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The end of another semester of engaging students with @WikiEducation at @MissouriSandT @sandtcasb in #HistSCI means another tweet thread about this super fun project.
49 students, 32 articles, 40K words added, +285K views so far. I love their work! Take a look!
I'm going to group them. First group-- #WomenInSTEM #WomeninHistory
Students found that, uh oh, it's HARD to find reliable sources on women in science! This didn't stop them, though. They pushed through and learned some new research skills.… is 1 product.
Tycho's sister,… was another article that needed work. The women who worked on this one had to find all sources on Tycho then sift through for the 2-3 pages about Sophia. Thank goodness for good #librarians at S&T who were patient and helpful!
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Just launched, the @OpticalSociety & @SPIEtweets Professional Conduct @WomenInResIE joint report on Assessing and Addressing The Level of Harassment at Scientific Meetings #STEM #womeninstem #womeninoptics #scicomm #optics #photonics…
Some interesting stats, which are not very surprising "over 9% of respondents say they experienced harassment at meetings or events hosted by the scientific societies. Of those who experienced harassment, 63% were women." #womeninstem #womeninoptics #LGBTinSTEM #optics #photonics
I've just had a quick read but the thing that struck me most, more than the stats was the personal stories in Appendix I - sadly these are stories I've heard from friends & colleagues who have attended scientific meetings & conferences. #womeninSTEM #womeninoptics #LGBTinSTEM
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Today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of noted phycologist Dr. Isabella Aiona Abbott.

She was the first Native Hawai’ian woman to earn a PhD in science and became a renowned expert on Pacific #algae.
Known as the "First Lady of Limu*", Abbott first started learning about edible seaweeds from her mother and spent hours collecting them from the beaches of Maui.

She even wrote a book about how to cook seaweeds!

*limu is Hawaiian for seaweed
She began teaching classes at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station in 1960.

She then went on to become the first female full professor in Stanford’s biology department, as well as the first minority full professor in 1972.
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08/03 is the International Day of Women's Rights.
Some #fiercewomen did not have the rights we have today, but they went ahead & challenged the society by doing #science!
⤵️15 profiles of women from the card game by @cunterview #WomensRights #STEM #IWD2019
Hypathia was a philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician, who lived in the 4th century BC in Alexandria. The first documented woman mathematician, she may have been the first "witch" to have been executed because of her intellectual endeavor. #WomenInSTEM…
Maria Gaetana Agnesi was a mathematician, philosopher, theologian, and humanitarian, who lived in Milan in the 18th century.
She was the first woman to write a mathematics handbook and be appointed as a mathematics professor at a university! #WomenInSTEM…
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What happens when women speak up against harassment in scientific institutions? The latest in a long string of retaliation stories, Dr. BethAnn McLaughlin @McLNeuro may lose her job on Feb 28, absent a last-minute reprieve from Vanderbilt University…
This week, we wrote a letter to @NicholasZeppos showing our support for @McLNeuro #metooSTEM founder, MIT Disobedience Awardee, slayer of the Rate My Professor chili pepper, advocate for safety in science, teller of uncomfortable truths, and accountability bloodhound.
We and thousands of others support Dr. McLaughlin as a scientist but also as a spokeswoman against harassment and assault in science #metooSTEM…
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Confessions of a bipolar professor (1/5): #hypomania sounds like it is a wonderful thing - increased energy fueling creativity and good times! What's not to like? But for me, I'm in the midst of dysmorphic hypomania. And it just plain sucks.

#bipolar #highered #AcademicTwitter
(2/5) my brain, which has been rigorously trained for decades, suddenly believes that 1 + 1 = blue. I know I am not thinking rationally, but my head is also telling me to do all sorts of crazy things!

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
(3/5) brain: let's destroy relationships! Let's yell at everybody and go down in the flames of angry glory! Let's run away and purchase a house in Spain! Let's be the worst version of ourself!

Rational brain: wait a second....

