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1/ May 10th, 2019, marked the first time in 577 consecutive days that bitcoin's 200 Day Moving Average (DMA) has recently started trending upward.

This has massive implications for a bull run. Let's look at why.

(thread) #crypto #BTC
2/ First, a moving average is a very simple indicator for identifying an asset's direction, up or down. The 200 DMA, given its large number of inputs in determining the average (200), tends to confirm reversals and broader trend direction.
3/ For #bitcoin, the 1st time we experienced a rise in the 200 DMA was on June 6, 2012. This rise lasted 761 consecutive days and the price appreciated 23,308%. The period ended on June 6, 2014, when the 200 DMA began sloping down (note the matching dates!)
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ALTs update

#USD paired ALTs are pumping, mostly thx to $BTC pump against #USD

$BTC paired ALTs continued to struggle but are showing bottoming process for last few days

Here is how to play ALTs:

Check the Thread /2
If you are into $BTC you may flip your #BTC position for ALTs for next few days if #Bitcoin struggles against key resistance & can’t post higher highs in next few days

Which ALTs to choose ?

2 setups

Trend Continuation
Trend Reversal

I prefer 1st one, let’s discuss both /3
Trend Continuation is relevant for those ALTs which are still trending up against $BTC

There aren’t many, but handful of them like #LTC #BNB are taking a breather against $BTC But May find a support & eventually pump again

What about Trend Reversal? /4
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1/n Dear Bitcoiners. Next time someone tells you that the #XRP Ledger is more decentralised than #BTC, and you look at them dumbfounded, this is why. The fact this is even contemplated shows the issue. 3-4 mining pools control >51% of the authority
2/ if someone were able to persuade 3-4 key people that a re-org would be a good idea, then it could happen. In this case it is the damage to Binance’s (fine) reputation that would prevent them from doing it. But a malicious actor might not have that concern. With XRP there
3/ is literally no mechanism in the protocol to do a chain re-org. The concept of ‘longest chain wins’ just doesn’t exist on the XRP Ledger. Once a transaction is final (in a few seconds) that is it. It is final. If you wanted to introduce a change to the protocol to ‘unwind’
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1/Given the recent news around #tether and #bitfinex, we wondered whether the more professional BTC investors would become more cautious - presumably inclined to take the @NewYorkStateAG action as no ordinary #FUD the retail crypto is so used to brushing off. Not really, it seems
2/In the wake of #Fidelity or #TDAmeritrade offering trading and storing of bitcoin, #CME futures is still the biggest market for US institutions to get exposure to #bitcoin price action.Commitment of Traders reports by #CFTC reflect trader positions by end of business on Tuesday
3/Reports come out every Friday to avoid market abuse. @krugermacro suggested using them as a proxy for institutional adoption, which was also referenced in the influential recent report by @tuurdemeester and @MLescrauwaet. We've also been tracking COT positions. Take a look
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WHY @wavesplatform $WAVES should be on your radar and why I believe that it is one of the largest and the shiniest #gem on a #cryptomarket?

1) Huge amount of #BTC (30k?)from ICO which are big financial cushion for such a large company. Hardly anyone knows, but they also rised about 140 m USD from private company in Dec 2018.
Even if the bear market will stay 5 more years they have enough money to survive.

2) @sasha35625 is great leader. His marketing skills along with great #waves technology are one of the most important factors why i will be hodling $waves to the end of the world and one more day.

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Here's a look at how @bitfinex is managing its #BTC internal liquidity on-chain

Source data from

1/ First comes the 17.2K BTC ($89M) withdrawal from the @bitfinex cold wallet (as also reported by @TheBlock__) which actually was transferred to a Bitfinex-controlled hot wallet.
2/ Next up was a smaller 4K BTC ($20M) transfer to another @bitfinex controlled wallet designated for customer withdrawals.
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An interesting observation related to percentage share of having 1 Bitcoin with respect to Gold.

A thread:

#Bitcoin #BTC #Gold $BTC
Owning just 1 Bitcoin will give you 0.0000047619% share of the total supply. There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins. So, your percentage of total supply will never change regardless the price of Bitcoin in USD.
Bitcoin is known as the digital gold. So, lets do a small comparison.

Total estimated gold in the world: 190,000 tonnes.

To have same share of gold in total gold supply of having 1 Bitcoin, you must have 9.04 Kilograms. That is 371,923$ in todays value.
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@PeterRizun I use the software my self. I run c-lighting and spark wallet. It is hard to believe that you couldn't send 0.00019 btc. I sent money to Venezuela the other day and more than you are trying to send. And I am just a noob and you are chief scientist of a pre mined scam.
@PeterRizun And my node is a very basic node that I use to follow the development of this project that is still in alpha stage.
I rather verify to trust to others where I put my money or investment,
@PeterRizun @PeterRizun
I already replied twice to your tweets but you keep deleting them, since you mess with twitter logins and used a sockpuppet account.

If you are trying to be serious on a subject behave accordingly.
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#bitcoin #LightningNetwork Multi-party channels (NOT channel factories) offers massive benefits over standard 2 party channels.
Fees to open are minimal.
Finding path becomes MUCH MUCH easier.
From a routing perspective, if you have 1 BTC in a MP-channel, it can be routed to
any other member of the MP channel. Paths becomes drastically shorter, and cheaper, while simultaneously increasing liquidity massively. It has a multiplicative factor on all liquidity.
Channel factories = BTC split amount x number of channels
MP-channel = a channel for the
full amount to every single other member. So, if I join a 1001 member MP channel with 1 bitcoin, it'll show up a 1,000 BTC of liquidity. The channel graph would show me having 1,000 channels with 1 BTC each, ready and willing. (PLUS the amount each other person has to me)
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XRP THE STANDARD 😉 I'm of the opinion whales use XRP as a stepping stone when trading BTC.

Whats interesting is the correlation between the two:

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
If we look at whats going on under the hood. W1 STOCH on all top caps including #bitcoin have maxed out. With the exception of XRP.

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
Dial it down to D1 and we see a very similar setup on the RSI. All top caps maxed out (some have a bearish div) and XRP is sitting on the bottom again.

My take on this, longing XRP wouldn't be the worst idea if btc neccs.

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
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I might not be making money yet myself, waiting for my #ALTs to moon, but at least I'm useful to someone(my best friend since Jr. High and college roomate).

$PINK $PIVX $ONG $MTL $LIFE (I'll mention the other good coins when I'm able to get in on them 😀). Must pump these first.
#bitcoin doing well since my "extremely bullish" proclamation to my friend about 25 minutes ago at the bottom of the most recent short-term dip.

Give the fuck up, bears! You're done for! #MuellerMayhem incoming!

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My takeaway from Apple Card launch is changing form factor of payments. Samsung and Apple are taking card-not-present payment instructions mainstream and making it 2nd nature to pay w/mobile. This is critical if cryptocurrency payment methods are ever to go mainstream. >thread>
Apple Card & Samsung Pay both tokenize card payment instrument to enable card-not-present payment instructions. Means these payments run through the four party payments model. Payer still instructs his bank to make payment to payee's bank account, via payment system operator.
What's important about this is that payment cards first launched in 1950s and took this long to become almost universally accepted. In early days of payment cards there were numerous problems related to clearing and settlement, fraud, security, etc. This hindered adoption.
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achievement unlocked: Destroy an entire financial ecosystem in one tweet-thread.

#bitcoin #btc #ltc #altcoins #blockchain #eth #ToTheMoon #reality #logic #truth
If you’ve seen GitS:Innocence, consider this yout Batou-gets-unhacked-in-the-convenience-store moment.
There are already people showing up in this thread that don’t get it.
The data *currently* being handed out en mass is (and always be) only protected by current methods. Those protections will not be able to protect today’s data from tomorrow’s tech.
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1/ Some thoughts on Litecoin and how it could be a clue to Bitcoin's bottom. #BTCLTC #BTC #BTCUSD


2/ Litecoin has previously bottomed and rallied a few months before Bitcoin bottomed. History doesn't repeat itself but it does influence the future.
3/ Litecoin's long/short ratio on Bitfinex has double-bottomed and we now see shorts continue to get squeezed higher.
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ANACM Anadolu Cam Sanayii AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#anacm #bist #borsa #bist100 #BIST30 #bist50 #halkyatırım #anadolucam #rapor #hisse
BIMAS BİM Birleşik Mağazalar AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#bimas #BIMAS #bist #borsa #bist100 #bist30 #bist50 #temettü #bim #rapor #hisse
MGROS Migros Ticaret AŞ - Halk Yatırım Kantitatif Analizi…

#mgros #bist #borsa #bist100 #bist30 #bist50 #migros #rapor #hisse
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