#bipolar #hypomania #AcademicTwitter
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Guten Morgen! Ich bin Michaela, Wissenschaftlerin und Journalistin, zudem Feministin und Sozialdemokratin. Heute geht's darum, wie jede dieser Facetten meinen Blick auf die Welt beeinflusst und wie ich als Journalistin mit dieser "Subjektivität" umgehe.
Als Feministin fühle ich mich schon seit langem. In Großbritannien schien sich auch niemand sehr an diesem "Label" zu stören. In Deutschland (wie auch in Österreich) sehe ich aber noch mehr Zurückhaltung beziehungsweise sogar Widerstand gegen den Begriff.
Deshalb bin ich neugierig: Wer von euch sieht sich denn selbst als Feminist*in?
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The main reason I’ve been quite off from social media lately is the #AusESO2019 conference, organised by @AAOMacquarie @AAOorg @ESO_Australia et al, starting now.After enjoying 1h40min of driving in Sydney I got in time for listening Eric Emsellem @ESO, connecting Australia & ESO
PS: GPS said “45 min” when I departed from “home” this morning...
Next in #AusESO2019 is Julia Bryant @Sydney_Science @AAOorg talking about 🇦🇺 Integral Field Spectroscopy and synergies with @eso, first showing showing some results from @SAMI_survey. And that is me at the AAT plugging SAMI fibres!
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🧮📈 Meet Prof Margaret Wu, emeritus statistician @unimelb who works on educational assessment. In the ‘70s Wu worked on the Watterson estimator, a statistical test to evaluate the genetic diversity of a population. New @wikipedia page:… #WomeninSTEM
Wu’s contributions to computational biology were unearthed by Emilia Huerta-Sánchez @BrownUniversity and Rori Rohlfs at @SFSU. 😅 #HiddenNoMore
GA Watterson went ahead and published their parameter as a single author publication w/ > 3,000 citations. Wu, who is mentioned in the acknowledgments, was not encouraged to complete a PhD.
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Today is #WomenInScience Day, so please allow me to introduce you to some of the #WomenInSTEM who have made an impact in my career.
I hope you'll give them a follow so you can keep up with them every day of the year
Let me start with sharks.
@BiminiSharkGirl is the founder of @Sharks4Kids and educates students all across the globe on the importance of protecting sharks.
It's hard keeping up with @leahmeth
We first worked together in 2012(!) to create @TheSharkStanley, the little character who helped protect sharks at #CITES2013
We later retooled him to create shark sanctuaries.
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Let's make and retain #WomenInScience and #WomenInSTEM! Need some hints about where to start? HERE 👏 WE ✊ GO 👩🏽‍🔬
(with 📚 references!)
Ensure women are equitably represented in #scicomm multimedia, especially in video, so that young women can see themselves in #STEM…
(@scifri does this as a matter of good journalism)
Also, ignore the haters:…
Provide (or lead!) opportunities for young female-identifying lovers of STEM to hang out together, share their STEM interests, and represent that interest to other members of their community…
(👆 killer strategies paper btw)…
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Fun fact: in the 1940s teenagers were called Sub-Debs! Calling All Girls, July 1942.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Calling All Girls, May 1945.
#WomenInSTEM 1940s style... Calling All Girls, October 1944.
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Today in pulp: we're Calling All Girls! Let's see what you have to say...
Fun fact: in the 1940s teenagers were called Sub-Debs! Calling All Girls, July 1942.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Calling All Girls, May 1945.
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The @Wikipedia page of Dr Clarice Phelps (…), researcher @ORNL, has been nominated for deletion because the references fail to establish notability. 🙏🏽 Please vote… and help improve the biography. #BHM #womeninSTEM
The problem is not that she’s not notable, or that @Wikipedia editors are a bunch of sexist trolls waiting to jump on the bio of an impressive scientist, but because despite her success there are very few reliable references I could use. She may have discovered an element, ..
but there’s relatively little written about her from reliable sources. Idea: universities, learned societies, news websites, start profiling these innovative and inspiring underrepresented minority scientists. It would help the @WikiWomenInRed squad a lot!
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@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz Set up ways to continue dialogue with @NIHDirector & committee–ongoing conversation & input. Action plan before you leave. Also make clear any further delays are unacceptable. Action plans, strong regulations/policies must be instituted immediately. Petition is excellent example.
@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz @NIHDirector 1- Many excellent thoughts/suggestions in thread. We thought a list of comments/support/urgency from many sectors may be useful. Concerning that @NIHDirector has not made clear, active efforts to stop #SexualHarassment by @NIH grant holders while @NSF & other orgs have.
@McLNeuro @DrAilshire @JMGrohNeuro @sbarolo @hormiga @risss_evans @KKTreseder @SarahEMyhre @batssiki @sbrietz @NIHDirector @NIH @NSF 2- Why isn’t #SexualHarassment a top #NIH priority. Why the resistance to actively creating strong policies against #SexualHarassment to protect #WomenInMedicine #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #WomeninEngineering, even when called out repeatedly by many. What’s the real issue here?
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Let’s do it.
Goals of workshop:
1) What is the current state of the field - what do we already know?
2) What are the funded near-future plans? What might we know soon?
3) What are the potential future advances that could be important?
4) How can NASA help?
Intro by @Astro_Wright - what are technosignatures?

(Autocorrect has no idea what to do with the word ‘technosignatures’ if you get even a single letter wrong.)
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My book "Ask An Ocean Explorer"(*) is out in 30 days (on 21 Feb).

So for the next 30 days, I'll be sharing some of the wonders & history of exploring the deep here, in #30daysofdeep

(*<cough>available for pre-order, e.g.…; also for Kindle, & audio book)
On this day, 59 years ago, two people reached the ocean's deepest point for the first time.

Here's a wonderful account by one of them, Don Walsh, in his own words:…

And here's some archive newsreel footage:

#30daysofdeep 1/30
#30daysofdeep 2/30

Here's Gorringe Bank, a twin-peaked seamount near Portugal that rises from ~5 km deep to ~50 m deep, taller than Mont Blanc in the Alps. Home to >800 species, from deep-sea glass sponges to kelp.

Discovered by USS Gettysburg in 1875 under Capt Henry Gorringe.
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Irony just died a thousand deaths. University engaged in deliberate,relentless abuse & victimisation of a disabled woman in STEM research has been rewarded for "encouraging"women in STEM #WomenEmpowerment #WomenInSTEM #WomenInTech #WomenInEngineering #HumanRights #GenderEquality
Abusive University rewarded. Abuse of a disabled female STEM researcher. Ripped off my income-Commonwealth merit award which I won. $4.8/hr…
@Athena_SWAN @Science_Academy @SciGenderEquity @WomenSciAUST @WGEAgency @sallyrugg @sallymcmanus @GetUp @Change
University in Melbourne rewarded for "encouraging" diversity & women in STEM. The University abused me & ruined my career. I'm a disabled woman & was a PhD student in Engineering.… #WomenInSTEM #GenderEquality @ausgenderequal @EqualEngineers @Stemettes
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I’m half way my trip to the Anglo-Australian Telescope @scienceANU at @SidingSpring.After 7 months & suffering the Guillain-Barré Syndrome in July, now ~98% recovered, I’m really looking forward combining supporting telescope observations & stargazing.I’ll need many more of these
You don’t know how much time I’ve waited to see this again!
Last night I didn’t have much time to tweet or share my excitement. After needing less than 5 min to get a very good polar alignment with my small telescope I took some few astrophotos... but I’ve forgotten the timelapse cable at home (ahhh!!) & have to take every shot by hand!
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Would appreciate anyone and everyone to join this call and raise their voices to make sure any and all communities are truly inclusive and are properly held accountable when they're not.

#GDIStrike #WomenInSTEM #BlackTechTwitter
For context here is a link to a detailed timeline of events that lead to this town hall
For clarification, this is what accountability looks like to me
The leaders (individuals) & the community can clearly state their mistakes. This allows leaders, and the community as a whole, to take time to self reflect on what happene and how did we, as a community get here
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#Thread of responses from women in aerodynamics to the question, 'what would you like to see in order for women's career progression in your field to be sustained and better supported?'

Responses incl. career flexibility, mentoring and more women in leadership roles #WomeninSTEM
1. "I think young female engineers need to see more female role models and mentors in my field. Having a visible example of someone that looks like you and is succeeding in their field is important. Having an opportunity to meet with a mentor like that can be very powerful."
2. "I would like to see that any career promotion is based on own merits and value added to the company or the society independently of the gender. I want that women are measured with the same rules as men and are given equal opportunities."
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2nd #Thread of responses from women in aerodynamics to the question, 'what do you currently see as being the major obstacle to women entering your field?'

Responses incl gender career stereotypes from an early age, lack of self-esteem and lack of female role models #WomeninSTEM
1. "I think that there is not enough awareness of female role-models in my field. There need to be more initiatives that allow young women to connect with female role-models so that they can be inspired and motivated to follow in their footsteps."
2. "Discouragement from teachers in high school to pursue a STEM career and an unwelcoming atmosphere in technical universities."
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